Southridge Capital Continues To Expand Despite Uncertain Market

Southridge Capital LLC provides a full line of financial products to meet the needs of the client. The company’s goal is to deliver the best products and energize the brand to meet the highest standards.


Southridge Capital was founded in 1996. Since its inception, the company has invested nearly $2 billion in direct company growth. Having worked with over 250 companies, Southridge fully understands what they need to keep growing. The professional management team advises on a variety of issues from corporate strategies to more productive ways to optimize balance sheets.


The Connecticut-based company is proud of the fact that they have revolutionized many financial solutions from clients. If you have debt that is dragging you down, they can help. There is nothing worse than spouses fighting constantly over money. Allow a company that understands you situation help you get out of it. You can visit Bloomberg to see more.


Our services include:


Securitization – Southridge employs “outside the box” solutions such as loans, capital assets and insider shares to monetize the client’s asset base.


Credit Enhancing – A company’s credit worthiness is important. Southridge helps enhance a company’s credit worthiness by eliminating debt and restructuring. They do it with very little market impact.


Financial Solutions – Companies receive a tailored solutions to mee t their long-term needs. Southridge’s Equity Purchasing Agreement (EPA) allows companies to raise capital anytime they want.


The chairman and CEO of Southridge is Stephen Hicks. He recently announced that an Equity Purchasing Agreement was just reached with Data Elite Services. You can visit



Hicks says companies like Data Elite Services are ideal due to their innovative offerings.


“We understand how to customize financial plans for each and every client. We also follow through on that plan without fail,” said Hicks.


For more information about Southridge Capital LLC, visit