Kate Hudson Transitions from Movies to Business with Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the actress turned athletic clothing mogul. She is bringing people clothing that is different from what people have become accustomed to, and this is one of the main reasons why there’s so much to talk about Fabletics. This is the company that Kate Hudson has co-founded, and she has proven herself to be a mighty force in the athletic clothing industry.


This is not anything that people would have realized would happen because Kate Hudson has been known for her movie roles for so long. This has been her bread and butter for the bulk of her career. Now that she is connected to a whole new wave of athletic clothing it is evident that she is doing more than many people may have ever assumed she would be able to do.


Most people may not have known about the business side that Kate Hudson would bring to an e-commerce site like Fabletics, but she has proven herself to be prolific with every aspect of Fabletics. She helps with designing the clothes and modeling the clothes that are part of this brand.


She also has a great amount of interest in bringing more physical stores to consumers. All of these things are spearheaded by Kate Hudson, and it is proof of her ability to excel far beyond/ entertainment background.


When people look at what Kate Hudson is doing they must realize that she is treading a different course than the typical entertainer. Kate Hudson still connects those that are interested in her acting life, but it is much more probable for her to get fans flocking to her social media to see and hear more about the Fabletics brand. This is where the main channel for marketing Fabletics is derived.


There are television commercials, but Kate Hudson did not rely solely on marketing through television. She realizes that millennials are going to do what millennials do. They get their information and their sense of style from social media. Hudson realized early on if she did not have a fanbase through Twitter or Facebook that she would be missing out on Generation Z.


She knows that the millennials of today are going to pay attention to all of the social media buzz around them. That is the main reason that they are interested in this brand that she has created for athletic clothing with the popular Fabletics brand.