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Normally the Moto E would run you upwards of $249.98, but with this bundle you are only going to spend $49.99, toss in free cell service and this deal will blow your hair back.

In addition, you will get a 30 day money back guarantee on your Moto E, and you will never sign a contract and can cancel your service at any time.

Bruce Levenson: An Industrialist with Strong Foundation in Media Operations

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist and an American businessman. Mr. Levenson is a born-Jewish who grew up in Chevy. He has a number of professions, some of which being, journalism and law. He is a very ambitious person and has co-founded a company whose main focus was the oil industry and how they would take development there. At Tech Target, Mr. Bruce happens to be a founding member of the board of directors and has been there for long enough. In fact, the truth is that he served as a director in that company for more than a decade. During his tenure, the company realized quite some spinning in the development. Also, he has been an adviser to so many organizations, both public and private.

Why is Mr. Bruce termed as philanthropic?

If you ask many people, very least would they expect to see some wealthy and highly reputable persons being kind and gentle like this man. With examples, Bruce is a person with a big heart, and he loves helping the less fortunate. It is no doubt that so far, he has spent quite a fortune in helping people. For instance, he has served in such organizations as; Community Foundation of Washington D.C, Hoop Dreams Foundation and also in I Have a Dream Foundation. These are organizations serving various purposes in the society, and they target persons who have issues in their lives. There are just some of the organizations that he is actively involved in as a donor. There are many more that are not mentioned, including another that trains one that trains the inner city students to become tour guides at the museums.

About Bruce’s family

Bruce is married to Karen and between them they have three sons. Together with the wife, they spearhead some philanthropic works. They go motivating the young people in schools to also think about how they can be part of non-profit making organizations that will offer charitable services to those in the community. Bruce is also close to his mother-in-law. In March 2014, the Bruce family went for a trip to the U.S Holocaust Museum. This was in Washington D.C, and Irene the mother-in-law to Bruce accompanied them. This clearly depicts that there is some sort of bonding within the entire family. At least it serves as a sign that truly Bruce is sociable and one who loves people. His active participation in the aid organizations also calls for him to involve the family so that they give collective support to those that need them.

Some surprising moves that Bruce has ever made

Usually you do not announce to the entire world what you are up to. However, when you prospect to make some move and have calculated the move well, you can then leak what you are up to. Although Mr. Levenson has been the owner of the Hawks, he declared that he would sell it. What I believe is that for as long as he decided to do it by himself, then it must have been well-thought, irrespective of whatever the reason was.

Follow Doe Deere Fashion And Cosmetics Expert

Many people find that it is helpful to have a fashion role model for them to follow. A fashion role model can act as a guide to the world of fashion. They can follow a specific person as the person makes choices about clothing and makeup. In doing so, many people find it very helpful for them to consider the kind of style they like on their own as well as the kind of style that is right for their specific needs. This also allows someone to see how makeup and other fashion choices can be applied on an actual person and used to great effect.

One contemporary fashion icon with a huge following is cosmetics expert Doe Deere. Deere is someone who knows exactly how to use makeup effectively to achieve a look that is uniquely hers. Her work in this field has focused on creating a look that both touches on fashion history and tradition but also incorporates modern flair. Her love of fashion led her to the decision to open up her own cosmetics store. Her store, Lime Crime, is noted for offering customers access to high quality cosmetics and the chance to purchase makeup that is both bold and yet easily adaptable to any fashion ideal the user happens to have in mind. A customer can follow Deere as she helps them discover the kind of fashionable items that can be just right for any given users who wish to have items that are easily applied and work well with any kind of outfit the user has in mind.

Ideamensch guru Doe Deere started Lime Crime as she realized that she needed to have items on hand that met her needs. She also started the company because she realized that others liked her fashion ideas about makeup and wanted to buy items from her that could help them duplicate her unique look. Since that time, she has started her company and enjoyed a great deal of success in doing so. Many people have come to rely on her advice and her help as she continues to push the boundaries of fashion forward and help her customers locate makeup that is just right for any need they have in mind.

Logging on to her site allows the user to find a great many of her cosmetics available for sale here that are ideal for nearby any kind of use. Someone who wants to find cosmetics that are brightly colored and ideal for a colorful outfit or just for a chic look of all black items. The cosmetics they will find here have been chosen by Deere in order to help her customers figure out how they can use such items well and decide on their own personalized and highly specific style. The use of such items allows the person to consider the kind of advice they can get from Deere and Lime Crime and yet consider how they wish to use such cosmetics as well for their own makeup ideas.

Susan McGalla Still Provides Relevant Marketing Advice for Retailers

Susan McGalla has been around for a long time, but she still manages to provide a lot of relevant advice. She has managed to become one of the leaders that I look to when I am trying to find motivation to stick with the marketing program. McGalla has been in the retail world for decades, but I believe that she provides timeless advice for retailers.

I have researched how she started in the retail world as a teenager. She worked in apparel sales and she apparently studied prices and formed ideas about companies and retail sales. This would stay in the back of her mind as she continued to educate herself as a marketing major at Mount Union College. This is where she learned about business. It has also allowed her to move from college and work for the Joseph Horne Company. This was an important part of her time as a business executive because this was also a decade of work. It allowed her to become a person that would go on to grow and work hard at American Eagle. This hard work would take her even further in her career as an executive in the retail world. She has the ability to work in various management roles. This would serve her well as a person that could eventually become the president of the company.

McGalla did not let the opportunity pass her by. She did not take her role lightly. Susan would take her position seriously has she infused her knowledge from previous roles at the Joseph Horne Company and build on her experience. She would become a dutiful CEO that would prove that she could turn turmoil into terrific profits. There are a lot of women that are envious of the success of Susan McGalla. I have always considered myself a fan of her work. She has served as one of the more positive influences in the business world today. She worked hard like she didn’t even realize that a glass ceiling was in place.

There are people like Susan McGalla that are able to open the doors for others. She has been able to cut a clear path through the fog of male-dominated environments with her knowledge of branding. This is clearly the case during her recent job as the Director of Strategic Planning. She has only been in this role for about 10 months, but she has managed to prove that she is still relevant. McGalla proves that her role in branding is beneficial regardless of the industry that it is used in. She has been able to operate in retail management and talent management. In one area she manages resources. In the other she manages people. There are not a lot of people that can transition from one area of the spectrum to the next because Susan McGalla walks the fine line. She knows how to build brands regardless of where she is placed. McGalla has the wisdom to survive in many different environments.

Having Your Home Professional Cleaned Will Add Value To Your Life

Many of us are super busy these days. With the everyday grind, we often work more hours than we should. When a demanding job and other things in our life keeps us from cleaning our homes, things can get out of control. While you might have enough time to do some quick cleaning, a home needs to be deep cleaned at least once a month. This is when you are probably going to have to seek professional help. Today, we are going to discuss several reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service just makes perfect sense.

A Clean House Will Improve Your Mood

When you work all the time and you come home tired, you really do not want to walk into a dirty house. This can put you in a really bad mood which can affect your family life. By hiring a professional cleaning service to come into your home it will be cleaned and organized, which is a great way to relieve stress. Plus, a clean home will boost your mood when your work day has not been the greatest.

You Will Never Be Embarrassed When Guests Come Over

We all have those relatives or friends who show up to our homes without calling first. Many times, our homes are not in the best of shape. You might have a kitchen full of dirty dishes or floors that need vacuuming. When this happens and guest show up, it can be really embarrassing. A great way to avoid this is to always have your home looking neat. A weekly cleaning by a professional cleaning service can have your home always looking its best so you will never have to worry about those surprise visits.

Let Handy Home Cleaning Services Help You

An amazing new app that is helping connect professional freelance cleaners with people that need their homes cleaned is Handy on crunchbase website. With a few clicks on your smart phone, you can schedule a cleaning and pay for the services. What could be more simpler than that? Handy Home Cleaning Services carefully screens each freelance cleaner so that you will never have to worry about who will be coming into your home. So if you want to enjoy a nicely cleaned organized home, why not let Handybook help you out?

More Quality Time With The family

When you have to spend all day at work and then you have to come home and clean, family time often falls to the side. A great way to spend more time with the family is to allow someone else to do the dirty work for you. When you have someone come into your home and keep it clean weekly or bi-weekly, you will have tons more time to spend with the family. We all know that family time is precious, so why not add some more to your life?

Your Home Will Be Cleaner Than It Ever Has

Sure you might know how to clean your home but when is the last time you really deep cleaned it? Most of us simply do not have the time to deep clean our homes. A professional cleaner will have both the know how and the tools necessary to deep clean your home. All of that dust that has been building up for years in areas that are unnoticed will be removed making your home spotless clean. This is not only great to look at but removing all of that dust will make your home environment healthier for you and your family.


Easy Shopping – Experience Slyce

There is a new way to shop, and Slyce a leader in product recognition software is making it happen. Imagine seeing a friend wearing a pair of sneakers you really like, now snap a picture of them with your mobile device and press a key. Suddenly on your screen are those exact same sneakers with all the information about them at the best possible price. Pressing another key lets you buy those sneakers, but there is more. If you have a coupon for those jeans, its applied to the final cost. That is the technology Slyce is making happen for you.

Slyce is able to bring you this cutting-edge technology by applying its own innovative designs to product recognition and visual search breakthroughs found by research teams at Google, Slyce and Stanford University, What Slyce has designed is visual search software that lets us shop in real time. Slyce takes existing retail databases, and continuously adds to them via a unique and propriety system that produces exact matches to scanned images instantaneously.

Slyce’s new technology is already in use, and major retailers are jumping at the chance to apply Slyce’s technology to their own existing applications. Macy’s and Neiman Marcus are already using the software, and with Slyce’s technology to move to real time shopping is seamless for retailers and consumers alike. With just a scan of an image that hard to find Christmas toy, is available to you without the tiring fuss of shopping around or weeding through web page after web page.

Slyce is adding new retailers every day, and with its SnipSnap, Pounce. Drivetrain and Craves, makes shopping a breeze and enjoyable for everyone. SnipSnap is the coupon application that automatically applies any coupons you have to a product you want. Consumers use Craves and Pounce to search retail search databases, and Drivetrain is the application that retailers use to integrate their databases with Slyce.

Slyce is revolutionizing shopping, and going far beyond Amazon’s initial Flow application with its new capabilities. The technology is no longer limited to DVDs or boxy items like cereal, and almost any product is now recognizable by their systems. It’s available for any mobile device that can snap a photo. Slyce’s apps are available on all platforms, and the results are accurate and instant. Slyce’s software also recognizes snap shots from flyers, newspapers, magazines and catalogs.

The Canadian based Slyce was founded in 2013 by Cameron Chell an entrepreneur with 25 years experience. Over a thousand Fortune 500 retailers have joined Slyce, and its Universal Scanner lets any consumer with a mobile device take advantage of the special deals and its flawless easy shopping experience.

Doe Deere Makes A Bold, Beautiful, Liberating Statement With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere knows what it feels like to suffer for the sake of art. She has been homeless and had numerous failed careers. But she has emerged stronger and more determined than ever. And now she has one of the hottest new makeup lines in the world. Doe Deere’s makeup line is called Lime Crime. It is a group of cosmetics she makes and markets herself. She created Lime Crime makeup when she could not find makeup bright enough to get her noticed on stage. Now the makeup line enables people of all ages, races, colors, cultures, and sexual orientations to express their inner unicorn.

Doe Deere is called the unicorn queen for her whimsical, seemingly magical way of looking at and dealing with the world. She is a strong, beautiful woman that has used her setbacks as set ups for her comeback and eventual success. She has tried her hand at fashion design, modeling, and music with limited success. But now that she has stepped into the world of makeup production and marketing, she has finally found her niche. Now she is able to help millions of people to use her unique, blazing bright Lime Crime makeup to color themselves happy and free.

Born in Russia and raised in New York City, Doe Deere knows how it feels to be an outsider. But instead of running from her outsider status, she has embraced it and turned it into a badge of courage. Lime Crime cosmetics lets users do the same thing. People don’t use Lime Crime cosmetics to fit in. They use it to stand out. It’s a rebellion against the mainstream fashion police and their desire to make people bury their individuality, fall in line, and follow the crowd. The neon bright Lime Crime cosmetics are the antithesis of this. It lets you be you and love it.

Mainstream fashion leaders often label those that don’t follow their lead as misfits and miscreants. People brave and bold enough to wear Lime Crime cosmetics embrace those labels, thumb their noses at convention, and are confident enough to wear their makeup the way they see fit. They relish their role as those that have eschewed the mainstream sheep mentality and trust their own sense of style. Sure their neon green eye-shadow, sparkling nail polish, and jet black lipstick may turn heads and cause a stir. But Lime Crime wearers don’t care. They are being true to themselves and loving it.

Just because Doe Deere and people that wear Lime Crime cosmetics are free spirited does not mean they are reckless. In fact, just the opposite is true. Lime Crime cosmetics is made from healthy, wholesome vegan ingredients and Doe Deere does not participate in the cruel practice of animal testing. Lime Crime cosmetics are peaceful and powerful, bright and beautiful, and fiercely independent. If you are ready to make your own way no matter what others say then Lime Crime cosmetics might just be perfect for you.

Town Real Estate Has Homes With Beautiful Views In New York City Real Estate

Imagine looking out the windows of a high-rise home in New York City, and outside the window are the waters below that surround Manhattan. If the view is right, the waters may also be close to or underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, which is attached to Manhattan, and it goes across the Brooklyn. This kind of view is something that many people would pay a lot of money for, but it’s not necessarily easy to get a view like this. Anyone who is lucky enough to get a home in Manhattan should treasure it, much more a home that has such a spectacular view. As long as a person knows what they’re looking for in their new home, they can get exactly what they want, especially if the home is in Manhattan.

It’s important for each person to realize that Manhattan is a city, and it’s considered to be part of NYC real estate as well. Since it’s a city, the likeliness of getting a home with a yard and grass in front of it is very unlikely. It may not even be likely that the person will get a home with a small garden or any greenery. City living is not for everyone, so those who are looking for a home that has shrubs, grass, flowers and more may need to look somewhere else. Those who love living in high-rise buildings, seeing amazing views out their window, dining on a balcony, and having a building full of people are the types of persons who can live in the city.

Those who love city living will know what to expect, and they may be excited about living in a building that has hundreds of people living in a single high-rise building. People who are used to living in the city also have no problem with taking public transportation like a train, a bus, a taxi, or even a private car. If city living is something that appeals to a person, then New York City has some of the best living in the USA. Those who want to experience New York City, whether it’s for the first time, or they’re just moving to another location in the city, then they need to contact Town Real Estate.

Town Real Estate is a great suggestion for those who are looking for luxury homes in New York City, especially if they want to find something in the heart of New York City. Entertaining people in a home is something that many want to do if they have a home that can accommodate several persons. Town Real Estate can provide anyone with a luxury home if they just make a single phone call.

Advancing to the Laser’s Edge – North American Spine

North American Spine is not on the cutting edge of spinal surgery, they are on the laser’s edge. This medical institution has developed the AccuraScope minimally invasive laser spine procedure. Newly developed procedure diagnoses and treats the injured neck and back area of the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic area of the back.

The AccuraScope is a leap in the advancement of minimally invasive surgery, enabling the surgeons to make a smaller incision rather than opening the spine or neck area to a large incision. The AccuraScope uses a very small incision, the smallest incision possible to perform the particular laser surgery or treatment. Once the procedure has begun using the AccuraScope the surgeons are able to visually examine and repair the affected area. Thus, this minimally invasive, fast, and accurate repair takes approximately 45 minutes and most patients released to return home the same day.

This breakthrough in spinal repair has successfully improved the lives of over 8,000 patients. Remarkable leap in laser treatment and surgery – Yes! Accurate – Positively! Recovery – Fast? Pain relief is almost instantaneous with the laser surgery and treatment relieving patients of the agonizing pain immediately following surgery. Patients are able to walk without pain, return to their residence, and completely recover from the surgery within days. There are times when a second surgery is required depending on the severity of the patient’s case. Some cases may require a follow-up treatment as each patient’s procedure or surgery is planned, and designed by a team of specialists. A team of surgeons and specially trained medical doctors working together at North American Spine produces the best possible path to bring the patient back to optimum health and pain-free conditions.

Reviews of North American Spine mention that this includes after procedure care of the well-being of each individual patient. The well-being care program at NAS is been designed for each patient’s entire health and well-being.

At North American Spine patients receive a more precise diagnosis, faster recovery, and the latest in laser surgery. Log onto their website and attend the AccuraScope Webinar at

North American Spine (NAS) is the leader in minimally invasive spinal repair and treatment. NAS is rapidly growing, adding additional specially trained surgeons in the AccuraScope family of specialists. Procedures to increase their patient care and ability to help more people in need of their treatment receive the advanced minimally invasive surgical results offering spinal repair and pain-free life.