Dan Bethelmy-Rada Worked Hard To Ensure The Launch Of R.A.W. Would Be A Thriving Success

Dan Bethelmy-Rada created R.A.W. when he realized consumers across the globe were interested in natural hair products. These products must minimally impact the environment and be 100 sustainable and natural. L’Oreal has backed the committed approach of R.A.W. by Matrix due to the exceptional environmental credentials. The formulas consist of effective, natural and biodegradable ingredients with no parabens, sulfates or silicone. The products are all created using traceable, fair and sustainable sources.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has minimized the resources necessary by considering the life cycle. The ingredients are derived from minerals, plants, fungi, honey, and seaweed. The bottles are manufactured using 100 percent recycled plastic. Seventy percent of the products contain a minimum of seventy percent natural ingredients and the majority are 98 percent biodegradable. Dan Bethelmy-Rada faced the challenges and ensured naturalness was not compromised. This involved making certain compliance was achieved regarding formulation, production, and packaging.

The products met the standards of L’Oreal. Dan Bethelmy-Rada made certain the consumers and salons understood the philosophy of R.A.W. The consumers want the tools necessary to arrive at their own conclusions as opposed to a lecture on sustainability. This concept led to a program to help professionals be more conscious of the environment for their salons. More than 700 salons in the United States were taught how to conserve power and water and be more sustainable. A digital campaign provided information about sustainable living through a video series.

Just a few months after the videos had launched, Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated he was thrilled with the results. He felt they were a direct reflection of the effort used for the campaign. The reviews were ninety percent positive and the feedback online was very encouraging. In addition to this enthusiasm, the quality of the products was acknowledged by the consumers. Once the shampoo was used by the consumers, they said their hair felt wonderfully different. At this point, they were unable to remember what their hair originally felt like.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s is now pursuing the global launch of R.A.W. The products are being released for the European market just a few months after their debut in the United States.