Hope For The Future With Aaron Lupuloff

Every now and then you come across people who put an effort in helping their community or lending a helping hand to their neighborhood school. But, Aaron Lupuloff is that rarer breed that does both! Aaron Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Aaron Lupuloff, through the help of the foundation, has been able to assist students and teachers with learning aides and inspiring programs to help encourage a brighter educational future for his community.

Aaron Lupuloff has been taking part of helping his community for many years. He and his wife Jan, has been working with schools and different organizations in their community for quite some time. Before working with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff was the founding member of the Norcross High School Foundation which began in 2001 and a board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board along with volunteering his time and services to other community groups. His compassion for helping young minds and encouraging them stay on a positive path is why he takes part in these tasks, in and outside of these types of organizations.

Aaron Lupuloff, along with his wife, also assist with other organizations in the community such as, Partners Against Domestic Violence, The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Camp Twin Lakes, which is an organization that provides a summer camp program for children with disabilities and also, to children from low income families. This dedication that Aaron and his wife shows towards helping children from all walks of life is why they were inducted into the NHS Hall of Fame in 2011. Recently, Aaron has accepted the Changing Communities and Lives 2019 community partner award.

Aaron Lupuloff financial managing skills was just what the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation needed to raise funds for the cause. He has worked with very well known companies and knows who and how to talk to the right people when it comes to raising funds, or investing to help the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation continue with success in helping schools and the community by providing some of the things they need to help the students in the Gwinnett County get the proper education they need and deserve. To know more about Lupuloff you can visit their facebook page.