Marketing and Advertisement Industry Top leader, Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a consultant in marketing and advertising. He has over 30 years in marketing and advertising job market. In that period bracket, he has spearheaded most recognized and important companies. He has also supervised the invention of mind-blowing advertisements that are recognized widely.



Gustavo Martinez has been the CEO of J. Walter Thompson, one of the most famous and largest marketing firms worldwide. He has also served as president for other companies such as McCann Worldgroup among others. He is an experienced and skilled manager in the marketing and advertising business field.



From an interview, he says that consulting is a form of self-employment for a contractor providing services with skill in the field at calculated levels of operation. He says that the advertising industry since time immemorial has always relied upon consultancy. He says that consultancy has been proven to bring about positive results in marketing for up to 100 years. He continues to say that he once worked for consulting agencies as a consultant before achieving the milestone of being made the head of other firms.



Gustavo says that the secret behind any marketing and advertising industry is being creative and for that matter, creativity at its peak. He says that other businesses cannot be compared to marketing and advertising. According to him, the industry is like art. He acknowledges that about 90% of start-up companies fail and that his focus aims at changing this narrative.



When asked about his daily routine, he responds by saying that he is in a phase of his life that involves more entrepreneurship. Therefore, he wakes up at 7 am, has breakfast with his family and when he is not travelling, goes through his emails and highlights news in business. He works from 9 am to around 7-9pm.



He speaks again about creativity being the source of his ideas and that it is how he brings them to life. A variety of thoughts alongside experience from his team members is what he gives credit to for spooking ideas and creation of solutions for the various problems that he encounters. He works by bringing people together in doing what they love as a way of carrying his tasks as a leader. Gustavo also recognizes the great work done by his teams hence works to provide a field where they are recognized as people with great talents.



The Internet-of-Things is one of the trends that he loves and the technology excites him. He says that his productivity greatly relies upon listening skills, being kind and generous and appreciating others. He also says patience is a key factor and that he would advise his younger self to always be ready to learn from others.



He recommends people should be ready to work with others with different talents. He concludes that seeking top talent in employees is the one strategy that has helped him grow his business.


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