Susan McGalla- Moving To High Heights In Corporate World

Workplace diversity brings growth, prosperity, and performance. Statistics have proven that a company that embraces gender-diversity and ethnically have high chances of performing better. The main reason being the company receives new business ideas and perspectives that make them grow. With such statistics, very few S&P 500 businesses have women in the C-level positions.

In the corporate world, many learned women struggle their way to hold high-level positions, but for one woman Susan McGalla she has managed to shines in the corporate world. McGalla was raised in a close-knit family and gives all the credit of her success to her family. Susan grew up sandwiched between two brothers and a dad who was a football coach. She was not given carefree life as a girl she had to work hard and fight for her things and position, and that’s a lesson she carried to her life making her achieve incredible high success holding high corporate positions.

McGalla career at American Eagle Outfitters started with all the executives being men, and she struggled her way out to become the company president. She later joined Wet Seal and held the position of chief executive officer, and on the process, she has given consulting services to a variety of corporations globally.

Susan then formed the P3Executive Consulting her company that deals with consultations on matters of talent management, marketing, operational efficiencies branding, and others. She also works at Pittsburg Steelers as the vice-president of the company creative development and business strategy departments. Susan McGalla is a board member at HFFInc; she was once a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan was raised in East Liverpool Ohio and attended Mount Union College and got her business and marketing bachelor’s degree and started her first journey in the corporate world at Joseph Horner Company. She is also the board of advisors at the same college. She is well known for her views and openness on women empowerment and gives talks on how to get ahead in business and be targeted as professionals. Susan states that having confidence is the necessary key to gaining success.

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