Get help for your loved ones at Sussex Healthcare

Most people feel that they need to help their parents as they get older. Mom and Dad may wind up moving in with a family member, especially as their health declines. This process happens to everyone and it cannot be avoided. Even the people who work as long-term caregivers find they cannot meet every need. Either the job becomes too stressful or the loved one’s needs progress beyond the point where an individual can take care of them. Sussex Healthcare understands this. The nursing home and assisted living facilities provide excellent longterm care for all of their residents. Read more about Sussex Healthcare at

On-site services can include simple retirement apartments, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes for those that need more supportive levels of care. Sussex Healthcare strives to meet all the needs of its residents, and this includes the social needs. Medical needs are met by having doctors a nurse practitioner or a doctor on staff. When emergencies arise, paramedics from the nearby hospital can make sure that residents get there quickly. Getting a resident to a hospital when more medical care is needed may make the difference between life and death. The staff treats every resident of Sussex Healthcare facilities like a member of their own family.


If you are a child of an aging parent or a family member of anyone who needs supportive care, come see Sussex Healthcare today. Taking a tour of the premises can help family members decide if a particular facility meets their loved one’s needs. Most people do not want to put their mom or dad in a nursing home, but there are times when it is necessary. The staff does their best to make this transition easier, and they will help locate any resources an individual might need. Call ahead and schedule a guided tour today. Visit the website to learn more.