For Peter Briger, Success Did Not Come Easy

Peter Briger, who is the Co-Chairman of the board of directors and a principal at the Fortress Investment Group, has had quite an exciting career in finance. After graduating from Princeton University as part of the class of ’86, he joined Goldman Sachs. He would work with them for the next fifteen years and during this time not only did he rise through the ranks, join numerous committees but he also got his M.BA. from the Wharton School of Business.

As part of his career growth strategy while at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger decided to focus on the Asian Market at a time when it was experiencing phenomenal growth. This growth was being driven by a manufacturing and real estate boom and what better way to capitalize on it than invest in those two areas. As a result, Peter Briger would join the Japan Executive committee, the Asian Management, and the Committee on Global Control and Compliance. This experience would prove vital for Peter Briger in his new position at Fortress.

After five years of successful growth, The Fortress Investment Group realized they needed to expand their investment portfolio. They had successfully grown from an initial four hundred million dollars’ worth of assets under management to three billion. One of the best ways to continue this growth was through the establishment of a credit division at Fortress. At this point, the principals at the time headhunted Peter Briger, and within the year he was able to set up a credit division in San Fransisco where it is headquartered to date.

Briger has been able to glow the same, and today, it is the most valuable division within the group, having made investments worth more than one hundred billion dollars. He would also lead the group’s IPO when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange. His unique position, having worked with Goldman Sachs before helped smoothen the process as they were the underwriters. He would also be tapped in to help the group once again when SoftBank came calling. Today, even as Fortress Returns to private hands, Briger will continue to hold his position while assisting them to continue to grow given the new investment injected into the group.

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