Sheldon Lavin Shares Experiences As An OSI Group Exec

Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, one of the world’s largest meat provider. He is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. and still handles the company’s operations actively. Although his background is on Accounting and Finance, he became a successful businessman in the meat processing industry. In one of his interviews, Lavin shared lessons and insights about his journey with OSI Group.

Being a business owner is what Sheldon Lavin envisioned because of his academic background. However, when Otto Kolschowsky needed help in financing his family business “Otto & Sons”, Lavin’s journey into meat processing started. Otto & Sons became what is known today as OSI Group and Lavin are still involved in the company’s operations. Lavin also revealed that from the start, he envisioned the company to be a world class food processing enterprise.

OSI Group is currently operating in 17 countries with 70 facilities worldwide. The company expanded its product line with vegetable items, sauces, and baked goods. What makes OSI Group different in the company their size, according to Sheldon Lavin, is because OSI is an entrepreneurial company. Instead of ruling as a dictator, what worked with OSI is the way they operate as a family. There are still rules and strategies, levels of responsibility, and budgetary limits. But instead of competition, everyone from every department is helping each other, just like a family.

Sheldon Lavin also revealed how innovation is always in his DNA, but working with OSI Group nurtured it and made it better. It is not only his innovation that improved in OSI. The company also helped him learn how to manage people like a family. He believes that without the loyal and talented folks that the company has, their success will not be possible. Treating employees as a family is one if the secret to OSI’s success. Lavin’s office is always open for his employees. He even let them call him Sheldon or Shelly instead of “Mr. Lavin.”

Right now, OSI is also involved in Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is the company’s way to give back to its community. As OSI continues to have profitable growth, Sheldon Lavin believes that the company will continue to thrive even after his retirement.

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Organo Gold Serves Up Some Ideas For Customizing Your Next Cup Of Coffee

The first wave of coffee was just about getting everyone to drink it and the second wave was about getting it customized. We are now in the third wave of coffee consumption which is all about appreciating coffee and it’s wonderful flavors. British Columbia’s Organo Gold is a brand solidly in this third wave. They have a great lineup of coffees available which are exclusively sold through independent distributors.

Coffee drinkers in the third wave want to know the heritage of their coffee. This includes where it is from, what type of soil the coffee plant is in, the altitude it was grown at, and other factors. Organo Gold says the third wave of coffee is part of the Farm-to-Fork movement. People want transparency in what they eat and drink.

While Organo Gold coffee tastes great as is there are times when you want to mix things up and try out new flavors. Recognizing this fact, Organo Gold released an article about spicing up coffee on International Coffee Day in 2018.

One idea they provided was cinnamon mocha. You need a hot cocoa packet and some sweetening ingredient. Mix in the hot cocoa and sweetener after you’ve brewed the coffee. You then add some milk and either a drop of cinnamon oil or alternatively use cinnamon syrup and just squirt the bottle once or twice. Organo Gold says you can use ground cinnamon but it won’t turn out as well.


Things are looking great for Rebel Wilson with the year starting on a high note for her. The new year ushered in Rebel’s new movie Isn’t It Romantic where she features as the main character. The film is a romantic comedy unlike any other as it does away with the clichés of previous rom-coms.

It takes about love in a real sense rather than giving little girls the idea that love is all about roses and smiles. The film was greatly received by fans who went ahead to congratulate the cast for the fantastic performance. Barely two months after the release of Isn’t It Romantic, word has gone around that Rebel Wilson is working on a new movie called Cats.

What is more exciting is that she will be co-starring with the talented and award-winning singer, Taylor Swift. Rebel’s fans are excited about the duo and are eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere.

Rebel Wilson is not left behind as she also could not contain her joy when she learnt that she would be working with Taylor. She shared the good news on Instagram and even posted a picture of cast members saying that they were the best. Rebel Wilson refers to Taylor as an amazing actress with a unique vibe which she brings on set.

Rebel thinks that of all cat characters Taylor Swifts’ is the sexiest. Taylor Swift has an incredible personality as she surprised her co-stars with sweet gifts from her tour. They posted the gifts on social media thanking Taylor for the sweet gesture. Rebel Wilson recently celebrated her birthday with friends and shared her day on Instagram. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She took a cake making class, ate some pizza and even went for a workout session at the end of the day. This was the highlight of the day as Rebel and her friends were dressed in beautiful cat costumes during the exercise. Rebel has come a long way in her career. She started out acting in theatre and even wrote and produced a few pieces that propelled her to the public’s attention. Rebel Wilson is crazily talented, and many producers try to get her on their films.

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OSI Food Solutions- One Unique History

OSI Food Solutions stated as Otto’s Meat Market in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. The company then changed its name to Otto and Sons in 1928 and then finally to OSI Food Solutions when the company went international. OSI is now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and loves to help with local charities in the area, including the Ronald Mcdonald House. Because OSI strives for excellence for food safety, they have grown internationally since the world wants what the company has to offer. To give a sense of how big the company is now, they operate in 65 facilities in 17 countries including Australia, China, India and the Philippines. In addition to expanding the main company, OSI has also made big name acquisitions such as Baho Food, a former Tyson Chicken plant, and Flagship Europe. Also, the company has a joint venture in the Phillipines called GenOSI solutions.

What makes OSI Food Solutions different from its competitors is that they focus on what the client wants. They are one of the few food manufacturers that make products specifically for the client who they see as ‘valued business partners.’ When its competitors only offered a specific catalogue, OSI took advantage of this and decided to just work with each client on a one on one basis according to their needs. The company also offers food solutions for any type of meal and diet. Some of the different types of processing that the company does is for poultry, pork, heat and serve sous vide, and vegetarian. Since OSI offers custom orders, one can order for example a hot dog in beef and pork, or even a veggie one. Because of this, OSI Food Solutions works with all types of restaurants, including high end celebrity chefs. Many have used the company to create some of the most famous menu items of the world. One of their first high end clients was McDonald’s after Ray Kroc used them as his first supplier of meat. With a history like that and a commitment to the clients, OSI Food Solutions has nowhere to go but up.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Views on Fashion Industry

L’Oreal is one of the most efficient global brands. Thanks to professionals such as Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the company continues to make major moves in fashion and beauty markets. Bethelmy-Rada is also one of the youngest brand managers in the beauty industry. The responsibility the company has bestowed on him makes him a results-oriented professional. According to him, the last two decades have been a period of learning, and more importantly, on-the-job learning. When he was working from Paris, he points out that adjustments were the order of the day, but he is happy L’Oreal gave him the chance to work in their European market.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada leadership style is one of the reasons he has been able to achieve so much at his age. According to him, every working day is a chance to learn a new concept. Bethelmy-Rada has carried this tradition throughout his professional career. He values opinions from his team members as well as expert opinions from his juniors. His time management is also an essential aspect of his management style. Although as a brand manager requires him to travel, he utilizes his time well during the official travels. Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that spending time on the key things is an important decision in the world of productivity.

In addition to having one of the best approaches to time management and productivity, Dan Bethelmy-Rada still believes that formal education is important. He points out that having a background in education helps one to make rational decisions based on empirical evidence. He is well educated, through some of the best education systems in the world. For example, Bethelmy-Rada is an MBA holder from ESSEC, and this qualification has assisted him in viewing every financial decision from a business perspective. His educational background has also enabled him to have a better understanding of product business. Bethelmy-Rada’s educational background has also helped him to explore ways of capitalizing on emerging trends without losing brand authenticity.

Since his work is demanding, Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that finding a hobby is important. He is a talented photographer, and Bethelmy-Rada uses photography as a way to relax and more importantly, as a means to be inspired.