Bernardo Chua, a Successful Multi-level Marketer Based in the Philippines

Who is Bernardo T. Chua?

When it comes to the direct sales industry Bernardo Chua’s name is often mentioned. Bernie, as he is often referred to as, is located in the Philippines and has focused much of his attention in the last decade or so to coffees, teas and much more to introduce people to Ganoderma (A herb staple used in Asia and gaining popularity in the Western World now too).

What companies have Bernardo Chua created?

Bernard Chua has been a very important role in creating two extremely successful companies in Gano Excel and, as of recently, focusing his efforts Oregano Gold (founded in 2008).

The companies were started in the Philippines, but he has wildly successful in helping to promote the companies and have them expand into the North American market too.

When he setup his business model he quickly learned the benefits of working in direct sales. This has helped him to spark interest in the products his company produce and spread the interest globally. It is no wonder that Bernado Chua is one of the most successful businessmen in the Pacific Rim and has been recognized with several awards and been honored by several different organizations.

What are some of the media outlets that have featured Chua?

Chua has been featured in several media outlets that have praised him for his achievements in business. One of the most dominate outlets, Direct Selling News, ranked Organo Gold as the 55th largest and leading companies in direct selling throughout the world. A very impressive claim indeed.

What are some advantages of using Chua’s services?

Bernardo Chua has created a special Organo Gold Coffee which is used from a mushroom, called Ganoderma, which is a very nutritious and highly ranked medicinal herb from China.

It doesn’t lack on taste and offers a lot of health benefits by using it as well. This has become a necessity as the need for healthier alternatives continues to grow globally.

What are some of Chua’s business?

Chua continues to work and grow his business. He listens to the clients, expands his knowledge and applies what he knows into creating a healthy minded business that focuses on the client and expanding his sources to reach the world. One quote famously attached to Bernie is “If we are all united as one nobody can break us.”