Yeonmi Park’s New Book Promotes Freedom for North Korea

Her book is titled ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. This is the amazing miracle story of her narrow escape with her mother from their native North Korea. She, along with her mother were running from sure sentencing to the slave labor death camps where her father had died. These cruel and inhumane prison labor camps were exploited by the corrupt dictator, Kim Jong Il and then more recently his son Kim Jong Un. Yeonmi Park tells the inspiring story on The Guardian of their desperate escape after once having a close-knit very loving family life amid an almost medieval brutish regime. She often went hungry and was taught by her parents that their “dear leader” could always know what she said, read, or wrote… even her very thoughts. When Yeonmi Park was just 13 years old, she escaped across the North Korean border to China in the dead of a freezing cold dark night. They were welcomed by Chinese border guards by sex trafficking them both to repugnant Chinese men who could obtain a domestic worker and sex slave no other way. She tells how she coped and still did not regret fleeing North Korea, and how she and her mother plotted to escape China into the West. They did eventually escape and now, still in her young 20s, Ms. Park has become a powerful human rights activist. At the recent Women In The World summit, she braved the spotlights, huge audience, and television cameras in an interview with Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of The Today Show. When Ms. Guthrie asked Yeonmi Park if she had anything personal she would like to further share with their audience, Yeonmi thought for a moment then boldly stated, “Kim Jong Un doesn’t like me at all!” Probably few in that gathering could understand what a selfless act of bravery making such a simple statement was for Yeonmi Park.

The 990 Company’s Unique Business Model In Real Estate

Most real estate companies charge very standard rates for their services. Typically, the brokerage gets a six percent commission on the sale. However, there is a company that has broken the norm. The 990 sells homes on is known to charge rates as low as a mere 990 dollars to clients!

The 990 Company has become wildly successful, due to it’s unique way of doing business. Homes throughout the country are sold using the 990 Company. In addition to the website, clients can get real estate agents assisting them for a mere 990 dollars! This incredible bargain has attracted many potential home sellers. There are also numerous people who go through the 990 Company to purchase homes, and the listings are very easy to view on the website.

Gregory Hague has been involved in real estate from the time he was 18 years old onward. He has had a high level of skill with buying and selling real estate, and he has used this skill to launch real estate enterprises. In addition to being knowledgeable about real estate, he has an educational background in law. This has helped him to be able to run real estate enterprises more efficiently.

He got his start working with his family’s real estate enterprise. However, he started his own company in 1978. His first company became successful in the city he grew up in. Then, Gregory Hague founded yet another company. The name of this company was WHY USA. WHY USA charged clients merely 990 dollars to sell their house! For most people, this was far cheaper than the rates that they would pay when using other real estate companies. As a result, people flocked to use the services of his company. Due to the success of the company and the way that they did business, it was discussed in literature about real estate.

He also has a very successful website called This website helps people who are going into the real estate business to be successful. Many people have benefited greatly from the information contained on his website.

Later on, he founded the 990 Company. The 990 Company uses a similar business model to WHY USA. Not only does this work great for people selling their homes, but numerous real estate agents are employed with them. Those who are employed with them are often very successful, because the company attracts a lot of business with it’s low rates. Those who sell their homes through the 990 Company often sell their home quickly for a high price. The listings are also very successfully promoted by the company website and the real estate agents.

The 990 Company was extremely successful. In addition, it was founded by a man with a great deal of real estate experience. Gregory Hague does an excellent job of running a real estate business. He has created a model that is ideal for both the enterprise and those who use the services.

New York Real Estate Prices on the rise.

Manhattan has improved by 9.5 % year-over-year depicting the fastest growth in seven years, as stated by Street Easy.

Today, one in five houses available on the market in Manhattan and Brooklyn can be known as high-class, depending on their great asking expenses in comparison to income within previous years. New York continues to be an attractive market for both locally and internationally, and Manhattan and Brooklyn are required to keep seeing growth in the lengthy run.

Are the prices on the rise?
One bedroom apartments rent prices grew by 10.7 percent from the previous year leading to an all time increase of $3339 average rent prices in Manhattan.The rise in Brooklyn was more gradual as compared to other states though the average was like 1.2 percent across the board.

Manhattan has had affordable housing over the years, as reported by the data scientist Allan Lightfield who stated that the increase is because most people are concentrating on Manhattan and Brooklyn making it over populated leading to high rents and competition. , the New Yorkers are advised to turn to south and east Brooklyn and in 10th states Manhattan to ease the burden.

Street Easy foresees a continuous increase in prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Even with the prices falling by 4.5 percent in the third quarter on 2015, the firm Town Residential states that there is no cause for alarm when looking for NYC apartments for rent.

Town Residential New York, which is among the best luxury real estate firms in New York, helped to give us an insight of the market trends. It was incepted in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt, the company majorly deals in sale, leasing and marketing of luxury residential houses and property developments.

The team has industry specialties and direct access to premier architects, contractors, interior designers and exclusive amenity providers. Town Residential has a team of that is focused on the ground proving market research.

Town Residential’s newest follow up of The review discovered that while the figures may have initially been predicted, it is far more likely to be a way that will help the city sustain good expenses than it is to be an indication of a larger trend. While latest stock market drops had an impact on the biggest end of the market, and promoting increase in sale prices year after r-year, New York’s high-class rentals are as healthier as ever.

Dog Food Companies Need To Be Committed To Health And Safety

Dogs have this wonderful gift of love and compassion for humans and never ask for anything from us. It’s a proven fact that dogs help people that are blind, depressed, and have serious health issues. They have a keen sense that can tell them that something is wrong. They have given hope to Veterans that have lost limbs, depressed and for the most part have given up. Dogs give them love and compassion giving them a way back and hope for the future.

Dogs are not just animals they are family, so it is extremely important that we do everything in our power to give them the best nutrition and medical attention possible. There are so many dog food companies out there it’s imperative we do the research and find out what is best for them. What’s good for them as a puppy changes as they age. Puppies need certain nutrients to grow, adult dogs need nutrients to stay healthy and in good physical shape, overweight dogs need the right diet to get slim again, and mature dogs need good nutrients for strong bones and joints.

Beneful offers an outstanding variety of dog food that ANY dog would love! They offer several different dry dog food in different flavors with real meat. They have real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. The dogs that find themselves a little overweight, Beneful offers Healthy Weight made with real chicken. Puppies get Healthy Puppy which has real chicken, and they also have Playful Life made with real beef and egg! They also have a variety of wet food and treats.

Beneful employees are committed to the physical and emotional health of dogs. They stand behind the quality and safety of their food. Beneful has a research team that has experts in animal nutrition that evaluates the ingredients and safety of the food. They want to make sure that dogs live long healthy and playful lives.

So what exactly is in Beneful? Beneful starts with real meat. It has 100% of the nutrients needed to keep dogs healthy and dog waggin happy. It has tender and crunchy bites, 23 vitamins and minerals and believe it or not vegetables too! There are so many vitamins and minerals in vegetables but dogs will turn their noses up to them. Beneful has Spinach, Peas, and Carrots and dogs just gobble them right up.

There are a lot of dog companies out there. It is imperative that dog owners do the research and find the best food for our furry friends that love us so much. Dog owners need to look at the food they have now and check the ingredients. They also need to compare them with other food out there. The ingredients need to be healthy and benefit the dogs for a long and healthy life. They are trusting us. They give us so much, we need to give back. They are our best friends for life.

Handybook: The New Way to Find Home Services

In 2012, Harvard Business School students Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua met as roommates and turned into business partners. The men spent plenty of time talking about entrepreneurial ideas and start up companies. While living in their messy dorm room, they began throwing around the idea of what came to be Handy. The main thing that the pair found was difficult about finding reliable service for one’s home was being able to find someone that can be trusted and who offers a fair price. Haggling prices and looking for recommendations and reviews is a hassle for homeowners. Hanrahan and Dua wanted to come up with a simple solutions for those who do not want to spend hours looking for help around their house.

Hanrahan and Dua found a few technical engineers as well as home helping freelancers from various cleaning services in their area. The entrepreneurial pair raised money for their seed capital and started their business.

Handybook offers home services, but its main focus is house cleaning. This was a good starting point for the pair because it is a service that every home needs at some point.

Handybook is an app that that lets clients order services for their home such as a home cleaner, plumber or a handyman. With just a click, homeowners can have help on the way.

Handybook is similar to Uber, in that it is an online center that does the financial transactions as well as the scheduling for the homeowner and the service provider. Handybook is a very fast growing business based in the New York area. They employ thousands of freelance home help. Handybook currently is active in 13 cities. They plan to grow and open additional offices in Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; and two in California: San Francisco and L.A.

The benefit of Handybook to customers is the convenience of using the app. Rather than looking for help around the house online or through referrals, customers can just turn to the app. A price quote can be obtained by entering a zip code, the job needed to be done, and the start time of the job.

Customers can know that they are getting reliable work because Handybook runs a screening process for all of their freelancers. Handybook also provides a full money back guarantee to the customer if the work done is unacceptable. In order for Handybook to get only the best freelancers, they also treat their employees right. They provide people who work for them with dependable pay as well as a working schedule to suit individual needs. Freelancers are not only able to choose their schedule, but they can also pick and choose which jobs they would like to pursue, depending on the pay rate.

Working for Handybook is legitimate work, in that the income is reported to the government. This helps the freelancers increase their credit score and properly report their taxes.