Class Dojo Is Building New Levels Of Communication For Students Around The World

Communication is quickly becoming one of the major talks around the educational community and for good reason. Class Dojo is a learning platform that was developed with communication in mind and that is pretty much all it offers. That being said, communication is extremely effective at improving every student’s learning in various different ways. Increased communication allows teachers to create more engaging assignments and activities for students in the classroom, which allows them to better retain information and participate with their classmates. Parents are able to use the app to keep track of their students at any moment during the day, which allows them to stay on top of their child’s learning.

Any issues or problem areas in a students learning can be directly addressed through the Class Dojo app without needing phone calls or parent-teacher conferences which are often hard to time for all parties. This helps parents work with their child to improve their learning and build their confidence, which is important for young kids. It is always hard on students when they feel rejected or left behind in their learning, and Class Dojo is working to change this in schools all around the world today. Since first started up in 2011, Class Dojo has spread to the majority of classrooms in grades K-8 throughout the country and they are spreading to different countries around the globe as well.

The more classrooms Class Dojo can reach, the more connection building the program can do for students around the world. This is because Class Dojo’s app allows students to upload video from the classroom, showing off what students from around the world learn and how their classes operate. This type of communication helps student’s build their own skills in communicating and learn to better collaborate with people from around the world. The similarities between students are what is important, and when students understand this they can better grasp the importance of understanding and kindness between cultures.