Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is known among investor circles as the top guru when it comes to breaking into Brazil as a new investor. As the entire world looks to the recent events in Brazil, including the upcoming Summer 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the current public health crisis with the Zika virus, Igor Cornelsen offers a glimmer of hope in potential investment opportunities in the country that are ripe for consideration.

While Cornelsen certainly has much more in-depth knowledge of the economic climate in Brazil, his recent advice focuses on three major tips that any new investor should keep in mind. The first is to speak with those on the ground about the current situation in Brazil. According to Cornelsen, Brazilian locals are the best source of information on business trends and hot opportunities. He also advises new investors that they should be ready for a laundry list of regulations when it comes to investing in Brazil. Even though the Brazilian market is in a growth phase right now, the government still relies heavily on regulation to protect the status of the growing economy. Finally, Igor Cornelsen advises that knowledge of foreign currency restrictions is key to having long term success in investing in Brazil. Before charging ahead with an investment, it is crucial to locate a bank that will deal in foreign currency.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen encourages potential investors to take a hard look at the opportunities in Brazil. Because the stock market is currently at the bottom of its cycle in Brazil, the timing for investing is advantageous right now. For more information on Igor Cornelsen’s advice on investing in Brazilian markets, check out the article here.

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