Raffaele Riva Has Made Use Of His Unique Ability To Identify Excellent Business Ideas

The portfolio that has been accumulated by New York/London-based entrepreneur and angel investor Raffaele Riva is an impressive one that boasts more than 12 companies that are in their startup phase. This impressive portfolio has been developed over a period that spans a decade and Raffaele Riva has managed to truly distinguish himself during that time in an area of investment that is still fairly new. His dedicated work in the angel investment area has helped a number of new entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality. Raffaele Riva also has an impressive educational background that includes the MBA that he obtained from his course of studies that he undertook at Oxford.

Over this past decade, Raffaele Riva has devoted a great deal of his time toward the angel area of the investment world. This work has seen him assisting in the funding of a number of companies that are in their early stages of development. Raffaele has consistently shown his ability to identify founding entrepreneurs that have the kinds of ideas that will turn into something big. For his efforts, Raffaele has gained a stake in the potential growth of these unique and innovative startup operations.

One of the primary habits that Raffaele Riva has utilized time and again in order to stay at the top of his game is to be detailed in his planning. He has also spent a great deal of time working on the development of his team. This outstanding team provides a number of benefits to Raffaele. These benefits include the fact that they do an excellent job of keeping him focused and on task. This is something that has paid off a great deal over the years in helping Raffaele Riva to engage in the careful planning that leads to wise decisions.