Getting Ripped with Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is one of the most prominent coaching companies in the world. Millions of people want to improve their health and fitness. Few people have the knowledge or skills to make this dream a reality. Working with professionals is one of the best ways to have success during this process.


Each year, hundreds of people get advice on becoming successful bodybuilders from Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete genuinely cares about customers. The company offers both training and nutrition advice for anyone who needs it.


Enhanced Athlete recently won a significant lawsuit. Many people at the company are excited about the future now that the lawsuit is no longer a potential issue.





The most important aspect of being a bodybuilder is the diet. Few people eat a diet that is healthy each day. As a result, few people achieve the results they desire. Anyone who wants to become a bodybuilder has to be committed to a strict diet. Many people eat the same thing each day.


Enhanced Athlete can provide dietary advice for anyone who wants to achieve a high level of fitness success. When most people start a bodybuilding program, it is essential for them to lose fat on the body. The best way to lose fat is to eat in a caloric deficit over time. Although it can be challenging to eat fewer calories than you burn each day, it is the best way to achieve a lean look.



Exercise Program


Although the diet is the most crucial aspect of achieving fitness success, a rigorous exercise program is also critical. Some people struggle to prioritize the gym in their daily lives.


Enhanced Athlete provides people with an exercise program to follow each day. Some people do not realize how important exercise is to achieve the right body composition. When building muscle, some bodybuilders exercise for several hours each day. This commitment to the gym is the best way for people to achieve their wanted results. Although Enhanced Athlete is a successful company, the leaders of Enhanced Athlete are always looking for ways to improve. Now is the perfect time for people to start working with this company.

Eric Lefkofsky – Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chair of Tempus Labs whose goal is to increase treatment options for patients living with cancer. Consequently, Tempus Labs liaises with healthcare professionals, scientists, and researchers to ensure data that can improve the effectiveness of patient care and treatment is readily available for use by physicians and clinicians. Having access to a searchable database empowers physicians and assists them in the analysis of molecular and clinical information so cancer treatment can be individualized on a patient-by-patient basis. In one of his published articles, Lefkofsky stated, “Healthcare, as an industry, is ripe for technological disruption. The potential for positive impact, particularly in the area of cancer care, is both enormous and imminent.” Tempus Labs is “disrupting” healthcare by revolutionizing cancer care through genomic sequencing.

As a leader in biotechnology, Tempus Labs is a successful startup. Established in 2015, Tempus Labs has received more than $200 million in funding from contributors like New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Company, and T. Rowe Price Associates, a fund adviser. A recent infusion in investment dollars boosted the valuation of Tempus Labs to $1.1 billion. With this milestone, Tempus Labs earned the title “unicorn,” a term that defines a startup with a valuation of more than $1 billion. This accomplishment is rare since the majority of startups fail within 4-5 years.

Along with his wife, Liz, Eric has extended his community support and outreach through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), a charitable foundation dedicated to philanthropy. The goal of LFF mirrors the purpose of Tempus Labs, namely, “enhancing the quality of human life” which it does particularly in education, human rights, medicine, arts, and culture. In the area of education, LFF partners with the Academy of Urban School Leadership, the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute, the Chicago Public Schools, After School Matters, and Teach for America, to develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

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Apia For Investors

Are you planning on visiting Apia as an investor. Have you seen an opportunity to profit in the city and looking to take advantage while the pie is still hot? Come on in to Apia, you are welcomed. There is much opportunity in the city to increase your wealth and sit on a pretty nice stream of income. The Samoan culture welcomes your dreams and will stick by your side the entire way. Book a flight to the Fagali’I airport today!

There is so much opportunity to build in Apia. Apia is a tourist’s favorite spot to vacation. The weather averages 85 degrees all year long, yes, even in the winter. Beaches are of white sand and clear blue pretty water and tourists loves it. The city’s population is about 36,500 Samoans. Their religious beliefs are that of Christianity according to They speak both the Samoan and English language. Samoans love to dance, make crafts and cook Samoan foods. The island is filled with coconut trees and banana plants. Samoans use banana leaves to trap in heat while cooking and uses the banana flesh for stuffing chickens and pork. Foods aren’t cooked in microwaves or on a stove, they are cooked using an umu (an earth oven of hot stones).


Tourists finds the umu cooking methods quite interesting and considers this experience amazing and fresh to the eyes. The foods are great, the Samoan culture is welcoming and friendly, and food prices are reasonable in the city.

Gift shopping in Apia always strikes bright interest in tourists. The artistic representations of many of its gift items are next to none, definitely a style of a Samoan according to Local material is used for making vivid designed items: cloths, paintings, furniture, clothing, bags and more. Definitely a long list of items to take back home as a souvenir.

The list goes on as to what makes tourists tick. As an investor for the airport, you can jump on in joining the party of foods or gift retail or purchase properties near the beach. There are four amazing beaches in Apia: Lefaga Beach, Tafa Tafe Beach, Salamumu Beach and Vaiala Beach. All are highly reviewed, except for maybe Vaiala Beach. It has been criticized for its many cases of undercurrents, which aren’t safe for kids. But, it does have many positives.

Fly on in to the Fagali’I Airport today for reasonable flight ticket prices! Invest in Apia, this is the perfect vacation spot.

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Jordan Lindsey and Facts About Identifying Digital Scams

If you are looking for reputable information about bitcoin and its overall beginning, you may want to listen to what Jordan Lindsey is saying about this cryptocurrency. As the founder of one of the most notable bitcoin currencies called Bitcoin Growth Bot, he has a wealth of knowledge that he can share with those who have an interest.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is writing about a wide range of cryptocurrency topics, while also addressing why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not going away anytime soon. However, before too many people jump on the boat to join this digital currency and its phenomenal growth, it is important that prospective investors know the differences between what is a scam and what is real. So, for those of you who want to know exactly what you should be looking for, here are some keys to identifying the bitcoin scams.

Identifying Scams

Pump and Dump

According to Jordan Lindsey, there are sites like Stack Exchange that provide potential investors with the parameters that identify these scams. In fact, they will provide information on bitcoin and their legitimate opportunities that make money via the use of stocking up digital currencies in a bitcoin wallet. Or, the site will also address how bitcoins can be mined. For instance, there are bitcoin scammers that have been characterized and grouped as pump and dump. So, these organizations are meant to take the digital currencies and run with financial gains.

Bitcoins Not Backed — Similar to the Backing of the Federal Reserve

Each dollar that is printed in the U.S. is backed by the Federal Reserve or the money is considered to be worthless. This is part of a legitimate money system that has been placed for many years now. When thinking about the scams with digital currency, the backing of this digital currency goes by the same principles and concepts. Therefore, if the company does not have the right kind of backing and it is lacking, its best to go on to search for another option that will render real gains in the crypto currency dollars.

Susan McGalla- Moving To High Heights In Corporate World

Workplace diversity brings growth, prosperity, and performance. Statistics have proven that a company that embraces gender-diversity and ethnically have high chances of performing better. The main reason being the company receives new business ideas and perspectives that make them grow. With such statistics, very few S&P 500 businesses have women in the C-level positions.

In the corporate world, many learned women struggle their way to hold high-level positions, but for one woman Susan McGalla she has managed to shines in the corporate world. McGalla was raised in a close-knit family and gives all the credit of her success to her family. Susan grew up sandwiched between two brothers and a dad who was a football coach. She was not given carefree life as a girl she had to work hard and fight for her things and position, and that’s a lesson she carried to her life making her achieve incredible high success holding high corporate positions.

McGalla career at American Eagle Outfitters started with all the executives being men, and she struggled her way out to become the company president. She later joined Wet Seal and held the position of chief executive officer, and on the process, she has given consulting services to a variety of corporations globally.

Susan then formed the P3Executive Consulting her company that deals with consultations on matters of talent management, marketing, operational efficiencies branding, and others. She also works at Pittsburg Steelers as the vice-president of the company creative development and business strategy departments. Susan McGalla is a board member at HFFInc; she was once a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan was raised in East Liverpool Ohio and attended Mount Union College and got her business and marketing bachelor’s degree and started her first journey in the corporate world at Joseph Horner Company. She is also the board of advisors at the same college. She is well known for her views and openness on women empowerment and gives talks on how to get ahead in business and be targeted as professionals. Susan states that having confidence is the necessary key to gaining success.

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Actualize Wellness Through Jeunesse

The key idea that separates Jeunesse from common health and wellness firms is their undying commitment to full-on natural solutions that were developed over the coals of proprietary research and development. This allows Jeunesse to deliver products that no other competitor has, and because of their completely natural approach to reversing age-related damage, there are no inherent contraindications to trying out their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). The combined success of their ethos and business ethics have opened the way for the Jeunesse Family, expanding research and development, and a spot on the list of the world’s 500 quickest growing companies on the direct sales platform.

Jeunesse was originally founded by a spry duo of long-experienced enterprisers who lamented the direction of life in the developed world, which seemed anything but developed. Randy and Wendy put their minds together to come up with the solution, and the result was Y.E.S.: nine regimens to tackle the various ways in which age-related damage manifests in the human body. To this day, the company has grown not only in what they offer but how they offer it, and Y.E.S. continues to evolve as a progressively more powerful testament to the duo’s belief in longevity and wellness for all.

The Well-Rounded Youth Enhancement Solution

While many companies of Jeunesse’s caliber tend to focus on a single area of wellness in their offerings, Jeunesse emphasizes a complete wellness program to restore balance to the body on all fronts. This resulted in the nine product lines that are offered by Y.E.S., which targets everything from cellular stability to immune function, skin health, toxin buildup, brain function and general energy on a daily basis. Their offerings even extend into promoting a good night’s sleep, whipping you into shape with fat-burning recipes and a caffeine alternative to help you get rolling in the mornings.

These products are completely natural and were produced using equally natural processes. As such, there are minimal contraindications for anyone who’s looking to try them out, but keep in mind that Y.E.S. should never be used as a complete replacement for doctor-prescribed treatments or medications.,19.htm

Shervin Pishevar Financial Goals

On February 5, 2018, Shervin Pishevar hit Twitter with a 50-tweet storm that caused a range of responses in the tech and investing marketplaces. He thoughts began with an ominous tweet.

A Downward Dow

“Some thoughts on financial storms I seeing brewing ahead. I expect a 6000-point drop in aggregate in the months ahead,” wrote Pishevar. In the 49 tweets that followed, he presented his case.

No Safe Investing Options

A long-time tech investor, Pishevar criticized several investment-world aspects. He tied his first tweet’s predictions to increasing debt loads, rising interest rates and tax breaks that are almost never accompanied by curtailed spending. Pishevar also critiqued the bond market, managed-future funds, exchange-traded funds and risk-taking loopholes that could lead to a repeat of 2008’s Great Recession.

United Mistakes

Shervin Pishevar began his professional career as an early-stage tech-venture capitalist. He was a key player in Uber’s initial success, for example. For a decade, his inside knowledge of tech innovation has given him a consistent position that the United States mistakenly thinks Silicon Valley’s economy is headquarter within its borders.

“As I’ve said before,” he tweeted, “Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement.”

An Iranian American, Pishevar also dislikes current American immigration policy. He talked about the physical and cultural walls that the United States is building, which are inadvertently excluding talented immigrants, and he stated, “That talent doesn’t need to come here anymore.”

Infrastructure Gaps

Further, Shervin Pishevar shared a news story about an amazing accomplishment in China. In one January night, 1,500 workers built a train station! “Meanwhile,” lamented Pishevar, “our infrastructure is in tatters, decrepit and decaying. Our government and companies are trapped in short-term thinking.”

Centralized Tech Power

Pishevar also decried the long-established trend of major tech players buying up or pushing out startups. “Small acquisitions are silent assassinations,” he remarked.

Shervin Pishevar’s words have been lauded and derided. For a better footing throughout the 21st century, American leaders should likely heed his words.

PSI Pay — Feel Great With Contactless Pay

The rings produced by PSI Pay are the hot new accessory for the financially savvy. The rings are made by Kerv Wearables and they are the best material possible. They come in two different colors and they are strong! The rings are made from a ceramic that has been tested to be stronger than steel . The rings are also able to stand up to harsh weather and stressful wear. They can put up with the daily abuse that hand jewelry receives. The rings don’t require batteries, so they don’t need to be charged. They operate from a nifty power source. They get their power from the electricity existent in the air. Electromagnetic waves are emitted from the POS stations at the place where you are shopping. The ring picks up those waves.


PSI Pay has a strong history with contactless payment systems. They have been known for their ease of use. The contactless systems they offer have made many lives easier. They are especially easy for customers who travel a lot. For anyone worrying about whether they are at risk when using the rings, the rings have been certified to be safe from MasterCard. There is a strict set of rules and tests that financial providers must adhere to when they are offering service for money. PSI Pay has passed all of the necessary protocols. The rings are encrypted, so no one can steal the data. PSI Pay also allows customers to cancel their accounts at any time for their safety. The transactions can be accessed and reviewed at any time for the customer’s protection. The British government has given PSI Pay the authorization to offer their services to customers across Europe. Customers can top up their accounts easily with a few methods. They can use PayPal, their bank account, a credit or debit card, or a bank account.


The wallet method used by PSI Pay is the European method. The European wallet is the method by which a customer uses the wallet as a store of value. The funds can be transferred to the local currency of 44 countries around the world. This lets customers have the freedom to move about easily. When a customer makes a purchase with the PSI Pay rings, they are transferring the store of value to the merchant’s financial institution. The transaction happens instantly, and it makes the buying process overseas easy and safe.

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Actor Writes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has been on the acting scene for well over 40 years. He has accomplished much, gaining him great amounts of fame. He has been an Academy Awards nominee on multiple occasions and has twice been voted Best Actor. His career has also seen him in the role of director for several movies that were highly acclaimed upon release. What is new, though, is his new status as an author.


The release of the novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff,” is the first in what appears to be a long line of books from Sean Penn. Having been well-acquainted with writing, contributing both opinions articles and as a War Correspondent, writing is not new to Penn; but becoming a novelist is. When asked about what he see’s his future holding as far as his career, Penn is quick to say that he doesn’t see any acting roles in it. He states in an interview with Vogue that there is the possibility of his directing a certain film in the near future, but other than that he plans to put all of his creative energy towards his career as an author. He states that he finds this role much more fulfilling, and is happier doing it. His novel has been compared to past writers, such as the late Hunter S. Thompson.

Interestingly enough, Sean Penn is accustomed to putting his thoughts on paper through the use of a typewriter. As his ability to find ribbons for it dwindled, Penn has switched over to the use of diction, rather than penning his words the old-fashioned way. He finds that this form enables him to better dictate what he wants to say more so than would his writing. Having stated that he plans to continue as an author, Sean Penn claims to already have plans for another book.

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The Role of OSI Food Solutions in Production of Safe and Healthy Food Products

OSI Group usually partners with some of the leading retail food brands and foodservice providers in the world. OSI Group is famous for the value-added food products it supplies across the world. Its reach and resources are unparalleled, especially in the United States. OSI Food Solutions is involved in sourcing, processing and distributing quality processed food products that maximize the opportunity and suit the operation of its clients. The entrepreneurial agility and passion of OSI Food Solutions have been effective in enhancing customer collaborations. If you are a food supplier, you can depend on the innovative ways, and fresh techniques to improve the quality of food you need to deliver to the coming generation.

OSI Food Solutions is committed to making custom foods based on customers’ specifications. The company’s supply chain expertise is not only trustworthy but also efficient. The company has gained a larger customer base in the world due to its global flavor knowledge and unique culinary skills. The company also uses its design facilities and innovative research to bring customers’ meal and menu ideas to life. OSI Food Solutions has an extensive network that enhances sustainability through quality assurance practices and unsurpassed food safety. The company has managed to serve its global customers effectively through core values such as integrity, teambuilding spirit, innovative solutions, continual improvement and partnering relationships.

OSI Food Solutions has not been able to make its chicken production capacity double. This has enabled the company to increase its job opportunities, especially for the young people. The company now produces over 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken. Over 17 million pounds is what OSI Food Solutions has invested with an aim to increase its profits. The company has invested in a 22,000 square feet building to accommodate the speculated growth. OSI Food Solutions has been in existence since 1909 and it’s a company worth $6.1 billion. Among the 100 companies that produce American food, OSI Food Solutions has been rated top.

The Globe of Honor and Sword of Honor are some of the prestigious awards OSI Food Solutions has earned from the British Safety Council. This is due to the safe food procedures, policies, and systems the company has developed. This is meant to ensure the environmental practices, safety and health of the processed foods are improved and sustained. Only 61 organizations received Sword of Honor award in 2016 and OSI Food Solutions was one of them. OSI Food Solutions enjoys over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries today.

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