How Bennett Graebner Found The Bachelor Winter Games’ Stars

Casting a reality television show can be a lot harder than many people might think, even if you’ve got a significant amount of experience doing so. With almost two decades of producing these kinds of shows, Bennett Graebner has more experience putting together a reality dating show than the majority of other people in the industry. When Bennett Graebner produced The Bachelor Winter Games, however, it was somewhat more difficult than you would expect. This is especially more surprising when you consider that the franchise has aired in over 37 countries since starting in 2002; since then, it’s gone on to have a variety of different spinoffs.

The Winter Games was something that Bennett Graebner designed to have as many different nationalities in it as possible. However, only 11 have been represented for the first season of the show. That isn’t because of a lack of interest, though. While Graebner would have loved to have many more nationalities showcased on the show, there were a number of issues that would have prevented this from happening. The majority of these difficulties ended up being caused by Visa issues, and a few related problems. For example, Bennett noted that he had a number of applicants that would have been perfect for the show from Germany (ENews).

Despite this, there were several issues with the German government that prevented The Bachelor Winter Games from being able to use these applicants. There were also a number of such issues in Thailand, which significantly reduced the representation from that country. Casting for this particular spinoff of the show also proved to be somewhat difficult, as they were casting from many of the previous editions of the show limiting Bennett Graebner and his crew somewhat to adapt the show there. 

While this wasn’t much of an issue when it came to the American version of the show, it did pose some unique problems when it came to foreign versions, as there were a very limited amount of bachelors and bachelorettes. For example, many were now getting older and were either married with kids or in serious relationships, which ruled them out of the show. Furthermore, many of them were considered much older than Bennett Graebner’s ideal bachelor contestant.

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