Omar Boraie, the Hope of New Brunswick’s Development

Few of us get to live our dreams. Do you even remember your most coveted childhood dream? Well, that may be the case with many of us but not with Omar Boraie. He is a visionary leader who has attained most of his goals. New Brunswick can attest to this fact. For forty years, he has managed to unearth the incredible potential of this locality. Of his vast portfolio of investments, his latest state of the art development is in the city of Aspire, a deluxe residential development. The project is a dream-come-true for Omar. For decades now, the idea has been boggling his mind, but it is now a tangible reality.

Currently, Omar Boraie is at the helm of Boraie Development. He is an admirer of development, and he was a bit envious after being exposed to the European countries. Unlike where he hailed, Europe was graced with incredible developments that left him wondering; can’t my homeland be as beautiful? There and then, Omar’s dream was hatched. He was to make New Brunswick the smaller version of Europe. This far, he has managed to set the stone of development rolling, but he has faced a myriad of challenges on his projects. The last one and the most incredible has been criticized and doubts cast against it, but to Boraie, the negative energy was just a stepping stone towards the establishment of his terrific high-rise building. For more details visit Fundacity.

Omar Boraie was a visionary ahead of his time. It all started when he returned from Europe where he had been schooling. He began by purchasing all the dilapidated and collapsing buildings, an insane action as viewed by many. It was not long before the ground-breaking of his first building, Tower One, a commercial building for office space, commenced. Years later, just next to Tower One, Tower Two was constructed. After surveying the properties market, Omar realized a market gap in residential property and plans were made to build a sumptuous building for condominiums. It was the tallest building in the city, a 25-story building with 121 residential units. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Boraie Development is a developer in real estates located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The firm offers a specialty in world-class urban developments. It is among the few property development companies in the US, which can pride in its tremendous achievements in the building and construction industry. It is a leading business in the development of high-quality office buildings and condos not only in New Brunswick but also in Atlantic City and Newark

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