These Organizations Are Promoting Freedom In the US

During these times, it is wonderful that there are groups out there that are ready to defend and protect the civil liberties and rights of every American and which fight to help out immigrants who want a better life for themselves in this country. One example is the American Civil Liberties Union, sometimes simply known as the ACLU. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The American Civil Liberties Union is dedicated to protecting the individual rights and freedoms of everyone which are guaranteed by the Constitution. It has over one million members. They have a budget of over one hundred million a year.

They are active in every single state, as well as in Puerto Rico. They do a lot of lobbying in order to advance the rights of individual people. They are against the government taking away rights from people, and they lobby for legislation that would increase personal freedom and help out immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The American Civil Liberties Union also plays a large role in litigation. They represent both individuals and organizations who have had their rights trampled upon by the government or by other people.

The American Civil Liberties Union, while advocating for freedom for all, also focuses on a number of key issues. They help support LGBT issues, and they advocate for women’s rights.

They help support immigrants in lawsuits, such as if the immigrants were discriminated against. They oppose all forms of discrimination, and they work hard in courts to fight it. The American Civil Liberties Union is perhaps the most well known organization that provides support for freedom and human rights.

Alongside the American Civil Liberties Union stands the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. It was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey with the money they won from a lawsuit they filed against Joe Arpaio when he violated their civil rights by attempting to intimidate their criticism of him by arresting them.

The Frontera Fund also works hard to support immigrants. They help support free speech, as the repression of free speech is what led them to found their foundation. They support civil rights and human rights all across the country.

Inspiring And Thriving Rocketship Education System For High-Quality Learning

If there is a school that has made an impact on the society in America, it is the Rocketship Education. Preston Smith who is the CEO of the revealed that parent involvement in school operations had been the driving motive that has made them achieve a systematic learning style that is adopted in all its campuses. Their main objective is to deliver education involving the parents closely so that they can contribute to decision making thus ensuring the best outcome for their children. The system makes sure that the interest of the all the children including those with disabilities is the priority through involving parents in vital decision-making processes.

One of the roles played by the parents is their involvement in interviewing new teachers when they are hiring. Rocketship Education management team usually takes five or six families for training on how to interview the teachers and then they would later come to the panel to interview recruits who will be added to the teaching staff every time they need to hire new teachers. The system has proven positive outcome since it was started in the year 2007 where Smith reported that there is no single day that parents and the staff erupted in arguments or any misunderstanding.

Rocketship Education says that they came up with the system to help families and parents create confidence in using their power to demand their rights despite any political pressure. This makes the parents build a strong organization that can hold the leaders accountable if they fail to deliver high-quality education to their children. It is a course that must take root to ensure high-quality education is provided in all public schools. Rocketship Education offers only the elementary education and thus urge the parents to take the responsibilities they have in exercising their power to ensure that their children are provided with the best education at the middle and high schools levels. Everything cannot be left to the government to decide on what is best for the children; this is why Rocketship Education prepares the parents to engage in the efforts of scaling the size of the problem in the education system to ensure high-quality education is a must for every student so that their future may be bright

Sentient AI Intensifies Customer Satisfaction with Emerging Technologies

Sentient AI is now advancing in technological ways of maximizing customer satisfaction. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has invented platform called GoFind which is used by entrepreneurs in the fashion and design industries to locate materials for their designs. This invention uses images which are uploaded by the entrepreneurs. Customers can also use GoFind to search for random items that they spot on social media. This enables them to identify the stores or the name of the cloth line and other specifications about the clothes. Consequently, the customer can easily access these clothing items and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

Image search has greatly advanced customer service delivery offered by various companies that have adopted AI technologies especially GoFind. The search engines operate under memory recovery of the advanced AI technologies. Customers are as result given an easy time in selecting the brands of the products of their best preferences.

It is interesting how Sentient AI responds to customers’ needs by simply recognizing their emotions. This is amazing.

AI technologies have recently come up with technological trends that have simplified customer services in various industries while reducing the costs of operation. Customers have been advised to adapt AI technologies in their household machinery. This enabled the customers to plan and budget effectively for refills of machines such as dishwashers and much more. This advancement is believed to effectively serve customers to the maximum levels of their satisfaction.


Additionally, AI technologies are working on subscription trends which will eliminate the time spent on making purchases regularly. This will be as a result of integration between social media platforms and equipment used by these customers. AI technologies aim at purchasing products such as fuel for various household machines and cars on social media platforms such as Amazon. This will be through automatic connections in case the fuel in these machines runs low or when the machines record shortages of the same.

Another emerging trend is the discovery of chatbots that enable customers to send and receive messages from different companies about their products. Customers can also use this automated messaging app to address their satisfaction with the companies’. Indeed AI technologies have greatly advanced customer satisfaction in almost all ways. This has, in consequence, benefited various companies by increasing their revenues.

George Soros’ 18 Billion Dollars, a Game Changer in Philanthropy

If making huge transfers of wealth to philanthropic courses is considered a dedication to humanity, then transferring three-quarters of your wealth to humanitarian courses is a significant sacrifice on behalf of humanity. The Open Society recently confirmed having received eighteen billion dollars from of the billionaire philanthropist George Soros’ estimated twenty-five billion net worth empire. George is not new in these sorts philanthropic efforts, but the latest revelation somehow seems to defy the ordinary dictates of capitalism.

George’s charitable nature stems from the horror he experienced in his childhood as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Born in 1930, George Soros witnessed one of the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history, a crisis in which more than 500,000 members of the Jewish community were massacred. His family not only had to use false identities but also helped many others secure false documentation to survive. He then traveled to London where he worked as rail porter and part-time nightclub attendant to fund his academic development at London School of Economics. Upon completion of studies, he moved to the United States where he established a hedge fund, and the rest is history.

Since 1979 when he first began his philanthropic work by supporting academic progress groups of black students in the then apartheid-controlled South Africa, George Soros has since donated 32 billion dollars to various courses around the world. His philosophy of open engagement and critical thinking in society has seen him support democratic governance around the world. He founded the Central European University to foster critical thought.

In the early ‘90’s, he founded the Open Society Foundations, a network of civil societies spread in more than a hundred countries around the world, supporting various charitable activities. As the single largest donor he had pumped up to 14 billion dollars to various courses such as promoting the rights of LGBT communities, persecuted minorities around the world, and displaced persons looking to start their lives over. The recent donation of $18 billion without question makes the Open Society Foundation the second largest foundation in the world with only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation beating it to the cake.


In the wake of West Africa’s 2014 Ebola outbreak, the foundation supported the setting up of medical treatment centers to manage the crisis that was quickly spiraling out of control. In the aftermath of the 2016 US election, George increased spending on protecting minorities in the country from what he described as the awakening of dark forces who were out to persecute minority groups. Learn more about George at

The policy of not fearing to support popular courses that sometimes go against governments has attracted bits of criticism from powers that be. In his home country Hungary, for example, he has attracted criticism for opposing the anti-refugees stance of the Hungarian nationalist government. And in the United States, the Republicans are always irked by his donations to the Democratic Party. Be it as it may, George Soros has shown the world on what it really means to make sacrifices in the struggle to improve the status of humanity. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

The banking career of Mike Baur, founder of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is one of the best startup mentors in the world today. He spends most of his time helping business become successful. His main focus has been in the digital businesses. He is the co-founder of the biggest independently owned startup firm known Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 after Mike Baur left a well-paying job in the banking sector to start his own company. Mike Baur have had a long career in the banking sector that has seen him hold executive positions in various banks. His journey in the banking sector according to the Wall Street Journal started when he was only 16 years old.



Born in Freiburg, Switzerland, Mike Baur has a long tale of success all his life. For his education, he attended the University of Rochester and the Bern University. He studied business-related degrees. He is a holder of masters in business administration as well as executive masters in business administration. From his education, it is quite clear that Mike Baur is armed with the requisite knowledge needed for him to succeed in the business environment.



While he was 16, he joined one of the largest banks in the country known as Union Bank of Switzerland. His first position in the bank was that of an apprentice. With the education that he had, he needed to get his hands on real experience. After working in the bank for a short while, the managers realized that Mike Baur was not the ordinary employee of the bank. He possessed a lot of knowledge that would be very helpful to the bank. In order to have him for a long time, they offered him a life term plan that would see him work at UBS up to the point of retirement. The plan that he was given detailed all the steps of growth that he would be taken through in the bank hierarchy. Although this was the plan, Mike Baur would not see the end of his career in the bank. In 2008, he left the bank to join another bank in Zurich City. Mike had joined UBS in 1991.



After leaving the UBS he joined another private bank known as Clariden Leu. Due to his experience, he was given a senior executive position in the bank. After six years, not even his huge compensation in the bank would deter him from leaving the banking sector. In 2014, he left and started his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory together with his friend from Berne University, Max Meister.


Beneful’s Benefits Live up to the Name

Supposedly to mean “full of goodness,” the name Beneful has been interpreted differently by its users. Many agree that it is just a combination of “benefit,” or “beneficial,” and “healthful.” Some think of it as a shortened version of “beneficial” while incorporating “full,” as in, any dog would love to eat his fill! Most likely, it does come from the phrase “full of goodness” in one way or another. Regardless of where it comes from, users love the benefits of feeding this to their pooch. Full of nutrition, Beneful is made up of healthful ingredients that increase a dog’s quality of life. Click here to watch video.

Why osteoarthritis patients choose Osteo Relief Institute for their treatment.

Osteo Relief Institute is a medical center that offers all types of treatment to osteoarthritis patients without surgery. It uses advanced non -invasive methods to treat each condition. Use of non-invasive method ensures limited side effects to patients. Osteo Relief Institute offers a variety of services that suit almost all the needs of the patients. The institute also provides free screening first before giving medical treatment to determine which treatment will suit that specific patient.

Multi-disciplinary clinics

Osteo Relief Institute has different clinics for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other related types of joint diseases. The institute, therefore, employs both adequate board-certified physician and skilled physical therapists in this clinic. The physicians and therapists ensure that each patient gets the best medical care possible. Some of the services offered at Osteo Relief Institute include neck and back examination, physical and occupational therapies, thermotherapy, screening. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on Linkedin.


Osteo Relief Institute has qualified doctor who has a vast knowledge on osteoarthritis. Osteo Relief Institute’s doctors give patient needs priority. The dedicated doctors work to ensuring the well-being of the patient by minimizing pain as well as treating the core problem despite their condition. The professionals can detect the symptoms of osteoarthritis in a patient without difficult and provide the right medical treatment and therapy .the professionals work as a team to ensure that they provide adequate treatment to it patients. A good percentage of patients have testified that one gets better once attended by a doctor from Osteo Relief Institution.


Satisfasticatoy doctor-patient relationship

Osteo relief medical employs expert that treat patients with respect and care. They use courtesy language. The doctors hold an open dialogue with the patient where they get to know what exactly are the symptoms the patient experience. They help patients understand and make right decisions regarding their health care treatment alternatives. The doctor treats patients friendly with great care. The most important thing that Osteo Relief Institute natures trust with its employees as well as patients. They consider patients’ health records private and confidential. Their incredible services add unto its brand.The current client rating has been a motivation to the others in seeking the services. View Osteo Relief Institute at

What Igor Cornelsen Has To Say About The Brazilian Economy

The economy of Brazil couldn’t be experiencing better times. The South American nation is experiencing a lot of growth in its markets. Read more: Investing in the Future Success

Investors have been trooping to the country so that they can explore the available opportunities to establish businesses and grow their wealth.

The government of Brazil has put in place programs that will stimulate the economy of the nation. With excellent economic policies and incentives to all those who want to establish businesses in the country, the Brazilian government expects that it will keep the growth of the economy high and steady.

Lulu reveals that Igor Cornelson is among the few investors who have an excellent understanding of the Brazillian market. For years, Igor has served in the corporate sector of the nation and as a result accrued sufficient experience in the business sector.

According to Igor, Brazil is not only a tourist destination but also an investment hub with numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs.

As more and more people discover the economic potential of Brazil and are keen to invest their money in the country, Igor suggests that one needs to understand the market first before doing anything.

Like any other uncharted territory, the Brazil economy has its ups and downs. One needs to understand the policies and government regulations as well as consumer cultures of the country.

The existing economic policy frameworks of a country will determine the viability of any investment project. Over time, Brazil has built investor-friendly policies that make it easier for one to start up a business in the country.

According to Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian Finance minister Joaquim Levy has done a lot to ensure the nation experiences stability in its economy.

To get the most accurate account of the existing economic climate in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen encourages interested parties to share with established businesses in the country.

Such a move will enable an investor to get the most articulate outlook of the Brazilian economy. For any company to survive, it requires favorable conditions that encourage consumerism.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the economy of the South American nation has already taken off and savvy entrepreneurs can reap bigtime from the available opportunities.

Omar Boraie, the Hope of New Brunswick’s Development

Few of us get to live our dreams. Do you even remember your most coveted childhood dream? Well, that may be the case with many of us but not with Omar Boraie. He is a visionary leader who has attained most of his goals. New Brunswick can attest to this fact. For forty years, he has managed to unearth the incredible potential of this locality. Of his vast portfolio of investments, his latest state of the art development is in the city of Aspire, a deluxe residential development. The project is a dream-come-true for Omar. For decades now, the idea has been boggling his mind, but it is now a tangible reality.

Currently, Omar Boraie is at the helm of Boraie Development. He is an admirer of development, and he was a bit envious after being exposed to the European countries. Unlike where he hailed, Europe was graced with incredible developments that left him wondering; can’t my homeland be as beautiful? There and then, Omar’s dream was hatched. He was to make New Brunswick the smaller version of Europe. This far, he has managed to set the stone of development rolling, but he has faced a myriad of challenges on his projects. The last one and the most incredible has been criticized and doubts cast against it, but to Boraie, the negative energy was just a stepping stone towards the establishment of his terrific high-rise building. For more details visit Fundacity.

Omar Boraie was a visionary ahead of his time. It all started when he returned from Europe where he had been schooling. He began by purchasing all the dilapidated and collapsing buildings, an insane action as viewed by many. It was not long before the ground-breaking of his first building, Tower One, a commercial building for office space, commenced. Years later, just next to Tower One, Tower Two was constructed. After surveying the properties market, Omar realized a market gap in residential property and plans were made to build a sumptuous building for condominiums. It was the tallest building in the city, a 25-story building with 121 residential units. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Boraie Development is a developer in real estates located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The firm offers a specialty in world-class urban developments. It is among the few property development companies in the US, which can pride in its tremendous achievements in the building and construction industry. It is a leading business in the development of high-quality office buildings and condos not only in New Brunswick but also in Atlantic City and Newark

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