How Richard Liu Qiangdong Became The Richest Man In China

Over the past decade or so, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been on his way to becoming the wealthiest man in China. This was chiefly because of the growth of his e-commerce platform, which has become the single largest online retailer in the country. Throughout this time, the company has grown to have 100 million monthly users, selling hundreds of millions of products every year. has grown to be so big that Forbes recently estimated that it was worth $12 billion, although its worth has continued to grow since then. However, every business has its beginnings, and for Richard Liu these beginnings were relatively humble.

Qiangdong managed to earn his way through the People’s University of China, graduating with a degree in Sociology. However, soon realizing he wouldn’t be able to make a significant living with the position, Richard Liu Qiangdong changed direction and began studying Computer Science. With this, he was able to begin a career as a freelance computer coder, which led him to a position with Japan Life, one of the largest natural supplement providers in the area. Richard Liu was able to quickly climb the ladder at the company and steadily grew to be the company’s Director of Computers, which was quite a feat at a young age. However, Qiangdong had long desired to start his own business; once he was financially able to, he took the risk and established a small store named Jiangdong.

While Jiangdong only sold a limited range of products, it quickly became known for Richard Liu Qiangdong’s customer service skills. This prompted the business to grow steadily, eventually expanding to include over a dozen more stores across Beijing city. However, this growth was halted when a SARS outbreak in China made contact with customers difficult. Because of this, Richard Liu was forced to move more and more of his business online, and eventually closed each of the stores. Despite this, the business continued to grow, which attracted the attention of more product developers. With that, partnerships soon began to be formed, with Qiangdong rebranding the website as and an increasing amount of goods being added to the e-commerce platform almost daily.

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Jeremy Goldstein And Charitable Vino

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent attorney in the state of New York. Jeremy Goldstein is one such individual that understands the importance of looking out for everyone within the community. As such, Jeremy Goldstein, a great lawyer, has looked into the idea of helping those who suffer from mental instability by offering a dinner that would have proceeds go to the fountain house.


Learning of Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein will focus on whatever he does because he realized this is how one gets the best results and minimizes mental issues as well. Since you are no longer trying to cram tasks or key aspects in your communication into a time when you are working on a task, you no longer have to mentally run back and forth and divide your attention between your communication and tangible end product.


Having a dedicated time to respond to your emails and calls also helps in terms of efficiency. Since you are able to concentrate solely on these tasks, it helps you execute them in time.


The idea is to set up a system where one is able to benefit from all aspects with streamlined effort.


Jeremy Goldstein has learned about the usefulness of this system and set of activities over the course of his career. Focus is what matters, focus coupled with systems that are directed at higher purposes. This will go a long way in life and in your career as well, it will add significant value and be of great importance.


Have a Prioritized To-do List


Another action that helps you focus more at work is to have a to-do list for each working day.


But this to-do list doesn’t just have to comprise of multiple items that you need to take care of on a daily basis. It has to list them in an order of priority.


It’s because doing so helps you get to the items in terms of their urgency. This ensures that you are not just working for the sake of working. It allows you to actually perform work that would make a difference in your overall goals for the day, week and subsequent month.


Another tip that helps in terms of to-do lists is to make sure that you are connecting tasks that are associated with each other.


For instance, if you have to go to a lengthy meeting and also have to install updates on your work computer, you could simply schedule the updates at the same hour as your meeting. This way, your computer could get up to date while you attend the meeting – knocking two items off of your list at the same time.


By now, you should be a stone cold professional.


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Posted in Law AS A GLOBAL MARKETING PLATFORM is the largest online Chinese retailer and also the country’s largest company on the internet in terms of the revenue it generates. has an annual customer base of over 300 million of which all are active, over 550 warehouses, with over 80% of its total orders placed over the mobile phone. net revenue in the year 2018 was at US$67.2 billion. sets a high standard by being committed to authenticity, quality, and having a diverse range of products from cosmetics, electronics to fresh food. Its delivery of goods to consumers on the same day or the next one is unmatched by any other company worldwide. offers all sizes of businesses, a more natural way to procure the supplies they need. improves the efficiency of procurement by 50% and alternatively brings down the cost by 15%. helps over seven million business clients in procurement. Unlike past procurement where everything was covered and required one to have a relationship with the provider of the goods, offers a platform where businesses can access different ranges of goods in a clear manner. works with big companies whose number is over 5,000. also works with more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in China. They include Volvo, Siemens, Bosch, and Southwest Cement. also partners with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri, companies that deal with horticultural crops from New Zealand, to bring kiwifruits to the Chinese market. The partnership with is a significant success with sales to over 300 million consumers with an 80% growth of New Zealand’s food sales on platform.

For imported wine lovers, offers a variety of Hungarian wines due to the partnership between Grand Tokaj of Hungary and The partnership marks Grand Tokaj first entry into the Chinese market. The wines were well received with sales of 1000 bottles of the wine within 10 hours of the brand launch in China.

With a 99% nationwide coverage of Chinas total population and the quality services with partnerships, bridges the gap existing between global brands and the Chinese market.’s: Twitter.

Donata Meirelles Leading the Search for AIDS Cure

Donata Meirelles, with over 30 years of experience, is an influential character in the Brazilian fashion industry. At one point, she was the style editor of Vogue Brazil and is the founder of the Women in the World Foundation. The foundation supports several NGOs, including amfAR, Gerando Falcoes, and the Brazil Foundation. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Meirelles has immensely contributed to the AIDS research community by being part of fundraisers over the years. She is a major player in the activities of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), an organization that supports AIDS research, treatment education, HIV prevention, and the worldwide advocacy of AIDS-related public policy. AmfAR has issued over 3,300 grants to research teams worldwide and also invested more than $400 million in research targeting treatment for HIV and AIDS illness.

The iconic Brazillian fashionista has supported amfAR events including amfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS. The gala’s main goal is to raise money by selling a limited amount of exclusive tickets alongside auctioning unique memorabilia. Recently, the gala raised around $20 million.

AmfAR’s main goal is aiding in the find for a cure for AIDS through funding researches. In February 2014, the organization started the Countdown to a Cure for AIDS as a way of accelerating the process. AmfAR has an ambitious goal of helping researchers develop a cure by 2020. In 2015, amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research was established at the University of California, San Francisco. The Institute is the main facility that is to achieve the Countdown to a Cure goal.

Due to her contributions, Donata was presented with the Humanitarian Award in 2014 for her advocacy work related to people living with HIV and AIDS. Donata Meirelles hopes her support of amfAR pays off, and a cure is for AIDS is found by 2020. There have been some breakthrough findings recently, which has made 2020 even more realistic.

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Isabel dos Santos on How African Women can be empowered to Utilize Technology in Advancing their Careers

According to Forbes Magazine, Isabel Dos Santos is the wealthiest woman in Africa. She has vast experience in business and is devoted to ensuring that women land male-dominated job positions at work. Isabel created her wealth from various industries such as energy, finance, retail, as well as media. She is currently worth about $2 billion. Dos Santos admits that she has previously faced tremendous challenges while serving in these industries. She knows how valuable it is to empower women to join these sectors and compete with men. Visit Isabel Dos Santos at

The experienced business leader also understands that by empowering women, she will have reached out to the whole continent. As such, the successful entrepreneur implores other successful women from Africa to empower the younger generations. Isabel dos Santos notes that Africa has potential entrepreneurs whose success is pegged on technology and its impact on their careers. As such, he holds that individuals like her should support the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit. Stigmatization is also a major impending issue preventing such people from succeeding in their careers. Isabel insists that women should be given a chance to work in male-dominated industries. She, therefore, advocates for their education. She is also keen on making sure that they receive executive employment opportunities.

To ensure that she’s imparted knowledge on emerging female business professionals, Isabel dos Santos spearheads group mentoring sessions in various universities and higher learning institutions. She also engages in expert-led debates based on the same topic. Dos Santos understands the value of using technology to increase employment opportunities. As such, she implores women to incorporate tech-based platforms in their daily routine. Isabel dos Santos also reiterates the need for applying strategic hesitance as well as patience at work. She says that it’s essential to focus on education and build one’s career.

Isabel dos Santos is the head cheerleader of Unitel, a mobile phone firm that was founded in 2001. Helios and Sonangol also own the organization. Under her leadership, Unitel has managed to offer excellent services to its clients. Besides, the company has employed more than 1,500 employees.


The Future Looks Bright with Agera Energy

Renewable energy has been at the forefront of every aspect of business for over a decade. When a company decides to do better for the environment they should look no further than Agera Energy. Agera Energy is one of the leading renewable energy cooperations within America for businesses, they specialize in using renewable energy by developing an individual plan to suit every need that a company might have. Follow Agera Energy on

Agera Energy works to set up a business with renewable energy then they stick with that business using a personalized consultant to make sure that all of a business’s needs are being maintained. Having a one on one relationship with Agera Energy is not only good for the environment it is also cost-effective. Saving a business hundreds even thousands of dollars each month on utility bills will in return make higher profits for business.


Certification is Proof

Certification from The Business Council of Westchester as a Certified Westchester Green Business proves that Agera Energy is doing something right. Agera Energy was one of the first organizations in Westchester County to achieve this certification and continues to work with the council to help other businesses within the area to reduce their environmental impact. Not only does Agera Energy want to promote renewable energy, they also want to make the future better for all of us. Read more about Agera Energy at

EOS Lip Balm Review- The Evolution of Lip Balm

In the quest for healthy lips there is one leader of the pack when it comes to products purporting to be safe, 100% natural, and good for your lips: I’m speaking of course of lip balm, the ubiquitous item found everywhere from ladies’ handbags to that tiny pocket on men’s jeans. Not all lip balms are created equal, however, and though many are high-quality products boasting healthy ingredients, few of these are also made with all-natural ingredients; this is where EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm comes in.

EOS lip balm has made its mark as one of the most popular lip balms on the market due in part to its presence at point-of-sale displays in supermarkets as well as it’s eye-catching and unique form factor.

Readers are undoubtedly familiar with the now-iconic shape in which EOS lip balm is presented: its spherical design and matte texture conveys the quality of the all natural ingredients within, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and olive oil, to name a few (but certainly not all).

It’s reasons such as these which have made EOS one of, if not the, best lip balms available on the market today.

What You Can Learn From Twitter and Shervin Pishevar

Was Shervin Pishevar picking on the technology giants during his last Twitter rampage? He may have just been pointing out the facts, but when Shervin Pishevar tweets, people tend to listen because he has made many wise gambles before. He currently invests his seed money in outer space programs, but in the past, he backed Airbnb, the house-sharing company, and Warbly Parker, a business that revolutionized eyewear. Was he calling out the big players and challenging them, or was it just a casual comment? You be the judge.

He tweeted about their business practices that might actually be their demise. Large companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have the financial means to buy out any smaller company or innovation that they feel poses a threat to them. This method certainly keeps them in charge, but it also takes away any competition. How will progress be made if new things are never allowed to enter the market place? This buying power hurts the stock market too. As mentioned, Pishevar made money by buying new and young businesses, but if these new businesses never even get to hit the stock market because they are all bought out, what will investors invest their money in? Are we reading too much in Shervin Pishevar tweets, or should we be taking a seasoned investor’s warnings and take action?

One tweet that covered these major technology players’ behaviors likened them to monopolies. Many years ago in the United States, one phone company ran all the lines in America. The federal government had to step in and break it apart. Shervin Pishevar gives us the impression that several of these companies are doing the same thing, but who is going to step in a break them up?

Shervin Pishevar uses Twitter effectively to bring up topics that most people might just prefer to ignore. He is not afraid to think aloud, which makes us all stop and think. We have to ask ourselves; in a few years, will we all wish we had heeded his Twitter warnings as he blasts off into space and builds more innovation up there?

How Bennett Graebner Found The Bachelor Winter Games’ Stars

Casting a reality television show can be a lot harder than many people might think, even if you’ve got a significant amount of experience doing so. With almost two decades of producing these kinds of shows, Bennett Graebner has more experience putting together a reality dating show than the majority of other people in the industry. When Bennett Graebner produced The Bachelor Winter Games, however, it was somewhat more difficult than you would expect. This is especially more surprising when you consider that the franchise has aired in over 37 countries since starting in 2002; since then, it’s gone on to have a variety of different spinoffs.

The Winter Games was something that Bennett Graebner designed to have as many different nationalities in it as possible. However, only 11 have been represented for the first season of the show. That isn’t because of a lack of interest, though. While Graebner would have loved to have many more nationalities showcased on the show, there were a number of issues that would have prevented this from happening. The majority of these difficulties ended up being caused by Visa issues, and a few related problems. For example, Bennett noted that he had a number of applicants that would have been perfect for the show from Germany (ENews).

Despite this, there were several issues with the German government that prevented The Bachelor Winter Games from being able to use these applicants. There were also a number of such issues in Thailand, which significantly reduced the representation from that country. Casting for this particular spinoff of the show also proved to be somewhat difficult, as they were casting from many of the previous editions of the show limiting Bennett Graebner and his crew somewhat to adapt the show there. 

While this wasn’t much of an issue when it came to the American version of the show, it did pose some unique problems when it came to foreign versions, as there were a very limited amount of bachelors and bachelorettes. For example, many were now getting older and were either married with kids or in serious relationships, which ruled them out of the show. Furthermore, many of them were considered much older than Bennett Graebner’s ideal bachelor contestant.

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From Behind the Scenes Desiree Perez Helps Create Stars Of Entertainment

Desiree Perez

Everyone recognizes the famous stars of the entertainment world, and yet it is the people behind the scenes who help make their careers possible. Desiree Perez, chief operating officer for Roc Nation, is one of the most successful agents who manages artists’ careers.

One of Perez’ most famous clients is Jaz-Z who has worked with Perez for over twenty years. Perez not only helped him in his career as an entertainer, she also helped Jay-Z become a success in business. He recently hosted a dinner in New York City to celebrate and thank those who have helped make his career possible. Desiree Perez was among those whom Jay-Z honored.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez helps manage tour campaigns, negotiating contracts with different venues and marketing the tours so that as many tickets as possible are sold. She also markets upcoming albums, getting the best deal for artists who can often be taken advantage of by recording companies.

The artists whom Perez helps further their careers are constantly in the public eye, just where she works to put them. Perez herself prefers to stay behind the scenes and gets her satisfaction from seeing the artists she guides and supports reach ever higher career goals.