Alex Hern on Tsunami and Becoming an Entrepreneur


Alex Hern is an entrepreneur with a long and storied career; he has founded or co-founded the Inktomi Corporation, Yesmail, Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight, CloudShield and, and was a board member of Zero Knowledge Systems (now Radial Point). His newest venture is Tsunami, which hopes to change business communications with emerging virtual reality technology. Read more about Alex Hern at

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Hern explained that he came up with the idea when he realized that GPUs, rather than CPUs, would soon be dominating the technological sphere. He decided to be the one to make the new applications and platforms for that shift.

He said that he is excited about a lot of upcoming technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and how cloud-based computing can affect graphics-intense applications. Much of his work is spent thinking about these sort of innovations and trying to come up with new ways to use them.

He also had a lot to say when it comes to general advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. He revealed that remaining focused is the most important thing to success, noting that it is “extremely important and surprisingly difficult.” To that end, he said that maintaining a consistent schedule is one habit that everyone should try to achieve.


“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” he added, when asked what advice he would give to his younger self. “Take your time to make the right long-term decisions.”

Other advice included not multitasking (that includes interrupting work to use social media) and not micromanaging every aspect of your business; having reliable workers is a better strategy.

He also noted that he recent gave his young daughter $100 to start her own dog-walking business. “She came to me with a good plan and I believe you have to back those you believe in,” he explained. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Betsy Devos: the new US Education Secretary

In February of 2017, President Donald Trump extinguished a federal policy that allowed students who identified as transgender to use their preferred bathroom while in school. Hours before President Trump announced this decision, Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, reached out to a representative within the Department of Education. ‘


This person, who represented transgender people working within the department, was told that Betsy DeVos had resisted the removal of the federal policy. Ms. DeVos did not make any public sign of her disapproval. Days later, Ms. DeVos spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. At this conference, the Secretary of Education said that the removed bathroom policy was another example of the Obama administration’s overreaching policies.


While the report that DeVos went against the Trump administration with her opinions conflict with what she has said publicly, many Republicans know she is not a meek person. She has a long history of relentlessly fighting for her policies. Both fans and critics of DeVos have agreed that she seems to be underestimated in Washington, and this is a mistake. She has a history of getting her policies enforced.


Born in Michigan in 1958, DeVos attended Calvin College. She graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and economics. She has been active in politics since 1983 when she joined the Michigan Republican Party. In 1986 she was elected as a local precinct delegate, a position she held for 16 consecutive two-year terms.


Ms. DeVos has also been involved in political fundraising. In 2004, she raised more than $150,000 in support of George W. Bush’s campaign for reelection. During President Bush’s tenure, DeVos spent two years on the National Republican Senatorial Committee as the finance chairperson.


In November of 2016, then President-elect Donald Trump announced that he intended to nominate Betsy DeVos for the position of Secretary of Education. This nomination was generally supported by advocates for school choice. DeVos’s confirmation was initially delayed while the Office of Government Ethics reviewed her. After a hearing, the nomination was approved, and the confirmation was allowed to take place.


During her time as Education Secretary, DeVos has made many visits to public schools and has addressed crowds at graduations and other events. She has also been a proponent of expanding the ability of American citizens to choose their own schools.


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New Services at Sussex Healthcare Means More Jobs

Recently, Sussex Healthcare announced they were adding a gym and other new services for their residents. As a cutting-edge company, Sussex is interested in offering the latest and most innovative techniques for improving the lives of their residents. Patients that are working through neurological conditions, as well as those who are undergoing rehabilitation and physical therapy will benefit from the decision making of the leadership at Sussex Healthcare.

Many residents that suffer from neurological conditions, dementia, and any conditions that affect the nervous tissue can benefit from a thorough rehabilitation program. A big part of this is the new gym as well, including the use of bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, free weights, and other machines that offer the ability to work out the abdominals and more. Residents who want to take a soak in the hot tub will also be able to enjoy their relaxation time in a safe and supervised environment while relaxing their muscles. It’s now easier for residents to utilize the ability to get moving without leaving their home.

Sussex Healthcare now has specialized experts to aid in helping the residents use these machines and gain a deeper understanding of how to get into better shape with their current treatment and therapy program. Devices are adjustable and are safe for anyone to use, with safe platforms for their feet and more.

Now that the gym has progressed, treatment plans to engage for neurogenesis are becoming more ideal. This means that exercise can create an environment in which residents can get moving and increase proper blood flow and improve the brain function of the residents. Improving brain function also means that residents can improve focus as well as improve other areas of their lives.

Sussex Healthcare is a top choice for support homes when your loved ones need care that goes beyond the scope of what you can give them at home. There are more jobs available, and there is more space available to those who desire to find a safe place for their loved ones to get the care they need.

Award Winning Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy. Before then, he served as the editor-in-chief for Architectural Records since 1996, where he received a number of awards including a National Magazine Award. Robert Ivy is the first architect to be honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). He received the award on June 2, 2018. The award recognizes the extraordinary body of art of living Mississippi-connected artists. In response to Ivy receiving the award, Carl Elfante, President of AIA states that Robert is a “worthy ambassador of our professions,” and that he is “truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.” MIAL President, Nancy LaForge also praises Robert Ivy, stating that, “as a writer, author and commentator on architecture worldwide, Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” Some of the past honorees include actor Morgan Freeman, writer Eudora Welty, and artist Walter Anderson.


Robert Ivy has also had several other accomplishments. In 1998, after becoming the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, he received the McGraw Hill Award for Management Excellence. In 2009, he received the Crain Award which is the America Business Media’s highest recognition for an individual. Ivy was named a “Master Architect” in March 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architect fraternity, being the only architect selected for the award in the 21st century. He received the Dean’s Medal in 2017 from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. Ivy is also the author of Fay Jones. With his accomplishments, Robert Ivy has expanded the global influence of AIA, being at its highest membership level throughout its 160-year history. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Milan Kordestani Doing Big Things At Young Age

Milan Kordestani has already lived an interesting life. The acclaimed equestrian was born in Stanford, California. His family then experienced a divorce which saw Milan moved to London, England, in 2009. But fate would bring Milan back to Northern California where he would finish high school in 2017.

His first experience with horses was not ideal. He was thrown off his horse but the young rider showed determination by climbing right back on. He wowed his instructors who remarked that most children would be terrified of an animal that treated them so badly. It is this determination to get back up onto the horse that showed how much potential Milan Kordestani had for equestrian sports.

His drive to win saw him competing at high levels rather quickly. He won the first leg of the Triple Crown in 2015 with his trusty horse named His Supreme Reflection. He achieved fourth-place at the World Championship Horse Show before being recognized for third place at the American Royal. He then achieved his highest ranking to date at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division. He took home the prestigious second-place prize.

The young journalist has also founded an organic farm which he calls Milan Farms. The farm is focused on raising chickens organically and humanely. The farm offers the eggs of these chickens as well as saffron grown hydroponically. Milan understands a deep-rooted tradition for growing saffron but also likes to innovate for the future. That’s why he is exploring hydroponic and aquaponic options for the growth of saffron. The company is currently tweaking the salinity level for optimal outcome.

The saffron is grown on microfiber sponges. And Milan believes that consumers will always choose the organic and honest option when it comes to buying products. That’s why he believes in transparency in the farming industry and that’s why he founded Milan Farms.

Milan Kordestani is also a writer for the Huffington Post and is currently enrolled in school in the bay area. He has accomplished so much at such a young age and he continues to innovate.

Investment Tips from Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, where he frequently shares financial information. Mampilly became well known in the financial world as an investor, especially when he made some stock picks that were questioned at first by experts, but later proved to be enormously profitable. For example, he saw the potential of Amazon from the beginning, while many investors were hesitant.

Due to his financial success Paul Mampilly was able to retire from the fast paced, competitive financial environment at the age of 42, and has more recently been known as an advocate for everyday people. His mission is to share the knowledge he has gained over the years to help people invest in ways that make the most of their money. He offers financial advice and tips to more than 100,000 subscribers in his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, and has made numerous television appearance to speak on financial matters.

Recently, Paul Mampilly wrote an article encouraging investors to put money into what he considers to be the technologies that will change the future. First, he believes that the Internet of Things, or IOT, will continue to gain momentum. Smart devices with cameras and sensors will collect and send data to each other and to humans. The communication possibilities promise many changes to the way people carry out tasks in everyday life. Mampilly also discusses sensors which are capable of generating enormous amounts of data in a very short time, which he believes will lead to the development of more efficient devices and machines, which will be safer, less expensive, and easier to maintain. People who invest in companies involved with IoT or sensors are likely to see substantial growth.

Paul Mampilly uses a lot of his personal experiences in the world to identify areas that need improvement. Recently, he discussed the inefficiency of some of the information systems we have in place that most people are forced to endure. Specifically, he discussed the wait and information required at the DMV to renew a driver’s license. Mampilly proposes the use of blockchain security, which would involve a microchip of personal data to speed up the process, and to reduce, or even eliminate identity theft. Potential investors can analyze this advice to make good investment choices.

Yanni Hufnagel Joins Vanderbilt’s Coaching Staff After 4 Winning Seasons at Harvard

After spending 4 winning seasons as part of the Harvard University men’s basketball team coaching staff, Yanni Hufnagel left the Crimson to join the Commodores at Vanderbilt University in 2013. While Yanni Hufnagel was with Harvard’s Crimson, he held the position of recruiting coordinator. In this position, he was also responsible for scouting opponents as well as developing their perimeter players.


While with the Crimson, Harvard University’s men’s basketball team saw 4 seasons with at least 20 wins each. Additionally, the Crimson placed very well during the NCAA tournaments for the last 3 years of Yanni Hufnagel being with the team. He helped lead them to win the Ivy League title in each of these seasons. These Ivy League title seasons took place from 2011 to 2013.


When Yanni Hufnagel joined Vanderbilt, his successful career in coaching continued. In 2014, the Commodores were named as a Rivals and ESPN top 30 recruiting class. Yanni Hufnagel was also invited to help in the preparation of future college basketball leaders that year after becoming part of the Villa 7. The Villa 7 is a conference that is sponsored by Nike and is seen as a prestigious event in college sports.


Upon joining Vanderbilt University as the assistant coach, Coach Stallings expressed excitement about bringing his talent and hard work ethic to the Commodores. Yanni Hufnagel was just as excited and honored to be joining such an accomplished staff with who he considers being one of college basketball’s best coaches. He looked forward to working with the members of the Vanderbilt University team and recruiting more players that would help the Commodores on their road to victory.


Before joining Harvard University, Yanni Hufnagel served as the graduate assistant for the University of Oklahoma’s men’s basketball team. He is a graduate of Cornell University earning an Industrial and Labor Relations bachelor’s of science in 2006.

Southridge Capital Continues To Expand Despite Uncertain Market

Southridge Capital LLC provides a full line of financial products to meet the needs of the client. The company’s goal is to deliver the best products and energize the brand to meet the highest standards.


Southridge Capital was founded in 1996. Since its inception, the company has invested nearly $2 billion in direct company growth. Having worked with over 250 companies, Southridge fully understands what they need to keep growing. The professional management team advises on a variety of issues from corporate strategies to more productive ways to optimize balance sheets.


The Connecticut-based company is proud of the fact that they have revolutionized many financial solutions from clients. If you have debt that is dragging you down, they can help. There is nothing worse than spouses fighting constantly over money. Allow a company that understands you situation help you get out of it. You can visit Bloomberg to see more.


Our services include:


Securitization – Southridge employs “outside the box” solutions such as loans, capital assets and insider shares to monetize the client’s asset base.


Credit Enhancing – A company’s credit worthiness is important. Southridge helps enhance a company’s credit worthiness by eliminating debt and restructuring. They do it with very little market impact.


Financial Solutions – Companies receive a tailored solutions to mee t their long-term needs. Southridge’s Equity Purchasing Agreement (EPA) allows companies to raise capital anytime they want.


The chairman and CEO of Southridge is Stephen Hicks. He recently announced that an Equity Purchasing Agreement was just reached with Data Elite Services. You can visit



Hicks says companies like Data Elite Services are ideal due to their innovative offerings.


“We understand how to customize financial plans for each and every client. We also follow through on that plan without fail,” said Hicks.


For more information about Southridge Capital LLC, visit