Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform May Spell Mainstream For Cryptocurrency

According to Malcom CasSelle, president of P2P marketplace WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), the gaming world holds the key for cryptocurrency to go mainstream. As the gaming world expands all over the globe, and has been using digital assets for a while, CasSelle may actually be right. All that needs to occur is for a ball, connected to cryptocurrency and gaming, to start rolling. CasSelle believes he has done that with WAX, the first decentralized market that allows gamers a return of investment.

Decentralized markets are unstable. Too many people can fall victim to fraud, and then there is the chance for fragmentation. Centralized markets are stable but restrictive. Gamers who purchase currency/assets from a particular game cannot use them anywhere else. WAX is revolutionizing this industry by using blockchains to make dealing in a decentralized market safe. Players can sell assets/currency that they have acquired to other players. They can also use currency they acquire to buy assets for another game. As this would give gamers a new form of revenue, and gaming in general is such a huge market, use of WAX would inevitably take cryptocurrency mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, and understands the value of cryptocurrency. A graduate of Stanford with a degree in computer sciences CasSelle started his first business in 1995. He served as CTO for this company, NetNoir until 1998 when he became senior vice president for Pacific Century CyberWorks. CasSelle served in a management capacity for Groupon’s JV with Chinese gaming company Tencent.

He became CIO for OPSkins in 2017 and has helped the company become a global seller of digital assets for games. His interest in Bitcoin led OPSkins into becoming the top merchant for Bitcoin in the world. Presently he continues his service as CIO, and is also the president for WAX.