Isabel dos Santos´Career

Isabel dos Santos is known as the wealthiest woman of African descent. She is a wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. Indeed, Isabel is on a very short list of billionaire women of African lineage. But, she has worked hard to be a billionaire at 45 years of age.

And over the years Isabel has worked with a very diverse group of individuals in many different business milieux. Whether it is a group of key stakeholders that Isabel dos Santos works directly with in the business world or its with the nation of Angola, she has built a large amount of wealth over the years.

Isabel may have been born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but she understands the emerging role of women in the business world. She has spoken to many colleges about her successes and provided advice to students at prestigious, Yale University. Isabel’s father, the former President of Angola who ruled from 1979 to 2017, has helped open a lot of doors for her. Indeed, José Eduardo dos Santos met Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova in the Soviet-controlled, Russia in the early 1970s (AliveNewspaper).

The fact that Isabel had a mother who was not originally from Africa, but from Russia is something that Isabel could take pride in knowing. To have a mother who was under Communist rule in Russia, to a world that has mostly abandoned communism and embraced a free market system.

Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire. She has been involved in business sectors like energy, telecommunications, banking, energy, finance and also diamonds.

Concerning Isabel’s educational resume, she attended Cobham Hall in the United Kingdom. Cobham Hall was an all-girls school. After finishing up at Cobham, Isabel went on to attend King’s College, a well-known university in London. Isabel met her future husband, Sindika Dokolo at King’s College.

In 2002, Sindika Dokolo and Isabel dos Santos were married. They have three children together. Concerning Isabel’s husband, Sindika Dokolo, his city of birth is Kinshasa, Zaire. Dokolo is the owner of one of the most important art collections concerning African contemporary art. Additionally, Dokolo’s collection is noted to include 3 thousand pieces.

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