How One Man Grew Citadel Into an Empire

Ken Griffin is an American hedge fund executive and philanthropist based in Chicago. He is the founder and CEO at Citadel Capital LLC.It is a firm he founded in 1990 which has grown to be a financial conglomerate worth $ 25 billion. It is a well-known investment bank with offices all over the world. Kenneth Griffins was born 46 years ago in Daytona Florida. He was since childhood a math Prodigy. He joined Harvard in 1986 to study economics. At Harvard, he chanced upon an article by Forbes on investment banks that interested him. It was on a speculation in the shares of an individual company would go up or down. When they went down, he realized it was easy to make money in the stock market you just need to do your due diligence. He convinced the dormitory administration to allow him set up a satellite in his dorm room and allow him to trade. It was a move that saw him get live feeds of the stock exchange in his room. He then set up a desktop computer and a landline telephone. These humble beginnings marked the start of his relationship with clients. He invested 265k of his friend’s money and grew it to more than $ 1 million by the end of the year. In 1987 during the financial crisis, he used his expertise in the bonds to buy beat up bonds and flip them for a profit later. It was a strategy that made him a well-known bond trader who could make money in any market condition. It also attracted the attention of legendary hedge fund chief, Frank Meyers of Glenwood LLC. When Griffin completed his degree at Harvard, he joined Mr. Meyers in Chicago. Here, he was given $ 1 million to invest and gave 70% returns. It was while working for Mr. Meyers that he managed to know the ins and outs of the financial world. With the assistance of Mr. Frank, he started Citadel 1990.He had a capital of $ 4.3 million and a big dream. He has since grown the firm to today’s empire with over 1000 employees spread across the world. It one of the largest hedge funds in the world thanks to its investment strategies. Citadel specializes in high-risk, high-yield trading. It has become a master of buying bonds on the cheap and flipping them later expensively. It has continued its approach and has diversified its portfolio into different markets. It is today one of the largest securities traders and has a big market making subsidiary. In fact,3% of all market watch trades in Chicago, New York, and London pass through its brokers. It is a perfect example of a well-managed firm that was started by a self-made billionaire.It has used industry leading trading methods and proprietary trading models to make a killing.It is one of the best run firms in the world.We wish Kenneth Griffins all the best.

Ricardo Guimarães And BMG Bank Are The Top Football Sponsors In Brazil


Ricardo Guimarães was born to be a banker and businessman. His family opened the Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930. Ricardo took over the bank in 1998, and he has been President of the BMG Bank ever since then. Guimarães loves the banking world, but he also loves football. He decided to combine his love for football and banking, and that decision has been a very profitable for the bank and Guimarães. BMG Bank sponsors the Atletico Mineiro football club, and that sponsorship has given the bank countrywide recognition. Atletico Mineiro players wear the orange BMG Logo on their jerseys during games, and the bank helps the team financially.

Atletico Mineiro isn’t the only team that BMG Bank sponsors. Guimarães decided to sponsor other teams as well as some of the best football players in Brazil. Guimarães didn’t want BMG Bank to appear partial to one particular team, and his strategy worked. BMG Bank gets a lot of television exposure on game days, and thanks to that exposure BMG Bank is known as the bank that loves football. BMG Bank is considered the top sponsor of Brazilian football, and the bank has grown from Guimarães decision to use sports to market his bank products.

The main product that BMG Bank likes to promote to football fans is their payroll loan product. BGM Bank’s payroll loans are well-known because football fans want to do business with other football lovers. BMG Bank received a massive amount of exposure from football, so Guimarães decided to buy two other banks in order to keep up with the demand. The GE Money Brazil and Schahin Bank are now part of BMG Bank. The payroll loan business, as well as automobile financing, are the main products that have put BMG Bank in a very profitable position thanks to football sponsorships and the acquisition of the two banks.

The consignment credit business in Brazil is a $R123 billion business. Thanks to Ricardo Guimarães leadership, and his love of sports, BMG Bank is now the second most profitable bank in Brazil. According to an article published by, BMG Bank has a major share of the consignment credit business. More Brazilians are taking advantage of payroll loans because the interest rate is lower, and the loans are guaranteed by their income. The default rate on payroll loans is lower because the borrower’s pay back the loans through payroll deductions.

BMG Bank continues to grow thanks to Guimarães and his team of bankers that wear football jerseys on certain bank days to promote football teams and payroll loans.

The Plight Of Refugees Becomes The Work Of Yeonmi Park

The number of refugees seeking the chance to escape the regimes of various governments around the world has recently grown to epidemic status, but an unlikely advocate has made her way around the world to explain just how difficult life is for refugees. Yeonmi Park is still in her early twenties, but has lived a life that many cannot imagine as she was forced to escape North Korea and the starvation she faced there. Park now gives speeches and discusses her defection from North Korea at conferences like the One Young World summit in Dublin, Ireland. Yeonmi Park has detailed her story in her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” and in various articles in some of the best respected newspapers in the world. The story Park tells takes in her family’s fall from the upper echelons of the North Korean regime following the decision by her father to sell goods on the black market. Park explains her father was forced into the decision as his family was starving, but the discovery of his acts forced the family to join the general public in living under the harsh rules of the communist regime. The details of the journey to freedom undertaken by Yeonmi Park and her family are harrowing and have shaped the future she now sees as a campaigner for the rights of refugees and those taken by human traffickers. Yeonmi Park and her mother took years to pass through China and into Mongolia where they made their way to the South Korean embassy and begin their new lives as free people. Because of her decision to speak out on youtube against the North Korean regime Yeonmi Park has been subjected to criticism and ridicule by those who sympathize with the leaders of the communist country, reports. Park feels this shows just how worried the leaders of the regime are about the work she has undertaken to reveal the truth about life in North Korea and the problems facing those who remain in the country.

Training With The Real Estate Mavericks

The real estate industry is experiencing a major comeback after suffering severe blows in the aftermath of the 2008 economic meltdown. Of course the meltdown, which lead to a major recession, came after the real estate bubble burst in 2007/2008. For a while it seemed a recovery might never come about, but today realtors are seeing an upsurge in business as the US economy comes back and home seekers express new confidence in the housing market.

Yes, all of this is great news for the real estate industry. As new real estate professionals come into the marketplace, however, what we’re seeing is a need for even more training. The competition among real estate professionals is growing and only those with very sharp skills can really make the grade. All this is leading to a growing need for coaching systems that go beyond the tried and true sales formulas and into something new.

The Real Estate Mavericks

Today many of the major real estate firms are turning to experienced coaches to provide new insights into selling and for helping new realtors polish their skills. is one company that is really making a difference. The Real Estate Mavericks, lead by real estate entrepreneur Greg Hague, takes an approach that goes far beyond the kind of thinking that has typified coaching in the past.

Learn from a True Business Innovator

Greg Hague is a realtor who is known for innovation. He brings real business knowhow into his coaching approach, as he’s a realtor with over 25 years of experience in the market. He is one of the top luxury real estate agents in the U.S. and is a noted real estate expert in The Wall Street Journal and on NPR. He’s coached over 10,000 realtors and has launched many on highly successful careers, with sales in the millions.

Greg Hague

Greg Hague

Hague’s approach to coaching tears up the old scripts and takes on sales with a innovative style that’s truly ground breaking. If your company is ready to launch new realtors into this competitive market, isn’t it worth it to give them the training they need to really be a success?

When it’s time to embrace the real estate profession with the goal of achieving real success, it’s time to call on The Real Estate Mavericks. Check out the website and book a session today!

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes the Lead of Coriant Solutions Company

Shaygan Kheradpir is a 54 years old man who was born in the United Kingdom. Mr. Kheradpir currently resides in the United States. He is a well-educated man holding a degree in electrical engineering. Mr. Shaygan has worked in various departments since he graduated.

Shaygan has been in the capital market and business venture industry for more than fifteen years now. In his entire career, he has worked as an Information Officer at Barclays Bank. He also worked as a senior executive in Juniper Networks and also in Verizon. Kheradpir has aided in the establishment of technological advancement in initiatives in his field.

He got his first job opportunity in GTE Labs where he specialized in network management and control. His commitments and dedications made him be promoted as the senior information officer at the same Company.

Recently, Mr. Kheradpir was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and also as the president of Coriant Solutions Company that offers networking solutions at international level. Mr. DiPietro, who was serving as the CEO of this Company, will now be serving as the vice president of this Company.

Coriant Solutions provides networking services to more than one hundred countries in the entire world. Mr. DiPietro expressed his regards to Mr. Kheradpir for attaining the position. He also implied that he had great faith in Mr. Shaygan, who once worked as the information officer of distribution channels in the Barclays bank.

Vice President DiPietro also disclosed that Shaygan will be serving as the chairperson of the board of members of Coriant Solutions Company.

He also added that CEO Kheradpir was not new in the business as he was working closely as the senior executive of Marlin Equity Partners. DiPietro also disclosed that Kheradpir possesses excellent leadership qualities.

Shaygan responsibilities in Coriant solutions include improving the performance of the Company and the Company flexibility to another level. The entire staff of Coriant Solutions Company earned their loyalty to Mr. Kheradpir due to his experience and expertise in business,

For more information on Shaygan Kheradpir promotion as Coriant Solutions CEO, open the following link

In conclusion, Mr. Shaygan has contributed so much to the realization of a sustainable development. His enterprise and skills in the network solutions impress many organizations.