Rodrigo Terpins: The Businessman behind Wheels

When naming all the sporting greats in the Brazilian rally, be sure that the name Rodrigo’s Terpins will inevitably pop up. Rodrigo, is a highly celebrated driver mostly due to his participation in the Prototype T1 competitions. He, alongside his brother, has won worldwide recognition for his skill and talent in the sport.

He also races in the Bull Sertoes Rally. In a recent game, together with his partner, they secured a spot in the top ten of the race by finishing the first leg of the match in just two hours. Considering that it was unexpected of the racer and the level of difficulty, this was indeed a fantastic victory. The pair finally took the eighth position in the whole game and secured the third position in the prototype class. Racers all over the world identify the Sertoes Rally as one of the most challenging races to compete. Here, racers are paired up and have to go through several different terrains in the fastest time possible — the first to finish wins. The drivers have to teamwork and maintain their chemistry to pull through.

His determination and sheer will to remain consistent and be the best is what drives him towards achieving his goals. However, the skillset he owns in sports is passed down the generation from his father, Jack Terpins. Jack Terpins made his mark in the world Brazilian basketball back in the day. He, later on, took an interest in business and became a successful entrepreneur. Rodrigo’s love for sports is one that arose out of exposure since childhood. He took after his father.

Even so, just like his father delved into the world of business, Rodrigo Terpins also took heed and followed suit. His interest in the environment added with the concern on climate change led Rodrigo to start his own company called Floresvale, an environmentally friendly timber company.

Rodrigo associates his success to always staying ahead of the curve and knowing everything that is happening around him. He loves to keep up with the change in consumer trends. He admits that it helps him make better decisions when it comes to his business.