Sharing the Kabbalah Wisdom

The Kabbalah Center is a Non-profit organization. Its core goal is to teach the principles of Kabbalah, make them understandable and relevant to today’s life. The center employs the skills of teachers from different parts of the globe to teach its message. Students seeking to understand an embrace Kabbalah are provided with essential tools by the teachers. The Kabbalah Center aims at teaching Kabbalah not as a Scholarly study but as a tool for making life better and fulfilling in the world. With the Kabbalistic understanding, students can use the tools and apply them as they deem fit to uplift their living Standards. Consequently, uplifting one’s standards leads to the well-being of everyone in the society.

The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Today the center has expanded its roots in over 40 countries across the Globe. The center has also created an online presence where the vast community can access their teachings. Kabbalah means differently to different people. The different meanings are as a result of the many interpretations it has undergone. However, despite the different interpretations, Kabbalah is based on one pillar. It is considered to be a universal wisdom that was bestowed upon man by God. It is known to predate the Bible and religion.

The Kabbalah Center teaches Kabbalah with the aim of helping people understand the origin of creation, the spiritual and physical laws of the universe, and the existence of humanity among others. The core document from which the Kabbalah teachings are adopted is the Zohar. Rev Yon chai authored the book. In the past, the wisdom contained in Zohar was considered to be too much valuable and had to be protected. Due to Its sophistication and complexity, the Kabbalah was only taught to married men above the Age of 40 Years.

Today, the wisdom of Kabbalah has been made available to all age groups with the aim of leading their lives positively. The Kabbalah teachings are not inclined to any religion. Through the center, people who have learned Kabbalah and used its tools have lived a fulfilling life.

The Real Life Olivia Pope

When you think about online reputation companies, one of the first names that often comes to mind is Darius Fisher. Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, which is a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations company. Status Labs has offices in the United States and Brazil and they serve over 1500 clients in 35 different countries. Being the co-founder, Fisher created the strategic vision for the company and helped build one of the premier sales teams in the industry. Fisher graduated, with honors, from Vanderbilt University. Prior to his work at Status Labs, he worked as a political consultant and copywriter.


One of the recognitions Fisher as recently received was being recognized on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. The list recognizes the top rising stars of public relations and digital communications. Fisher and Status Labs are known for their excellent crisis management work and for polishing up google searches for the numerous clients around the globe. Thanks to the talented team that has been assembled at Status Labs, they have become one of the top companies in their field.


Fisher has been compared to Olivia Pope from the television show “Scandal.”He can help clean things up online when scandals or problems happen. When it comes to online profiles, his company is the place that many have turned to to get help when their privacy or personal data is leaked online. Fisher recommends that everyone makes certain that none of their personal data is online. Check online and be sure that things like your home address and phone number are not easily available to everyone. Each company has a different process for removing your information from their site. Since these online information companies refresh their information every few months, you will need to continuously check for your information availability. He also suggests that everyone make sure their social media settings are set to private. Never post anything that you wouldn’t want the entire world to see, but also try and give yourself that extra layer of protection by keeping your accounts set to Private or for Friends only.

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Talk Fusion Is The One Stop Product

In today’s world, people are looking for products that are going to do a lot for them in one swoop. They don’t want to have a number of products at their disposal, as that could be overwhelming and too much to handle at times. It is much easier when it is one product or one device that offers everything for its customers. That product as of right now is Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which is celebrating its decade anniversary. They should be supremely proud of that fact. The great thing is that the company has only grown and gotten better as time has gone on and they have never grown stale.


This is not the kind of product that is a one tricky pony. It does many things and it does many things well, which is what separates it from the competition out there. With its video newsletters, if someone is running a company, they can send out a video newsletter to a group of people and let them know what is going on with the company and how it is growing. With video emails, they can email a large group of people and spread the message with a spirited video that gets them excited and gets their blood pumping.


Their recent change was one that really stood out and really got people’s attention. That was the fact they made it to where the video chat can be used to communicate between phone Apple and Android users. This is a great invention, and it makes communication great for everyone, no matter what type of phone they are using at the moment. These are the types of changes that win a company awards, and Talk Fusion won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation (People know how hard it is to win one award let alone two, but Talk Fusion has done it.


The most recent award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. It will be both interesting and exciting to see what awards are around the corner for Talk Fusion in 2017.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics steps up to Amazon

It is impossible to build a fashion brand without considering competitors. Startup e-commerce fashion brands have to face kingpins such as Amazon. Achieving success with online fashion business is not an easy feat. Large organizations such as Amazon have enough publicity and control the e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson has achieved the impossible with Fabletics. She has managed to redefine her brand to create products that compete with Amazon in the activewear and sportswear genre. She has grown her business and is now worth $250 million. Fabletics has achieved all these success in a short period of three years.


Fabletics’ business model is simple and straightforward. The company focuses on exclusive products, personalized goods, and data science. The company concentrates on a subscription model of business to attract and retain customers. Customers select their brands and pay for them at their convenience. The availability of a membership option has won the hearts of many buyers as goods are sold at hugely discounted prices.


Fabletics is not a company without any challenges. As the enterprise grows, it has expanded to new territories and gained new competitors. A proper consumer education, customer experience, and personalized shopping has made the company highly successful. Fabletics has experienced a rapid growth rate of about 35 percent a year. According to TechStyle Fashion Group CEO, the growth factor shows nothing but the authenticity in the quality product. Fabletics has grown to become popular in 10 countries and has a high return on investment.


Fabletics can be ranked among the few companies that are aware of the value of a new customer. Whether it is a fast purchase option or an innovative membership program, Fabletics has everything for its clients. Fabletics has received several challenges with its membership business model but has solved it all. The company has moved forward to invest in Brick and mortar stores. The type of business has created the best environment for customers that prefer online and offline shopping.


Fabletics online subscription option has seen it sell sportswear and accessories for women. These accessories are commonly referred to as athleisure. The company offers a personalized shopping experience based on an individual’s fashion preference and lifestyle. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab that was recently rebranded to TechStyle. Fabletics is the mastermind of its co-founders Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. The three established the company in July 2013 and officially started selling in October 2013.


Fabletics has expanded to include other products for men. The company launched an FL2 program in 2015 where it sells men’s activewear. Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson has been the chief promoter of these clothing. The company recently expanded beyond athletic clothing to sell swimsuits and dresses. The firm has become popular in social media for their tactful advertising strategy. The company makes use of videos posted by Kate Hudson to advertise the business’s products. Kate Hudson is an ambitious actress who has expanded her career to business. Fabletics has grown to become highly successful in a short period of three years. Founders of the firm know that it is going to be highly successful and could even beat competitors like Amazon.

Ricardo Tosto

In crisis after opening of investigation of the operation Lava Jato, contractors warn the risk of bankruptcy in series. The 23 companies mentioned in the Alberto Youssef scheme are barred from bidding for the state-owned company.


In addition to Alumini Engenharia, which had judicial recovery approved on Tuesday, three other companies that provide services to Petrobras are in the process of bankruptcy, according to columnist Monica Bergamo. The same happened last year with Fidens, Jaraguá Equipamentos and Iesa Óleo e Gás.


“The crisis is very serious and will have a cascade effect if Petrobras does not change the treatment in the payment of the additives,” says Ricardo Tosto, an attorney with Alumini.


With credit difficulties, the big four, Odebrecht, OAS, Camargo Corrêa and Andrade Gutierrez could use the sale of assets to cover the rhombus.


Ricardo Tosto has made his name with lawyers all over Brazil, and he is known for being one of the most helpful lawyers with younger career-minded attorneys. He has been able to aid many people in their quests for spots with good firms, and he continues to mentor younger lawyers in his firm.


Tosto has made his name in Brazil in a variety of areas of law, including civil law, commercial law and international law. He has served on many cases that have led to better results for many, and he remains committed to serving Brazil (and Latin America) with his law skills. He hopes that you will ask him if you need a lawyer anytime soon.

Soros Bands With Donors to Resist Trump

Major liberal investors ad funders have huddled behind closed doors with Ellison, Pelosi, and Warren to relent their failure in the presidential elections. The rich liberals, in the company of the great George Soros, spent amounts spanning millions to back up Hilary Clinton in her campaign. They gathered for a three-day tour in Washington in a closed-door meeting to figure out how to fight Donald Trump.

The conference, which commenced on Sunday at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington, was sponsored by the most influential Democrats donors club. For this reason, it will include appearances by most of the leading unions under the democratic umbrella. The meeting also included numerous Democrat darling such as the Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi, the Congress Progressive Caucus, Warren Elizabeth. According to the meeting’s agenda, they will discuss with George Soros ways in which they will inhibit the future president from causing harm to the minorities in the region. Moreover they will also discuss how they will lead the senate congressmen from outside.

This was one of the first major gatherings made by the liberal billionaires like George Soros after the shocking victory of Donald Trump over the prominent Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some of these sessions are geared towards the strategies to be achieved in winning the 2020 presidential elections. One the the 100-days plan of President Donald Trump will be effected after the meeting. According to the agenda, President Obama’s achievement was assaulted. For this reason, they want to launch a punishment on his regime commencing from the inauguration sessions.

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While the meeting attracted the richest funders like George Soros of the Democratic campaigns for the recent general elections, they also had a role to play in the club’s Democratic Alliance. According to the Democratic Alliance, the beneficiaries and donors have had a significant role in shaping the political and economic divide in the United States. For this reason, they have also implemented the key organizations surrounding Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. The meeting of George Soros also highlighted the ways through which the general elections were not free and fair. They also looked at the possibilities which might have occurred to prevent Hilary Clinton from being the President of the United States of America.

According to their findings, President Elect Donald Trump played a significant role in fighting the people to vote for him. As a matter of fact, he blackmailed the white people to vote massively for what he called change. According to the black people of the United States, Donald Trump will never be their President. Because he lives for a vision that does not support fairness and equity, they disown him as President. While the liberal donors read the election memos and drink wine at the hotel, they have never reached an agreement on the next presidential candidate after Donald Trump. Being ahead of time is nice. while we sit here to eat, lets plan on our future. According to one prominent member of the Democratic Alliance group, he feels that the group should come up with a productive campaign in the coming general elections. For this reason, we should invest in ideas.

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Getting Started With Online Reputation Management

Reputation management campaigns may be carried out to raise the visibility of beneficial opinions or to decrease the rankings of adverse opinions. One common practice is the use of search engine optimization and digital content publishing to create and promote favorable information about a business to counter adverse or derogatory reviews. This works very well and are often used by organizations and entrepreneurs who have a reputation management system in place. It is always designed to suppressed unwanted or negative content in search results pages.

If you are a business owner and planning to market your products or services online, then it’s extremely important that your website and profile make a great impression about you. If you have a social networking social media profile or a blog, be sure it provides only high-quality information about you and your company. A prospective customer or client might just run a search for you and get influenced by what your social media profiles have to say about you.

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In a blog or website, never ever lie about yourself or anything that you have written. Presenting thought-provoking and valuable insights and high quality material will not only help in establishing you as an expert in your field, but fetch you improved results and drive your rankings up in search engine results.

When it comes to building or rebuilding an exceptional image or credibility and reputation online, you need the assistance of reputable consultants. You can not do competent job on your own unless you have easy access to top quality resources that experts use in checking and managing online reputation issues.

The Search Fixers s an online reputation management firm ( skilled at monitoring, repairing, managing and shaping conversations about their clients or their brand.

The Search Fixers have been providing outstanding services to clients from a wide variety of industries. These include large companies, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and all others who desire a high quality reputation management service. The company has a great team of experts who are highly skilled in search engine optimization and digital content publishing.

The Search Fixers has top notch resources and industry connections that can help you protect your company’s image online, detect impending attacks or threats, and respond accordingly. Their online reputation management team will use their expertise to help you push down negative reviews and push up positive content in search engine results pages.

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Incredible Investment Tips by Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a unit of brokerage specializing in capital creation for governments, corporations, and individuals. Investment banks are responsible for underwriting equity securities and new debts of all types of businesses. Additionally, they aid in the sale of securities, facilitate reorganization, amalgamations, acquisitions, and serves as a brokerage agency for the private investors and corporations. Furthermore, investment banks guide issuers on matters regarding the issue and stock placement.

As the subsidiaries of large banking institutions, many investment banks have become household names. The world’s leading investment banks include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank. Generally, investment banks assist governments, corporations, and individuals in subtle financial transactions. Complex financial transactions may include evaluating client’s assets value and advising the best way to structure acquisitions, merger, and reorganization. It may also involve raising capital through issuing securities and helping a company to create the document for the Securities and Exchange Commission if it wants to go public.

Investment bankers help corporations and governments to plan and manage an extensive portfolio by identifying possible risks before a client invests. In theory, investment banks have their fingers on the pulse of the current financial trends. Therefore, businesses and corporations turn to them for advice on how to plan their portfolio. Investment bankers leverage their expertise and capability to observe market trends to tailor clients’ recommendation to the present state of economic affairs.

About Martin Lustgarten

As a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, Martin Lustgarten leverages his citizenship to help corporations and individuals to invest wisely. Martin is drawn to the world of global investments, and therefore, he has spread his wealth in several countries. Wealth distribution helps limit the expected risk while riding on the stability of the local market. Martin is a veteran in predicting oncoming market trends. He leverages his ability to observe impending market trends to provide reliable investment advice to his clients.

Martin works incredibly smart to find the best investment options for his clients. He is an ideal role model for any investor wishing to increase their wealth quickly. Therefore, investors should copy Martin’s investment guidelines to have a successful portfolio.

Why Securus technologies has GTL at bay

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus Technologies is among the top firms in the United States that supplies criminal facilities in the area with technological equipment that help better facilities and services. Such equipment include devices for detainee communications, equipment for parolee tracking among many more. Recently, Securus technologies has found itself in a stalemate regarding its situation with GTL, another technological company, which seems to have stolen and innovated Securus’ idea and is not trying to get it patented.


The idea is about a video monitoring system during inmate visitations. In its efforts to get the idea patented, GTL has gone through courts and the PATB and finally came up with a press release concerning their progress on their matter not long ago. What surprised Securus is the amount of wrong information that the press release had. To counter this, Securus, later in June, also came up with a press release outlining all the corrections that were to be made in the GTL press release.


The corrections made by Securus are definitely legitimate considering the reputation that the company has built for itself. With a BBB accreditation, it is impossible to say that Securus technologies are in the wrong when it comes to this matter. The BBB accreditation was given to Securus around mid-May this year. This accreditation means that whatever Securus technologies puts down in print e.g. a press release, is formal and should be generally accepted. It is worth mentioning that the company received the highest form of rating, an A+. With such a resume, the company’s statements are expected to be honest and transparent. The company should also, in all its activities, be responsive, should ensure private matters stay that way and must in every way stick to all the promises it makes.


This only means that all the corrections that Securus technologies issued on the GTL press release meets all the above specifications. If this is so, then GTL are definitely going nowhere with their patenting attempts. Richard Smith, the companies CEO, even takes to defend the company by stating that some competitors tend to make unverified statements about them not knowing that they have been accredited with a BBB.




CEO and Chairman Andy Wirth Helps Airport and Tahoe Resorts

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is listed as one best with Andy Wirth, CEO working to help rebuild the reputation. He is helping to raise funds for charities such as the wounded warriors and the Navy Seal Foundation. He did his time as the Undercover Boss and was followed on television. As the undercover boss, Andy Wirth did his best to help change several of the departments that were in need of upgrades or changes. He did this by going undercover and working in each department in his very own company. Andy vowed to listen to the employees and take to heart all of the information and concerns they discuss while he was undercover. He did just that as well as helping the employees that took the time to help him see the changes he needed to make.

Andy Wirth is such a good man. He took on recent additional job position as Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport authority. Andy feels like he can help with the marketing and bringing new innovation to the Airport. The marketing ideas may help the Reno gambling and casinos and the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts.

Lake Tahoe houses many wonderful things for tourist to do with they visit. During the summer the tourist can enjoy boating or spend time at the Lake. They can also take part in the Ironman and several other large activities that are scheduled. During the winter, the public can enjoy snow skiing, snowboarding, tubing, riding the ski lifts, sitting by the fireplace, and shopping in the city. The Lake Tahoe area is full of beautiful nature scenes and wonderful atmosphere.

Andy Wirth is hoping to encourage others to visit the Lake Tahoe area. He invites people to come enjoy the Squaw Valley resort or the Alpine Meadows resort by securing one ticket for both. He spent many days enjoying the snow and season with his wife. They reside in Truckee and are very happy to be together. Andy almost lost his life when he landed on a post in the vineyard. He was skydiving and fell causing himself to have surgery and rehab. Andy took his accident as a sign that he needed to help others so he is doing his best to be involved in the Airport, the Resorts, and the charities.