Jason Colodne Translated His Previous Professional Experiences Into Success With His Colbeck Capital Management Firm:

Jason Colodne is an investment professional who has garnered acclaim for his role in the co-founding of New York-based investment management firm Colbeck Capital Management. His many years working in the industry have helped him to build an impressive base of knowledge and experience that has been instrumental in allowing him to consistently cultivate success. Jason Colodne attained his formal education from his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the prestigious institution in 1994 with his BA in the fields of finance and history. After completing his college degree, Jason went on to pursue his professional career.

The past experience of Jason Colodne is impressive and includes time spent with internationally recognized investment and financial industry firms, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He was at Goldman Sachs from 1998 until 2004. During his time with Goldman Sachs, Jason worked in the areas of Hybrid Lending and Proprietary Distressed Investment. He served as the firm’s head in these areas. His next professional stop was as the Managing Director with Morgan Stanley where he served as the firm’s Strategic Finance head. He worked at Morgan Stanley from 2004 until 2007. His time with Morgan Stanley saw Jason Colodne play a critical role in operating the strategic lending department within the Morgan Stanley business model. He enjoyed a great deal of success during this time in building the firm’s infrastructure in areas such as accounting, management of the portfolio and areas such as deal execution and sourcing. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

It was shortly after leaving Morgan Stanley in 2007 that Jason Colodne began work toward establishing his own firm. In 2009, he co-founded Colbeck Capital Management alongside his trusted business partner Jason Beckman. Jason Beckman has served as the ideal business partner and co-founder due to his own extensive knowledge and experience. His past experience saw him work in the area of distressed debt with Deutsche Bank where he held the title of Senior VP. The work he did there has translated perfectly to his role as the co-founder at Colbeck Capital Management alongside Jason Colodne.

With Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne heads up a firm that has a strong reputation for the professional advisory services that it provides in the area of investment. From the management of portfolios to consultation and financial planning services, Colbeck Capital Management has established a strong reputation for service and excellence under the expert guidance and leadership of its co-founders Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. The two co-founders continue to lead the firm on a steady path of growth.

Jason Colodne truly has a diverse background and diverse interests. He has also worked in the world of film and has several impressive film credits as a producer and co-producer. He served as the executive producer on the films Earth to Echo, Beyond the Lights, Act of Valor and Paranoia and he was the c-executive producer on the film Brick Mansions in 2014. This is yet another interesting wrinkle to the fascinating career that Jason Colodne has enjoyed over the course of his professional life. Check out: https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Jason-Colodne/-1975853442