Jeremy Goldstein Takes on Corporations and Everyday People

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. A new wave of technology has been able to connect people and places by just the swipe of a finger. At the same time, the globalization of the world means there is more money being transferred than ever before. It is this kind of environment where lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein are needed more than ever before. He helps the privileged through keeping their business practices in check against the law. While also giving back his time and resources to those struggling in life. The website Premiere Gazette recently published a piece describing how Jeremy Goldstein brings both worlds together.


As a native of the region, Jeremy Goldstein understands like few others just how much suffering people go through each and every day. He managed to climb up the social ladder to complete college from New York University School of Law. There was a transition period where he just gained experience before at last settling down in his own personal law firm. In the two decades since he joined the industry, the game has changed drastically. Businesses have placed a much greater value of hiring a third party lawyer over having one on staff. The appearance of being unbiased is essential in the current market.


Jeremy Goldstein reached a status that few attorney could only dream of obtaining. Industry peers regularly ask for his legal advice and take it into account. This has given him a heavy influence in many of the biggest business decisions in the modern generation. However, he also helps the world on the outside through the charity organization The Foundation House. They are a network of locations that aid the community in helping those with mental illness get their lives back in order. Society is all about helping each other at the end of the day.


The Foundation House operates under a handful of key principles in how they plan to improve the lives of individuals. They first want to help mentally ill individuals secure permanent housing. While in addition, finding a job and completing their education. These are the fundamental components to joining society. On a bigger scale, the organization actively advocates for improved mental health awareness and research at the city and around the country. Jeremy Goldstein recently drew upon his connections to help this cause when he hosted a dinner party. All money collected during the event was donation to this organization.


Jeremy Goldstein believes there is no greater purpose than supporting the community that surrounds you. The better the conditions in the area, the more prosperous the people will be, and the more of an economic hub it will become for the next generation.


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