Chinese Tech Giant Propogates Surveillance Technology

LA based game company, Riot Games, is the well known developer of League of Legends, a massive multiplayer game enjoyed by many. Unbeknowest to those avid fans, however, is that Riot Games is owned by a chinese tech giant, known as Tencent. Tencent is know facing criticism in its role in perpetuating video game addiction. Despite being hands-off with regards to Riot in the past, Tencent now needs to involve itself in the affairs of the company.

As of recently, the Chinese version of League of Legends has seen some updates that conform to China’s strict policies regarding media. These updates allow companies to track the amount of time spent in-game and kick teenagers for surpassing certain quotas, a means of combating and regulating the video game addiction mentioned earlier in the article. This decision, however, has been met with backlash, as many believe that Westerners participating in the creation of such invasive technology is a slippery slope that can only lead to worse things. To know more about the company click here.

While access to the incredibly larger market that is China serves as incentive for many companies to partake in the surveillance of Chinese policy, many companies, like Riot Games, do not have a choice, given the sheer amount of companies and games owned by similar Chinese tech giants. Tencent, in particular, has stakes in leading games such as Clash of Clans and Fortnite. Its own game, Honor of Kings, is one of the highest grossing games of 2018. Many agree that such a technology has more complicated uses than simply the monitoring of video games and to participate in its inception is something that could reap dire consequences.

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The Admiration Of Agera Energy

The energy utility industry in the United States is a competitive market. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

In order to get to the top tier, a company must go above and beyond. This has been the case for Agera Energy; a six year old company operating out of New York.


Agera Energy has built a reputation for their cheap energy services and customer care. Their transparency is admired by their customers. The company offers various resources on their website to give insight on how to lower energy usage. Agera Energy also gives customers the option of using green energy. It appears that they have something for everyone. Read more about Agera Energy at

Raffaele Riva Has Made Use Of His Unique Ability To Identify Excellent Business Ideas

The portfolio that has been accumulated by New York/London-based entrepreneur and angel investor Raffaele Riva is an impressive one that boasts more than 12 companies that are in their startup phase. This impressive portfolio has been developed over a period that spans a decade and Raffaele Riva has managed to truly distinguish himself during that time in an area of investment that is still fairly new. His dedicated work in the angel investment area has helped a number of new entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality. Raffaele Riva also has an impressive educational background that includes the MBA that he obtained from his course of studies that he undertook at Oxford.

Over this past decade, Raffaele Riva has devoted a great deal of his time toward the angel area of the investment world. This work has seen him assisting in the funding of a number of companies that are in their early stages of development. Raffaele has consistently shown his ability to identify founding entrepreneurs that have the kinds of ideas that will turn into something big. For his efforts, Raffaele has gained a stake in the potential growth of these unique and innovative startup operations.

One of the primary habits that Raffaele Riva has utilized time and again in order to stay at the top of his game is to be detailed in his planning. He has also spent a great deal of time working on the development of his team. This outstanding team provides a number of benefits to Raffaele. These benefits include the fact that they do an excellent job of keeping him focused and on task. This is something that has paid off a great deal over the years in helping Raffaele Riva to engage in the careful planning that leads to wise decisions.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Inspiring E-commerce Entrepreneur and Businessman Based in China

Richard Liu Qiangdong is known for his business vision and acumen with which he helped grow to the considerable e-commerce company it has become in the last decade. It is an inspiring story for millions of entrepreneurs across the globe who are looking to transform their vision into reality.

Richard Liu Qiangdong doesn’t come from a wealthy or elite family and has seen hardships when he was young. It is what gave the birth in him of desire to rise above mediocrity, and he went on to pursue studies seriously to build his career on a solid foundation. Richard Liu Qiangdong studied MBA and Sociology before he went on to join a company called Japan Life, a Japanese company that mainly dealt with nutrition and wellness products. Surprisingly, he got the job for his programming skills, a skill that he developed in his free time while studying in school.

He went on to be promoted at the position of director of computers at Japan Life but left the job soon after as he wanted to fulfill his passion for business. He started a restaurant with whatever savings he had managed to collect at his job, but the restaurant failed miserably, leaving him with no money and piles of debts. Later on, he managed to get some funds and invested it in buying a four square meter shop in Beijing. The shop was the beginning of the success that was about to come his way. The shop went on to be a huge success, and in a very short period, he managed to open a few other stores in different cities of the country. He wanted to make a chain of retail stores such as Walmart and BestBuy in the United States at the time. However, the success of the physical stores didn’t last long and faced many challenges, mostly financial, when the SARS epidemic took over the entire China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was not about to give in to the challenges, so while he did close all the physical stores in operations, he started the e-commerce site simultaneously. It gained considerable success in due course, and the revenue started to flow in at a consistent pace with time.

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Stratford Shield, a leader in Public Finance Investment

Stratford Shield started his career as a public servant before moving into private business. He started as the deputy director in the Ohio office of management and budget. Before veering into private practice, he was the president of the state controlling board. He is currently a director of Loop Capital Market. They are a Public Finance Investment banking group.

In his daily activities, he a firm believer of personalization of clients. As a small business, he feels the need to maintain a clientele who believes in his firm value. To be able to make smart decisions on which client he should be picking. At the same time, as a businessman, he feels the time is of the essence. One needs to chase clients that will eventually bring business.

As a business, delivering is their mantra. Clients should be satisfied. Solutions are the number one priority. He is also realistic about what can be achieved or not. He will explain to the clients and be honest about what may be achievable.

On his career path, he has picked several lessons. One is that he no longer gives a hoot to the negatives. Second is daring and going out of the comfort zone. To try and venture in the unknown. He likes thinking outside the box. He explained one of his clients, Ohio State University, was able to make $483 million. The CFO was looking for ways to raise money, and he allowed for the privatization of the parking lot. Lastly, the failures are there. But one should be able to pick up, dust and move on.

He is an avid reader. It makes him more reproductive and also creative. He is also able to keep up with the clients. His parting shot is that the future is in the consolidation of municipal business markets.

Learn How Nitin Khanna Grow This Cannabi Company

Those who have some notions about the figure of Nitin Khanna may know him because of his technological contributions. As an active entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna also entered a new business sector: the cannabis industry.

Why Did Nitin Start In this Industry?

Nitin Khanna is an Indian entrepreneur established in Portland, Oregon, who shares a lot of knowledge about tech businesses. When cannabis was recently legalized, Nitin was prepared in the right spot to enter a market with little or no competition.

This opportunity gave birth to Cura Cannabis Solutions (also known as CuraCann), an organization that produces hemp oils and CBD across the US.

Several partnerships influenced the development of this new business founded by Khanna: cannabis associations of Oregon, Los Angeles, California (CCIA), and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

About Cura Cannabis Solutions Company

You can find any information on the official website describing the benefits of their CBD-based products.

Pain Relief:

  • Pain Relief: CBD and hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is more than 50 states in the US have legalized its production as a clinical supplement. Even though the primary effect of CBD is the reduction of pain, there are many positive side effects attached to it.

Positive Side Effects:

  • Positive Side Effects: CBD can also work as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, or antidepressant medicament. Its pain management capability makes it perfect for any situation, ranging from headaches to physical injuries.

How Nitin Khanna Grew The Company

Nitin started Cura Cannabis Solutions in 1998 along with other technological-related initiatives. By that time, the Indian-born businessman was managing the trade with EDS to buy Saber Corporation, a business established in the PC component and electronics industry.

What Nitin Khanna did was exciting multiple initial companies he created so he could focus more time and resources on his primary projects, MergerTech and Curacann.

Today, Nitin is a success story that many entrepreneurs study to inspire and learn about his path. Nitin worked as an active investor in his cannabis company.

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The Qualities of an Attorney with Todd Levine

An attorney is someone whom the client must have high confidence in. They have to be an individual that can get things done and think outside of the box. Todd Levine is one of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. in Florida. He and his fellow team members work with clients about commercial real estate litigation cases. As a young individual with a wealth of fame in the industry, Todd Levine brings a fresh approach to this timeless job.

Todd Levine’s skills in litigation have steamed from a natural evolution of his career path to date. He entered the industry by being assigned to complex cases. However, he was able to deconstruct the issue into its core components and create a winning argument. This incident opened the doors to greater cases over the years. As an attorney, he needs to keep his mind sharp and diverse with knowledge. Each case brings a new set of circumstances to the table. The more information he can pull upon, the more likely he can create the winning position. Todd Levine cites preparation as a major factor for his success. He has to be prepared to answer all questions and concerns with counterpoints in the court room.

As an attorney, every single day is a new challenge for Todd Levine. There are peaceful days where he can sit in the office to conduct research or plan ahead. However, there are many days where he is on the road. This could be for client relations, going to a specific location, or heading to the courtroom to defend a case. Todd Levine has to be smart about how uses his time. Deadlines are important to keep, and one small mistake could permanently damage his reputation.

Todd Levine is both passionate in and out of the office. He spends his extra time doing creative activities such as music or drawings. An attorney can not do a sufficient job if they are unable to think outside of the box at all times.

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Matt Fleeger and Investing Well

Matt Fleeger and another example of exposure therapy in VR is against several types of phobias. Those with a fear of swimming, or aquaphobia are so scared of going near the water that it is practically impossible for a therapist to encourage them to visit a swimming pool, a beach, or anywhere that could be categorized as a large body of water.

Similarly, those with a fear of flying, or aerophobia, Matt Fleeger would know, would never go to the lengths of purchasing an airplane ticket. If they even do so after going through some form of therapy, then there are high chances that they might end up dropping their plans at the last minute due to the fear taking over them.

That is where VR is so effective at implementing exposure therapy. It could have such individuals visit the places or have experiences that they are afraid of, without actually having to do that in the real world.

While the patients are using a VR headset and equipment, they still feel as though they are going through the experience in real time. It’s because their phobia doesn’t let them rationalize that their VR experience wouldn’t harm them. It practically has the same effect as their exposure to such an issue in the real world might have on them.

But due to it being a virtual experience, their mental health professional could monitor their responses while also executing the exposure therapy flawlessly, before bring the patient back from their experience.

This provides a great modality to implement exposure therapy without putting the patients at risk or utilizing a large amount of their financial resources. This way, whenever the patient actually goes forward with implementing exposure therapy in the real world or simply move towards doing the thing they had been afraid of previously, their experience with VR helps them.

Academy of Art University Helps Students to Realize Their Potential in the Art and Design Industry

Academy of Art University students are having a day of their lives presenting their creations to a world made up of industry leaders from top global companies, alumni, and the general public. The institutions organize Annual Spring Show that is bringing the world to the students rather than students taking their work to the world. The attendees will witness the work of the students and offer creative as well as artistic career opportunities to them.

Annual Spring Show marks the only day in the students’ lives where the world comes to them to explore and experience their creations. Students from more than 40 areas of art as well as design will showcase their best work. Annual Spring Show is also an opportunity for the institution’s graduating class which is made up of designers, strategists, problem-solvers, communicators, technologists, filmmakers, photographers, architects, entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their finest innovative creations. They also get to meet with the industry professionals face-to-face and talk about their career possibilities.

Academy of Art University recognizes the importance of networking in the career lives of students. Schools and departments at the university including School of Interior Architecture & Design, School of Advertising, and School of Animation & Visual Effects have put focus on creating opportunities for networking to help students to lead noble careers after school. Networking is one of the ways of getting connected to employment and career development opportunities.

Innovate design and talent takes a center stage at Annual Spring Show with students from various departments presenting their creations to special industry guests, alumni, and student’s families, friends, and peers. No wonder the institution is oozing talented professionals to the workforce.

Started in 1929, Academy of Art University has been dedicated to transforming aspiring artists and designers to industry professionals. It has been training talented students in the Bay area and it is a self-proclaimed largest private art learning institution in the US which produces graduates who enjoy careers in architectural design, motion pictures, fashion, game design and much more.

Academy of Art University has earned a reputation across the world as a world-class institution of higher learning which puts focus on development of the next generation of art and design professionals. It boasts competent and trained instructors who have flourishing careers in the creatives and active in disciplines they teach.

ClassDojo Allows Teachers To Get Messages To The Parents Of Their Students

It can be helpful for parents and teachers to be able to communicate with one another. If a teacher has some message that they want to get to the parent of one of their students, they need to have a way of quickly contacting that parent. The same is true if the parent would like to share something about their child with that child’s teacher. There is an app that was developed and that is growing very popular that helps with all of this. ClassDojo was created to help parents and teachers communicate with one another. This app was created so that teachers can do a good job of leading their students.

Those who created ClassDojo wanted to make something that would help to solve some of the communication issues that teachers have to face on a regular basis. This app helps teachers get feedback from the parents of the children they are teaching. This app also helps teachers let parents know what their children are learning and it helps them share personalized messages with the parents regarding ways that their children are struggling. The ClassDojo app helps to make the lives of teachers a little easier by providing them with a way of communicating with parents.

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