The Major Contributions of DonataMeirelles to the HIV and AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is a renowned fashion consultant and socialite in the fashion industry. She is known for her philanthropic efforts to the industry. She is the former style director of Vogue Brazil. She has been an advocate and supporter of AIDS education and research for a long time. She has attended annual events and engages her online followers for the same cause. The aim was to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. She has a broad audience of around 463,000 followers who have contributed to increased awareness and funding.

Eight years ago, Donata Meirelles was introduced by a friend to AmfAR. Since then, she has been moved by the relentless pursuit and cause of the cure for AIDS at the organization. The American Foundation for AIDS research organization was founded in 1983. It was initially meant to reduce the stigma linked to HIV and AIDS diagnoses as well as enhance funding for its mission.

The global nonprofit organization is committed to supporting treatment education, AIDS research, and HIV prevention. In addition, it is dedicated to advocacy for public policies related to AIDS all around the world. Currently, the organization is aimed at ensuring upcoming innovative research as well as development in organizations. The main activity is offering fellowships and grants. It has provided above 3,300 grants to research institutions globally.

The foundation is also involved in the investment of over $400 million in various research ventures. The common target is effective to cure of AIDS and related opportunistic illnesses. Fortunately, the organization has recorded unmatched success in boosting prevention and treatment aspects.

DonataMeirelles is an active supporter of AmfAR’s initiatives and charity events. The goal of these funding events is to find out a scientific cure for AIDS. She hopes that the goal of coming up with a treatment for AIDS by 2020 will be accomplished.

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Carsten Thiel Getting On-board With EUSA Pharma

EUSA Pharma, rare disease and oncology biopharma firm, recently decided to add members to their senior leadership team by adding Carsten Thiel as the President of the Europe Division.

The decision came as the company has spent the past couple of years building a business that has been strong enough that they feel its the time to expand their commercialization throughout Europe. Additionally, they hired Dr. Darrel P. Cohen as the Head of Clinical Development at the same time, meaning that he’ll be overseeing projects and research on potential new products years before they even launch.

At EUSA Pharma, Dr. Carsten Thiel has a unique role. Expanding a company through commercial ventures isn’t the easiest job to take, but he was chosen based on his past. All together, Thiel has been working in the commercial business for 27 years, working at different companies such as Alexion, where he helped lead to expanding their business in their EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Australasia regions of the world.

Additionally, he worked at Amgen where he first leads the European oncology franchise of the company, later moving on to becoming the Head of Europe. The final role he took before moving on to EUSA Pharma was when he lead Abeona Therapeutics, a gene therapy specialist company, as its CEO. In the statement Thiel gave when joining EUSA Pharma, he stated that one of the reasons he decided to join the company was his ability to view the large portfolio EUSA Pharma has managed to build in the short time they have been active as a business.

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Maarten de Jeu: Global Market Pitfalls To Avoid

Market research is important.


It’s also something business advisor Maarten de Jeu emphasizes.


Since launching his company – SVM Business Advisor – de Jeu has established himself as a leading figure in internal business, financial services, and commercial real estate. He has proven his deep knowledge of the global financial sector.


Fortune 100 companies seek him out. Technology start-ups and Ultra High Net Worth individuals reach out to him. 


Swift decision making and effective team building have given him recognition among top businesses. 


Since his days at the University of Oxford, Maarten de Jeu has striven to be number one.


Going Global


According to US Trade statistics from 2006, 95% of the world’s consumers and 70% of the purchasing power resides outside the US. In 2018, global web sales alone made nearly $3 trillion.


Seeing this has led countless businesses to expand globally. They rush out into traffic – the tantalizing call of new customers being too much to ignore.


Only when looking up from the stretcher do they realize their mistake. 


Like looking both ways before crossing the street, it’s important for businesses to do their research before deciding to go global according to Maarten de Jeu. The global market is full of pitfalls for new businesses. Learn more:


Effective Expansion


The first thing a business should do is check if the market actually needs their product in the first place.


Despite being in demand locally, there is no guarantee that the market at large also wants your product. Consumers may have access to similar products at a cheaper price. Local businesses that sell similar products could offer more value to customers.


Customers may not even want what you’re selling in the first place.

And if they do? Local laws and regulations may end up negatively impacting you. Not just your finances but your reputation too. Maarten de Jeu believes companies should hire local business experts and legal counsel first. Tax, employment, and immigration laws need to be understood before moving forward.


Your entire business strategy will need to be adapted to fit the new landscape. The things that work for you now will need to change. 


What shouldn’t change, however, is your product. 


Your reputation hinges on being able to provide the same level of quality to foreign markets. Provide worse service than what you’re known for and you’ll regret it. 


Maarten de Jeu’s final word of advice is to check your finances. 


Don’t turn a blind eye to risks; Seek out an unbiased professional for advice before you go all in.

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Jeremy Goldstein Has A Sparkling Track Record Because He Puts In The Hard Work And Cares

Working the law industry is not easy. You have to earn a law degree, work really hard, and try to make real results happen. The more you win cases, the more clients will come to you for help. One lawyer has a sparkling track record and has worked on some of the biggest acquisitions in the past decade. He started up his own law firm to better help client navigate these issues they are dealing with.


Jeremy Goldstein is a leading executive compensation lawyer in New York City. He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. in June 2014. The law firm has reached a impressive level of success, including the lawyers who work there. Before opening his private law firm, Mr. Goldstein worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & katz for over four decades. This garnered him a lot of experience, knowledge, and success. Jeremy makes his income from working on a variety of tasks. This includes working with big companies, giving legal consulting services to CEOs and execs, and so much more. By working on a variety of tasks, Jeremy can continue growing his law firm into the future.


The accomplished attorney attended Cornell University and the University of Chicago to obtain a Bachelor and Master’s degree in art history. From there, Jeremy Goldstein worked to get his law degree from the New York University School of Law. Time has proven to be Mr. Goldstein’s friend. He has accomplished so much in his 20 plus years in the industry. Some of his biggest clients include The Dow Chemical Company, Chevron Texaco Corporation, South African Breweries PLC, and many more. By helping these major corporations, the attorney earned nationwide recognition. He continues to impressive clients with his dedication, diligence, bedside manner, and attention to detail.


Jeremy’s interest to enter the law field in the first place came wanting to create innovation and change in the industry. He created a more informal way to deal with clients. This way, they would feel more comfortable, at ease, and trusting of Mr. Goldstein. He regularly attends social engagements where he is able to get to know his clients on a deeper level. Most professionals in the field are very cut and dry about helping their clients. Jeremy brings a level of care that is rare in the law industry.


Mr. Goldstein is very selective with choosing his clients, which directly affects his law firm and career. He is very dedicated about having a positive public persona. His reputation is very important to him. One of the best things Jeremy has done is his career is charity. He gets the most joy out of it. In January 2008, Mr. Goldstein joined Fountain House as their director.


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U.S. Money Reserves Stand on the Elimination of the Penny Talks

After the U.K parliament threw out the proposal of eliminating one-penny and two-pence coins from their monetary system, talks have erupted in the U.S. as to whether the penny is still relevant or not.

The U.K. government retained the coins because it wanted to give consumers a greater freedom on how they use their money. The discussions on the relevance of the penny are underway and U.S. Money Reserve president was featured on TV talking sharing his take on the topic.

The penny is many centuries old and it started to feature former heads of state in 1909 when Abraham Lincoln was featured on the palm of the coin. Apparently, the coin is not only used to hold a market value, but also to honor fallen heroes and esteemed heads of states.

The problems with the penny started when its materials started being scarce during World War I and II. To mitigate the challenge, the composition of the coin has changed over time depending on the available materials. While it was primarily made up of steel, it is now primarily made up of zinc and a very small percentage of copper.

Owing to the scarcity of Zinc, the cost of making the penny surpasses its worth. Philip N. Diehl noted that during his interview.

The material is imported from China and apart from importation costs being high, the many moving parts in regards to political tensions that is threatening the good relations between China and the US are likely to make the cost of making the penny skyrocket even higher. Read more: US Money Reserve | Indeed and US Money Reserve President Discusses Elimination of Benny

Additionally, mining practices at the source of the material have raised environmental concerns. These considerations are beyond mere monetary considerations with Philip N. Diehl, former director of U.S. Mint, advocating for the removal of the penny from circulation.

The pennies are also increasingly losing its relevance as its usage declines. In the recent years, Americans would rather not throw the coins away than keeping them like the rest of the money. Additionally, statistics have revealed that 80% of the American population are comfortable with eliminating the penny from circulation.

With Philip N. Diehl and majority of the American population supporting the idea of eliminating the penny from the monetary system, organizations such as Americans for Common Cents are opposing it.

They are claiming that economic concerns, charitable usage, as well as alternate polls reasons are enough to retain the coin in the system. However, Philip N. Diehl believes that anyone who is opposing the move has some hidden personal interests to defend.

U.S. Money Reserve has built a solid reputation over the last decade serving more than 100,000 clients helping them to build their portfolios. It is the only distributor of government-issued coins that is recognized countrywide. It provides highest level of service, and exceptional gold coins on the market to clients.

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Greg Blatt’s Business Growth

Greg Blatt is a successful businessman who has gained the respect of many people for his practices in business. Blatt attended Colgate University to get his Bachelor degree in English. He later went to Columbia Law School where he became a Doctor of Law. After he finished his first degree, he took on small jobs while he tried to find what it was that he wanted to do. Greg Blatt decided to attend law school, but he didn’t have a clear plan. After completing his schooling, he started working in law firms. He soon realized that he was not passionate about working in corporate law and finance. He was offered a job with Match Group.


Blatt is well-known for the work that he accomplished while working for Match Group. People have known him for the work that he does concerning online dating. After Match Group he worked for Tinder and IAC. Actually, Greg was Tinder´s CEO and Match Group allowed him the space to learn and grow, which eventually led to him being promoted to the Chief Executive Officer. After witnessing the success Match Group obtained under his leadership, other companies became interested in Blatt’s work. 


Thriving in business is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. Greg Blatt makes sure that he makes time to do the work that is necessary for him to experience success. Setting a goal and being intentional with reaching the goal has allowed him success in business. He makes sure that he is focused and as productive as he can be. Blatt is also attentive to whatever is facing him at the time. He has found that avoiding obstacles will not lead him to the success of any kind. His law degree has given him the knowledge that he needs to maintain the legal side of the business. 


Many people believe that the number of meetings that they have determined their success. Greg Blatt succeeds off of free time. He uses the extra time that he has to do things that will matter and grow his businesses. Wasting time won’t lead to success in business or life in general. 


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Isabel dos Santos and the Unity of Africa

Isabel dos Santos was able to inspire and motivate thousands of people during a United Nations debate that was held in New York. People know her for being the wealthiest woman in Africa and for being a woman who is compassionate, dedicated, and hard working (Dailyfoxreport).


 She was able to share her story and her experience being the daughter of the previous President of Angola as well as the economic development and empowerment of the society of Africa particularly women. According to her, women have the power to transform society because of their abilities, beliefs, leadership, and talents. The goal of Isabel dos Santos is to become a source of inspiration among the youth and women in Africa. She encourages them to speak and to pursue their ambitions in life because nothing is impossible especially if you believe in your own capabilities. 


In addition to this, Dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen across the world. She remains driven and she is willing to share her entrepreneurial spirit among other women. She strongly believes in the ability of other people to greatly contribute, make an influence on the youth, and develop the growth of Africa. Achieving your ambitions is possible by accessing the same education as men, having the same job opportunities, and more. Dos Santos wants to help other women gain the confidence that they need in order for them to change their perspective, see the importance of education, and do well in their own careers. 


This devoted philanthropist  has a positive vision for Africa. She sees a country that will adapt to change, encourage steady growth, and the economic freedom of women. Isabel dos Santos wants other women to educate themselves about entrepreneurship so that they can engage in several businesses and learn how to effectively innovate and create strategic solutions. She is a passionate entrepreneur and a good leader which is why she wants to build more jobs, provide adequate training, and break the negative stigma in Africa. Women are also capable of financial stability and a strong influence in the economy of other countries.

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ClassDojo Brings Mindfulness to the Classroom

Mindfulness, the idea of meditating and paying close, purposeful attention to our bodies and minds, is having a moment–a really big, worldwide moment. The classroom aid ClassDojo, an app that helps parents and teachers keep track of students’ behavior by using cute animated monsters as motivators, recently used their program to sponsor the world’s largest “Mindful Moment,” as they called it.

ClassDojo surveyed their large base of users and found many parents and teachers were concerned about the lack of education about their emotions children were receiving. ClassDojo decided their program would be the perfect means to give students mindfulness training. Mindfulness, they believed, could help children in dealing with their emotions.

The “Mindful Moment” was set for May 10th. ClassDojo asked all the educators using their app to perform a short mindfulness module. This consisted of playing a brief animated video explaining how to meditate and leading the class through it.

That video was the beginning of a week-long module full of videos ClassDojo created teaching children different methods of mindfulness. ClassDojo hoped that module would help students struggling with their emotions during class time and teachers who would like to pass the benefits of mindfulness onto their class.

Nitin Khanna a Merger and Acquisition Expert

Nitin Khanna is one of the most sought after merger and acquisition experts who reside in Portland, Oregon. Nitin has earned a reputation in the merger and acquisition industry after he successfully led the multi-million dollar acquisition deal of Simple a tech company and Mutual Mobile, a software development company. Nitin Khanna is also an investor and has set his eyes in the billion dollars medical marijuana industry. After the legalization of marijuana for medical use in most states in the US and other countries, Nitin saw an opportunity in the market and as a result, formed the Cura Cannabis Solutions Company that he serves at the helm as CEO. The firm provides clients with high-quality cannabis vape cartridges and oils that have many medicinal values. Nitin Khanna is also a name to reckon with in the technology sector and has helped established two successful tech companies known as Merger Tech and Saber Corps.

Nitin Khanna, in an interview, was asked whether he used the same strategy and approach in all the businesses he helped established. Nitin in answering the question said that all his businesses are execution focused as opposed to an idea based. Nitin says that he finds it hard developing concept based company such as Facebook. He mainly concentrates on the execution kind of business. Nitin, for example, ventured into the cannabis world as is a traditional old school business and not an idea based company. According to Nitin establishing a successful execution kind of business depends on people who are going to outshine the others doing the same business.

The most critical aspect of strategy formulation is passion and having a heart and ability to conceptualize things in your mind. What helps Nitin Khanna formulate and execute strategies is the type of people he hires in his companies as well as people he surrounds himself with. Nitin Khanna goes for top talent in the market. Organization culture is also another essential thing that Khanna ensures all his staffs observe at the workplace. Nitin Khanna in all the three companies that he has helped established has strived to ensure that he builds a team of like-minded individuals who share in the company values, vision, and mission. These are some of the things that have made him a successful entrepreneur.

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Paul Mampilly Talks about the Cryptocurrency Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the most celebrated financial gurus of recent times based in the United States. He has helped hundreds and thousands of people over the years to invest smartly and achieve their financial goals. One of the reasons why Paul is so successful in deducing lucrative financial and investment opportunities from his research is that he has over a decade of experience working for and with many top financial organizations and financial experts respectively. It helped him gain tremendous knowledge of the financial world that he uses today to predict the market movements and make smart investment choices for himself and his clients and readers. He is also the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Award, which he won for pulling up a $50 million fund to nearly $90 million funds under his watching when the financial markets were snowballing downwards.

Follow his progress, visit: crunchbase to learn more.

Paul Mampilly is now a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and is responsible for several highly popular financial newsletters, including the Million Dollar Club, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited. The primary focus of these newsletters is the stock market in which he tells people the name of the scripts he believes would be growing in value in the future. The stepwise instructions provided in his newsletters make it easier even for the people without any financial background to follow it with ease. If you are troubled by the complexities of the financial world and don’t know how to invest smartly or which stock or investment product to choose for yourself, following the guidance of Paul Mampilly would prove to be healthy for your financial affairs.

In the last couple of years, there has been a great uproar in the market about cryptocurrency. Ever since the price of Bitcoin went off the roof, more people want to invest in cryptocurrency. Paul Mampilly warns people not to invest in cryptocurrency, at least for now. The price of Bitcoin today has become somewhat stable, and there is little chance for it to see the growth that it did last year. Thus, people should not believe everything they see on the news and the internet and do their due diligence before investing in them.