Slyce is on the Path Towards Changing the Way People Shop Online

Slyce is a company that online shoppers will become quite familiar with in the coming months. Mobile app technology is always innovating. Slyce is on track to making its visual search app a highly valuable program for anyone wishing to shop a lot easier through a wireless service.

And people do love to shop. Not only does shopping open the door to acquiring important things needed for daily life, a lot of grand luxury items are up for sale from a host of sellers. People really do love to buy things, which is why commerce is comprised of billions of dollars. What people like even more is a combination of deals and convenience. The visual search and image recognition program of Slyce hopes to provide consumers with a great way to buy things in a convenient manner and, hopefully, in a way that delivers a great many excellent deals.

What they might not find, however, is the best deal unless they are using all the search features at their disposal. This is where Slyce, the brilliant new product-image search app could provide a fantastic new help for consumers. In particular, those consumers who love new technology are going to really welcome this unique app.

How does the app work? Basically, the app is downloaded onto a smartphone. Once downloaded and installed, the app will search for similar items to those things photographed with a mobile device. Yes, the search matches the images to merchandise that looks similar to it. For sheer ease and convenience, it would be hard to top what Slyce is able to deliver.

Does this sound a lot like Amazon Flow? In a sense, the two are very similar. The differences between the two are pretty pronounced though. Not too surprisingly, Amazon Flow only works on the Amazon website. Why would Amazon possibly want to release a device that helps its customers buy from competitors? Also, Amazon Flow is clunky. The photos have to be of pre-packaged merchandise and this further limits how Flow can be used.

With Slyce, the search device will work with any compatible online catalog. The list of online retail outfits working with Slyce is growing. The more it becomes obvious that Slyce is popular among consumers, the more online retailers are going to work with it.

The Toronto-based company has raised nearly $11 million in venture capital and has just purchased the Israeli-based app, Pounce.

Investment Guru: Ken Griffin

Financial investment has led to the development many financial institutions globally. Many investment firms globally have capitalized on the available market structure to develop business entities. Investment firms have led to the emergence of different market platforms. Through these platforms, many people are able to invest in entrepreneurship with the aim of capitalizing on the available market entities. Financial firms have highly developed due to the increased number of people who are investing in the business world. Financial investment firms have led to the increase in economic growth of many countries worldwide. Many countries depend on business as a source to economic growth. Through investment firms, many people are able to access low interest loans that they use in different business establishment. Governments always depend on financial firms for loans which they invest in structural development. There are different financial institutions that are offering professional advice on how to manage personal finances. Through this, many people have benefited in the knowledge they have acquired to invest in different fields. Investment firms offer a wide range of services to their clients, this include merger and acquisition of assets and properties.

Ken Griffin is a financial investment personality of the recent time. He has scaled the heights of financial world to become one of the leading financial personalities in United States of America. He was born in 1968 in Florida and later went to Harvard University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. During his early life in the university, he started investing from small savings he made from friends and family members. This made him borrow money from his grandmother to set up satellite surveillance in his dorm for monitoring financial situation in the country. After graduating from the Harvard University in 1989 with the degree in economics, he was given 1million dollars by Frank Meyer to invest. This was the breakthrough for Kenneth Griffin to the investment world. His earlier experiences have seen him become one of the most sought after investment personality. He later established the Citadel LLC Company in 1990 with an estimated capital of 4.6million dollars. The company has risen through the ranks to become one of the leading financial investment and hedge firm in the United States of America. Kenneth Griffin has also participated a lot in the philanthropic world helping the less fortunate in the society. He contributed over 150 million dollars to the Harvard University to help the undergraduate needy students to acquire university education.

How to Choose the Right Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

Frans Schoeman, the Director at Phatsima Diamond, is one of the best lawyers in Bellville, South Africa. From providing legal advice to assisting in corporate governance, Schoeman has the necessary knowledge and experience in business, corporate, or commercial law. Aside from being a senior specializing attorney, he also acts as a legal director of TG Mintster Consulting where he supervises the construction of legal mergers, negotiation of contracts procurement issues, and acquisitions. Frans Schoeman acquired a B. Proc law degree in University of the Free State 1990 and started his professional career in Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc.

Every company and its employees require legal advice for a variety of different reasons. For several corporations, managers are unaware on how to properly deal with business lawyers. To respond to such requests, attorneys are usually paid hourly by companies requiring their legal assistance. Any individual can also get legal advice on unfamiliar or difficult issues.

It would be best to choose a lawyer or law firm that has the necessary experience and knowledge when representing their clients. Here are four solid considerations for hiring a competent lawyer:

Corporate Structure. Choosing the correct legal structure is critical for any business. Speaking with a legal adviser is important to see what framework makes the most sense for the organization. The attorney to look for must be experienced and knowledgeable in analyzing a venture as well as the know-how to assist clients when choosing the right structure. Each type of commercial structure has a level of personal legal responsibility. Failure to consult a lawyer while deciding on the corporate structure may result in unnecessary personal risk.

Reviewing contracts. Running a business includes using contracts and sharing a professional relationship with the partners, vendors, employees, and other concerned parties. In order to properly weigh things when creating contracts, it is a must to use legal assistance. A self-made contract might lack sufficient legal safeguards which will eventually cause bigger problems.

Labor laws. Business expansion is usually followed by adding new employees for an expanded workforce. In such cases, there is a wide set of labor laws that will safeguard the rights of the employee and facilitate business functions. Making constant changes will eventually be difficult for any businessperson due to multiple business engagements. Finding a proficient lawyer to handle these arrangements will keep a growing business running smoothly and help avoid any negative issues that may arise.

Handling lawsuits. Whether to file a lawsuit or to prepare a defense against one, hiring a skilled lawyer is the best response to these situations. Instead of rushing to court and consuming a significant amount of time in litigation, a good attorney can efficiently handle lawsuits on behalf of the client. These legal advisers have sufficient knowledge to resolving simple to difficult legal disputes. They are also equipped to take care every small detail concerning the legal system.

Citadel LLC: Successfully Using Investment Strategies that are Generating Great Results

Citadel LLC is a world leading investor in financial markets. This has been achieved through its unwavering pursuit of new opportunities to invest across the world. The company does this by deploying various investment strategies. They include putting capital into use with an aim of generating without fail results in risk adjusted investments. This is for both capital partners and investors.

Citadel LLC is designed to bring out excellent services provided by the most creative and goal oriented minds in the investment industry. As a company, Citadel LLC provides a good environment where these individuals can put their ideas into application. This is done through the use of various proven technologies with a high degree of implementation.

The company was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990. For a long time, it was operating with two lines of business. The first is Citadel that is among the world’s largest alternative asset managers with over $26 billion assets that are under management. The second is Citadel securities, one of the leading market markers trading in products like equities. Citadel is ranked as the second largest multi strategy hedge fund in the world in addition to being the most successful hedge fund.

Citadel LLC uses an investment strategy that zeros in on major asset classes in the largest financial markets in the world. Focusing in these areas, it adapts and adjusts in order to position its portfolios favorably to the best opportunities that arise. This strategy is based on a thorough research by Ken Griffin on citadel done by its experienced teams. In addition, it involves recognizing the value of accommodating several perspectives in tackling tough challenges. This system of doing things and engaging in spirited debate ensures that the perfect solutions are found.

The company promotes entrepreneurial thinking in its workforce which has contributed to its success. This great team is led by Kenneth C. Griffin who is the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC. He has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. Mr. Griffin is an avid supporter of education matters and activities that work on improving the welfare of the community. He recently made one of the biggest donations that Harvard University has ever received of $150 million. His contributions towards charity organizations have totaled to $250 million. Mr. Griffin is a member of several business organizations that include the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. He also supports Chicago’s cultural and civic institutions.

Citadel recently launched a fixed income market making business in Europe. This is a move aimed at stepping up the challenge to bank dominance in trading of government debt and derivatives. Citadel seeks to maximize on the regulatory push that encourages greater competition in derivatives since the financial crisis in 2008.

Mrs. Susan McGalla and How She Overcame the Gender Gap

Mrs. Susan McGalla is a very successful American businesswoman who is known mainly for her rise in the American Eagle Outfitters corporation. Mrs. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, where her father was the local high school football coach. After graduating high school, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from a nearby Mount Union College.

After graduating from Mount Union College, Mrs. Susan McGalla initially started working at the Joseph Horne Company. She assumed various roles and positions in the company for eight years, until 1994. Later that year, Mrs. McGalla began working for American Eagle Outfitters. She was initially a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing for American Eagle Outfitters. Nine years later, in 2003, she assumed the role of President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the American Eagle Brand. In 2007, Mrs. Susan McGalla became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, the highest ranking position she could have possibly achieved at the company.

She stopped working at American Eagle Outfitters a few years later, and started working as an independent consultant for the retail industry. Her extensive experience in the marketing and clothing businesses set her up to have enough knowledge to be a successful independent consultant.

In 2013, Mrs. Susan McGalla founded her own private consulting company, called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She caters to the needs of many business executives employed in various industries, and points them in the right direction so they can make the best decisions possible – not everybody is a great decision maker, but Mrs. Susan McGalla is.

Two years later, in 2015, Mrs. Susan McGalla was offered the job of Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers (yes, the same Steelers that play in the National Football League).

Mrs. McGalla grew up in an age where there was a significant gender gap (not to say that a gender gap in the business world does not exist today). She enjoys speaking to largely female audiences around the country. She likes advising young, hopeful, female businesswomen who want to go far in their careers but are worried about the fact that a gender gap currently exists in the United States. The gender gap is a very real thing, and it is very difficult to over come such a difficulty.

The way the Mrs. Susan McGalla grew her career and consistently assumed more important positions is nothing short of amazing. Being able to rise to the position of President and Chief Merchandising Company in any company is nothing short of amazing.. Becoming a Director of an NFL Team is nothing short of amazing, either, regardless of gender.

In summary, Mrs. Susan McGalla ia an amazing, highly successful, American businesswoman. Her rise to success despite a significant gender gap in the business executive world is nothing short of amazing.

Champions of Finance: James Dondero

Investment Banking is defined as, a financial institution that houses investment bankers who are responsible for assisting people, corporations, and governments in raising financial capital by underwriting or by acting as an agent for their client. Investment banks are different from commercial banks, in that they do not take deposits in the way that a retail bank would. There are only two main parts of investment banking, each is divided into its own side, known as the buy side or the sell side. Investment bank are able to be split into individual sectors, should they choose to do so, and these are what would be referred to as a private or a public function.

When a client who works for the government, or is a government agency themselves, hires an investment banker like Jim Dondero, that individual must be a licensed broker-dealer which means that they are then subject to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority regulation. When It comes to the bank itself and how it deals with it s clients however, the banks sole purpose is more or less just functioning as a buying and selling entity.

At the forefront of the investment banking industry is undoubtedly Highland Capital Management. The company that was co-founded and is currently spearheaded by James Dondero. Dondero has over thirty years of experience in the markets of equity and credit. Prior to this James Dondero had served as the Chief Investment Officer for the Protective Life Subsidiary GIC, where he helped grow the company from conception to having a worth of over two billion dollars in just four years. Before all of this however he could be found managing roughly one billion dollars in fixed income funds with American Express. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors of Science for accounting and finance, which should go to show you that anyone with a quick mind and natural intuition can accomplish great things in their lifetime.

How to Feed Your Puppy

If you have a puppy, then you are probably wondering the best way to keep him or her healthy and strong so they can grow up into a healthy adult dog. Part of that is feeding them the right kind of dog food and making sure they get plenty of water too.

For instance, if you have a large breed dog like a Great Dane, these puppies grow faster than small breeds like tiny toy poodles and need special vitamins and nutrients so their bones will be strong enough to hold up their big bodies.

Feed Puppies Solid Food at About A Month Old

Puppies start needed solid food at around three or four weeks of age, even though they are still nursing from the mother dog at this point in time. So, you can start feeding them small portions of puppy foods to start. For instance, Beneful on multivu makes special puppy food that is great for little puppies at this age.

Beneful Healthy Puppy is manufactured to meet all of the nutrition levels recognized by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages and if you follow the feeding directions on the back, you can see how much to feed your breed of puppy.

Beneful is High in Nutrients

It is a dry food made with real chicken meat, as well as veggies like peas and carrots, and comes in bags sized 3.5 to 15.5 pounds so you can buy whatever size fits your needs.

Beneful knows that puppies need twice as much calories as adult dogs and that means eating a puppy food that has enough protein, with the recommended amount of protein being between 25 and 30 percent.

Feed Puppies by Portion Control Method for Best Results

If your pup is a small breed that weighs less than 20 pounds when they grow up, then you can feed them free choice, but medium and larger breeds of puppies should likely be fed using portion control. This is because they could grow too fast and hurt their bones or they could get overweight. This is especially true of large breed like the Great Dane because their legs could become bowed if they grow too fast.

You can feed occasional treats to your puppy and Beneful makes lots of kinds of nutritional doggies treats to choose from. Plus, there are also several varieties of wet food that Beneful makes and you can feed it to your puppy too, but have to remember that puppies need twice the calories of adult dogs.

So, keep your puppy healthy and strong and growing up right by feeding them the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals and the right amounts of dry food, treats and wet foods such as those made especially for puppies by the Beneful dog food company.

Enhance Your Look With Lime Crime Cosmetics

The history of cosmetics dates back to the ancient times. The early Egyptians used different types of cosmetics such as creams to protect their bodies from the effects of the sun. The Chinese painted their nails to represent different social classes. Greeks painted their faces with chalks to enhance their complexions. The importance of cosmetics has been realized from one generation to another; therefore, cosmetics cannot be underestimated due to the many benefits that they provide.

Importance of Makeups

The use of makeups boosts one confidence. This is because one can look their best and be in a positive mood. The right cosmetics will help you make a good first impression everywhere you go.

Cosmetics also protect the skin from harmful germs by providing a protective layer on your skin. Some products contain sunscreen to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. You should choose the right foundation that suits your skin tone. There are various types and colors in the market.

Most makeup users normally have a regular cleansing routine, which leaves the skin soft and clean. It is advisable to remove your makeup by using cleansing products before going to bed. This opens up skin pores, keeping your skin healthy.

About Lime Crime

Urbanoutfitters’ Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that continues to lead in the cosmetics industry. They provide a wide variety of makeup products, such as lipsticks, that come in unique and fun colors that blend with your overall look. The nail polishes are easy to remove and are gentle on your nails. Other products include liquid eyeliners, different shades of eye shadow and zodiac glitters that provide shimmer and shine. The independent team of lime crime is dedicated to producing unique and wonderful products for their clients.

She had a vision, and she backed it up with hard work and determination to make Lime Crime what it is today. The cosmetic industry continues to evolve with new and exciting fashion trends being realized every day.

The Life Legacy of Shaygan Kheradpir

In the modern world, technology and business growth will go hand in hand almost every time. Businessman Shaygan Kheradpir is just one of the many people who has a lot of knowledge on this aspect.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born into the family of a wealthy doctor in London, England on December 19, 1960. In his younger life, he grew up living in Iran before attending high school in Switzerland and then moving to the United States to attend college at Cornell University. While there, he was able to earn his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees from the school in the field of electrical engineering.

Upon completing his undergraduate and graduate studies, Kheradpir went on to gain his first job, which was working at GTE Laboratories in Boston, Massachusetts, as a network routing manager. After some time he found himself being promoted to the chief information officer (CIO) of the company. While leading the company, he was a key figure in developing the first national network management platform that merged infrastructure and transmission management all into one subject.

At Verizon, he first served as the president of the e-business division before being promoted, once again, to the chief information officer of the company. Only one year after the merger did Kheradpir start creating his own teams that would be tailored towards developing new and groundbreaking product ideas. For example, one of the developments he was behind at Verizon was implementing a prototype cycle for any products that were introduced that was meant to test them for productivity and make any necessary changes to the newer technology. Another development at Verizon he was behind was the creation of a new application called “Iobi,” which is meant to manage phone address books and caller ID to phones or any other communication device. Because of his work and ability to develop new technologies at Verizon, he was able to reduce the spending budget of the company as well as reducing prices with vendors so that there was no company ban policy on buying equipment from other websites, namely eBay.

Other work-related facets of Kheradpir’s life include joining Barclays, a banking and financial services company that was based in London. While at Barclays, Kheradpir found himself serving as the chief operating officer of their Global Retail and Business Banking division, and once again was a key figure in the development of new technologies, such as the creation of Pingit. Pingit is a money transfer application based out of the United Kingdom, and his work on the application led to another promotion, this time to become the chief operations and technology officer.

Modern Business Technology

Business technology is changing the way that businesses compete. Before, only the biggest and most popular companies could thrive, but today, technology is allowing businesses of all sizes to compete with the giants. Technology in the business world like what Shaygan Kheradpir has allowed more efficient production and communication. It helps businesses perform larger functions for less price, and makes their services more accessible to the general public.

Hardware is constantly developing to increase efficiency. Computers connect the world together to work on projects with all the convenience that their software provides. Phones allow for quick and easy communication. This instantaneous communication allows business officials to communicate globally in the blink of an eye. Software continues to connect business together in innovative ways. Now, businesses can speak to their public daily through blogs and social media. Skype enables professionals to video chat at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. New cloud storage providers enable users to store all of their valuable files on the web, allowing them to share and access them without a physical location.

Social media is beginning to play an integral role in business technology. Almost all modern marketing plans must take into account the impact they will make with their social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are just a sample of the many platforms that businesses can use to communicate with their publics. These social identities establish the brand and character of a business, and allow them to communicate with the public and release information as they see fit. In marketing terms, businesses no longer are restricted to costly advertisements in magazines, websites or on television.

Harnessing this business technology also allows businesses to establish more genuine relationships with their customers. Businesses can now see the faces and names of their customers, and respond to their complaints and comments instantly. This valuable communication tool helps with customer retention and invitation, and can effectively minimize negative feelings individuals may have if they experience unfortunate experiences associated with the business.

New technology in the business world makes analytics much more effective. Online surveys and site analytics allow companies to see who, how and why customers visit their sites.

Shaygan Kheradpir, a business and technology executive, is the chief executive at Juniper Networks. One of his greatest accomplishments was while working with Verizon. His vision and expertise helped reduce the company’s technology spending by more than 30 percent when he improved some of the IT assets, started outsourcing cheaper work from India and negotiated with vendors.

Kheradpir was born in London, but grew up in Iran. He traveled to Switzerland for high school, and then to the United States to eventually earn a doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Since, he has done work for GTE, Verizon and Barclays.