Luke Lazarus Brings Realism to Startups

 Impressive Record

Luke Lazarus has helped dozens of smaller companies that were experiencing struggle to rise out of their slump and move toward the direction of success thru the work of his consulting company Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia.

In order for Lazarus to maintain his excellent profile image, he needs to be direct and straight with the startups he works with. On his part, he puts his reputation at the service of those he is consulting with and if possible speaks on their behalf to secure funding if all the conditions show themselves.

Being Thorough and Honest

This kind of honest brutality is part of what it takes to rise from the level of mediocre values to values that bring about substantial change and transformation.

Being straightforward and realistic is not a privilege in his work but a necessity. The privilege is having the opportunity to have an influence on future leaders of great future businesses, which is a privilege Luke Lazarus has gained by over 20 years as a professional serial entrepreneur and successful business leader.

Lacking What it Takes

If a startup is experienced as lacking the grit, knowledge or skills it takes to succeed Luke Lazarus is direct with them, so they have a realistic picture of what success means in a competitive environment where only 10% of new startups go on to succeed, while the remaining 90% of startups fall back and whose products never make it to market.

On the encouraging side Lazarus knows the caliber of most startups have intelligence and talent, but the higher skills of finance, establishing a brand, and seeking out and preparing to meet venture capitalist who is seeking ready to go startups very few possess.

A venture capitalist comes into a startup presentation seeking specific qualities and habits already builtin the leader and team, with its marketing, story, and plans for three or more years down the road already set or at least planned thoroughly.

Finding Funding

Venture capitalist, at least the successful one, have met and processed possibly hundreds of startups and in their experience have critical eyes that see what works and what has not worked. They may have made some unfortunate decisions where they learned and with a sense of maturity, they now invest in startups that show only what they are looking to invest in.

Luke Lazarus is familiar with what it takes to get to the point of this level of seeking investment money from a venture capitalist. Lazarus doesn’t hide the truth from his startup teams but reveals the weak spots and challenges them to make changes that will give them a chance to succeed in the future.

Connecting with Customer Values

Lazarus understands the challenges of attempting to start a business without funding and drills his startups to get to that point where they can present their story to an investor. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

Lazarus knows if he can bring startups to that point in their presentation, whether they get finding or not, they will have a firm hold on their essential story and will be able to make a moral connection with the customer and be able to identify with their values.

Lazarus approach is to keep the values of the customer foremost in mind and help the customer get to those values thru their story and service.

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