What A Lovely Article That Lead Me To Skout

I was a skeptic about how much dating apps and social media apps could impact my life, especially because I had not had much experience or fluency in using those applications. I wasn’t sure where to begin. Then, I found this article from the Examiner that showed a little about each of the most popular applications and websites. It gave details about all different kinds of dating apps, texting apps, blogging apps and secret apps. It gives examples of each kind of type of application, and the article does a great job at explain each of the uses for these sites. I left this article with full knowledge of where to go for my social needs, and I am a better man because of reading it.

I started looking into online dating after I left my last girlfriend. It was months after we stopped dating, and I was skeptical. I tried this online dating website, called Skout. Skout has a fancy was of matching people based on their interests and locations, but it does an even better job of helping you sort through all the possible candidates to find your one any only one. Alternatively, you can easily use Skout for less serious dating purposes, or you can use it to make friends. In the time that it took me to find the girl of my dreams, I had already made three or four other friends. One of those people actually had a very serious conversation with me about the matters of life and death, which brought awareness to my life that I had never expected from a dating application.

The girl that I met on Skout was very beautiful, but that wasn’t my first comment to her. I noticed that she didn’t have a picture with her face, so I commented about that. She sent me her actual picture, and I have to admit that I was stunned. Her eyes spoke to me through the Skout application in a way that I had not expected to emotionally connect. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t planning on taking this thing seriously, but I ended up spending hours talking to her on the messenger. She was attracted to me, and she was shy, so the messenger helped us bridge the gap that may have otherwise never been accomplished.

I’m surprised that I found this article, and it really came in handy pointing me in the right direction to find someone that I now care about in my life. It is so odd how we can do that. We can make these connections through applications, and it can become very serious if we want it. Here is the url to the article: