One of the best healthcare services companies in the United States is InnovaCare. It is one of the numerous companies which are in this industry. The company provides services in Puerto Rico, and it is known for the provision of managed healthcare services. This is one of the companies which are changing the healthcare management services all over the country by implementing innovative solutions to medical challenges. InnovaCare provides Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. The company takes into consideration, the needs of every patient and ensures that none of them is denied a chance to get reliable medical services. The role of this company is promoting better service delivery and a cost-effective way.




InnovaCare is a company that wants to see their clients get the best. The plans that they offer are designed to meet the highest quality while at the same considering the availability and affordability to the clients. The management of the company is also determined in promoting transparency in their work. The team will readily provide anything that a client may need an explanation on. They recognize the client as the most important person to them, and they try as much as possible to accord him or her incomparable services. See for more information.




InnovaCare cares about the relationship they have with their clients, and that is why they are leaving nothing to chance in the delivery of services ( They are committed to going all the way in showing the customer that they really care about his or her needs. The role of the company in the medical industry cannot be ignored. This company is changing the industry a step at a time and making it easier for more people to afford medical services unlike it was in the past. InnovaCare has changed Puerto Rico, and the people here are getting good deals just as on the mainland.




The leadership of InnovaCare has played a key role in the growth of the company since the current CEO Rick Shinto joined in 2012, the company has taken another direction in its growth, it has moved from a small company tone of the major players in the region, see Shinto is assisted by CAO Penelope Kokkkinides who joined the company in 2015. Both of them have a rich history in the healthcare industry. They have a combined experience of about 50 years. With this experience, they are about to change the industry for the better going forward.