Jeffry Schneider the founder and CEO Ascendant Capital Company

Jeffry SchneiderJeffry Schneider is a prominent businessman who resides in the Austin, Texas City. Over the years he has worked for various companies bringing success and gaining extensive knowledge that enables him to run his company smoothly. He has a bachelor in Arts earned from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Jeffry Schneider is a devoted entrepreneur and the founder of Ascendant Capital investment company. He launched the company in 2008 with the aim of serving many clients with the best financial services in the United States. There are more than 35 employees in Ascendant Capital company with extensive expertise of over a decade hence they serve clients well and ensure they form strong client relations. Jeffry Schneider as the CEO of the company he is devoted to providing that he sets an excellent example to the employees.

Previously, Jeffry Schneider resided in Manhattan where he started his long career in the industry of investments and offering financial services to both broker-dealers, investment advisors, and family services. The company has partnered with other companies including GPB capital holdings to share their resources and meet the set goals and policies. Over the years Jeffry Schneider has earned various skills including capital markets, investment banking, private placements, private equity, hedge funds, financial advisory among others hence understands the financial investment industry and the strategies needed to make it a success.

According to Marie Case, the senior partner of the Praemia Group, Jeffry Schneider is a creative person with lots of enthusiasm for his line of work especially the alternative investment space. He is also devoted to reaching higher goals including making investments outside the realm of various institutional investors. She recommends Jeffry Schneider for the excellent work in his company. Jeffry Schneider gives back to the society by funding multiple charitable organizations to help the needy.