InnovaCare Health Provides Leading Medicare Advantage Plans

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and is committed to supplying to those eligible for our services, quality health care services by creating sustainable. Cost-effective plan models that are fully integrated with the most advanced technologies available today. InnovaCare operates two distinct Advantage plans in Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare Choice. The membership base of these two plans alone include over 200,000 men and women and are professionally served by a network of over 8,000 healthcare providers. InnovaCare Health also manages two separate Medicaid plans in the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico which offers a broad range of benefit coverage through a coordinated care model.

In everything that InnovaCare does our patients are not only our most important priority but also our top priority. In spite of the diverse and ever-changing healthcare environment, we continually strive to not only be the best but to also coordinate quality and innovative care to all of our patients across the North American Continent. Through our provider networks and our Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs, we work tirelessly every day to fulfill our mission of redefining healthcare management to meet the challenges faced today in our evolving complex healthcare environment.

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At MSO of Puerto Rico LLC, we are known for our innovation in helping our clients achieve their best treatment results. We are facilitators at MSO of organized solutions that are focused on improving the quality of treatment and their results across an entire range of a company’s operations according to Rick Shinto, President of the company. We have a dedicated core team of highly skilled professionals for the MSO to ensure that the quality of our results is the true guiding light in our operations and in every service that we offer to our customers.

Because we were founded in 2009, MSO has worked for some of the largest and most comprehensive Medicare Advantage Companies in Puerto Rico. As we have worked with them we have also helped them to consolidate their positions as leaders in the health sector while always focusing on improving its standards of quality. We have also never forgotten our main goal for Penelope Kokkinides, which is to continually work to improve the health and well-being of the people of Puerto Rico through technological innovation and care innovation and change. We are constantly trying to achieve these goals by creating lasting partnerships that have the potential to yield large rewards, both financially and professionally. In engaging in this quest we have discovered that the key to our success lies in always ensuring customer satisfaction through focusing on a committed service mentality that always centers on the mentality to develop and implement solutions designed to benefit both the clients and patients they serve.

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