Ashley Lightspeed’ Career at Lightsped Ventures

Early Influences at Home

When Ashley Lightspeed was growing up she admired her dad and dreamed of being like him. She was always observant of his architectural skills and admired his dedication and commitment to detail. Asley enjoyed sitting at a table accessible thru the garage, where she would sit quietly and sketch out her drawings and sketches. Ashley got into a habit of developing prototypes like her dad. She was not far off from what she would be doing years later. As a consequence of her studies abroad first at Duke University and later at Copenhagen, Ashley began gravitating toward using the principle fo prototyping but applying to some business ideas she had. She realized that the prototyping was a way of getting inside the details of business without it being off the ground yet. Prototyping was a key that opened many new features of the business world for her. See Related Article at Forbes

Beginning a Consulting Career

After her higher education had finished Ashley Lightspeed found herself involved with a company called Bain and its was there she fell into a consulting career. Ashley didn’t stop at Bain, but she got a hankering to discover what lay dormant in Silicon Valley for her career. In Silicon Valley, she began to work at a company called Thumbtack as a Category Manager. Ashley learned a lot about how to acquire new customers and she grew rapidly at that office.

Flourishing and Growing

Since she was working in the Weddings & Events categories at Thumbtack it was there that the flourished at that time. Throughout these early years of her professional career she often used prototyping as a means of carrying out her work; for example, in gaining feedback from customers or to replicate or expand on an idea that she wanted to develop. One excellent way Ashley learned to use prototyping was to use it for product improvements. Finally, Ashley Lightspeed has some original ideas on prototyping as it can be integrated into an entrepreneurs toolkit, which can be used to learn your mistakes fast, but at the same time replicate an idea even faster.


EOS Lip Balm Review: Millions Sold Each Month And Counting

Let’s be honest, folks. EOS founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra knew that lip balm is used by just about everybody in the universe. Women, especially, buy up the balm, and that is why the genius creation of a sphere-shaped lip balm was borne. It was unique, the flavors were extremely addictive, and the formula was infused with organic ingredients and never tested on animals.

In a recent EOS lip balm review by PremierGazette, you learn of interesting marketing strategies that went into the brand’s design. Consumers were used to lip balm in a tube, but EOS stands out from the rest with its ball-shaped, colorful containers that make an adorable clicking sound when you close the lid. The balm pot is super easy to find at the bottom of your bag, too.

Some thought EOS was merely a fad, but today, the popular lip balm pots are available at drugstores everywhere and really sell themselves. The EOS lip balm review explained that the brand is conscious about the planet and only produces pure balm items of healthy, non-toxic ingredients. The empty pots can also be recycled.

EOS is always moving forward with new lip balm formulas. Not only are the products all-natural but hydrating and deeply moisturizing. The EOS lip balm review shows us how the company is always trying new things. Variety is the answer, and EOS now features more than 35 new products. It’s a lip balm that touches the senses, and fans worldwide can’t get enough.

Betsy Devos Wants to Support Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos has supported faith-based and private academic organizations for many years. Betsy also has a keen interest in a variety of privately funded educational systems. A possible reason for why Mrs. DeVos is so supportive of these schools is because she has finished all of her studies at private schools.


The New Yorker magazine highlighted her privileged educational background at private academies in an article that they printed in their periodical. During Betsy’s confirmation in the Senate, there was a genuine possibility that the Senate would not confirm her. Because of her controversial political ideas and her support for private schools, all the Senate’s liberals voted against her.


One should expect this course of action from her rivals. However, one thing that was surprising about her confirmation was that a pair of senators that are part of the GOP also voted against the affirmation of Mrs. DeVos. These defections almost resulted in the Senate rejecting Betsy’s candidacy as the latest chief of the Education Department.


At the same time, Vice President Pence had to vote to support the confirmation of DeVos in her new role as the boss of the Education Department. Vice President Pence is allowed to act as the tiebreaker when there is a tie in the Senate. This role is one of the primary functions that America entrusts to the vice president.


The reason why Vice President Pence had to do this was that two of the GOP’s Senators voted against Betsy’s confirmation. These conservatives were a senator from Alaska called Lisa Murkowski and a senator from Maine called Susan Collins. These politicians were in favor of Betsy’s rejection.


Her left-wing adversaries in the Senate were also persistently admonishing her during her interview before the Senate. Her liberal rivals were attempting to witness her making an error. President Trump’s designation of the affluent Betsy DeVos, aged 59, as the new supervisor of the Education Department, cemented his vision for the future of America’s national educational system.


President Trump’s plan for the future of America’s academic structures has slowly but surely crystallized since his first announcements on this subject during his campaign for the presidency. Mrs. DeVos has also worked to set up charter schools in her native state of Michigan. Betsy has additionally established Michigan as a breeding ground for the emergence of these charter schools.


Remember, charter schools are private academies that are partially subsidized by the federal government. Another feature of charter schools is that the teaching teams have a great deal of independence. However, charter schools are fond of using alternative school programs and experimental pedagogical processes.


As a consequence of Betsy’s historical support for the GOP, she has also provided financial backing to a sizeable number of conservative candidates.


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Bernado Chua Has Founded Two Successful Companies

Bernardo Chua is from The Philippines and is a medical professional as well as an international marketing executive. Organo Gold and Gano Excel are two firms that are successful He has made them successful by being a really good salesman and making tea and coffee brands that are known internationally. He used his knowledge from growing up in the Philippines. In his home country, he learned about the special effect of creating tea and coffee and polymore mushrooms He took advantage of this knowledge to found a company that produced Ganoderma herb. This company was Organo Gold. Though headquartered in Canada, Organo Gold has had great success in Asia and currently have several distributors around the world. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

When you look at Bernardo Chua’s career, you will find that he has received many accolades, rewards, and recognition. Organo Gold has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year five times. This award is considered to be prestigious. National Shoppers Choice named this company as the best company that sells food supplements in the food supplement industry.

Bernardo Chua should be a role model for people who want to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. His products had many medical benefits. These benefits have become known for helping with heart-related diseases, stopping inflammatory sicknesses, and making the immune system better.

Organo Gold was founded by Chua in 2008 and has grown quite fast. It can be found in 35 different countries. His passion for the health of people in the community has raised the prospects of his company. He wants distributors to become bosses and sell his customers really good coffee and tea. He really wants people all around the world to achieve what they want to. If you are an Organo Gold customer, you can enter a program where you will get a 25% discount on everything that is sold by Organo Gold. Read More:

How Michael Nierenberg is Helping Investors

With a lot of work and experience within the industry, Michael Nierenberg has never been a better fit for both businesses and individuals alike. You can effortlessly get the most out of his work by hiring him and having him work with you on the wide range of investments that you might need to have done. There are lots of reasons to consider hiring Michael Nierenberg, but the fact that he’s worked for companies like Bear Stearns is wy he has become a trusted option for so many.

With a lot of individuals wanting or needing to utilize Michael Nierenberg and his experience, it has never been easier for you to make use of this for yourself and know that it is going to work well for you. There are lots of benefits to choosing him for your own types of investments that are needed.

By hiring Michael Nierenberg, you are finally able to make use of him and the types of services he is able to do. You can grow your money over time and know that you are able to effortlessly fit his budget into what you can afford when you choose to hire him for your investments.

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Riot Games Examines Its In-House Culture

Riot Games is a top level game creation company that was first launched in 2006. The company is dedicated to creating and publishing games developed by game players, for game players. The company debuted its first game, “League of Legends,” back in 2009, and that title became one of the most popular PC games in existence.

In recent years Riot Games has come under scrutiny regarding its in-house culture, as questions of employee treatment were reviewed. Today Riot Games takes issues of diversity, inclusion and fair work systems very seriously, and the company is working hard to ensure that every employee is treated with respect and fairness. Riot GamesCulture is dedicated to making sure every person affiliated with the company is always treated well.

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CEO Maurício Mendonça Godoy Discusses His Big Project For EBR

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is an executive in Brazil’s engineering and construction industry. For the past four years, he has been the chief executive officer of Estaleiros do Brasil. One of the major projects he has led in this position was building a shipyard for Estaleiros do Brasil (EBR) in São José do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul. He also led a project at Duque de Caxias Refinery, which expanded its natural gas processing unit.

He is a graduate São Paulo’s Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He earned bachelor’s degrees in business administration and mechanical engineering in 1983. Maurício Mendonça Godoy also attended Harvard Business School where he completed the course Leading Professional Services Firms. See more information about Mauricio Mendonca Godoy at

He started his career at Codistil Dedini where he was a construction manager from 1985 to 1988. He then joined CBI LIX Construções where for eight years he was a project manager. From 1996 to 2007 he was a project manager and director at Setal Oil & Gas. During four of those years, he was also working at the Brazilian Association of Industrial Engineering as the coordinator of their Technological Innovations Group. Before joining Estaleiros do Brasil, he was the director of TS Gas do Brasil and the CEO of Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Company.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy says that the project he performed for EBR came about because pre-salt deposits were found off the coast of Brazil. EBR decided to build a shipyard in order to extract heavy oil from these deposits. They planned to build three or four Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) platforms annually. His company started construction of the shipyard in 2013 and in 2014 it started building the first FPSO. The platform was completed in February 2018, 60 days before the contract’s deadline.

He starts his workdays at 7:30 am. The first thing he does is go over his to-do list and mark his priorities for the day. Maurício Mendonça Godoy spends a large part of his day discussing projects and business strategies. He is a firm believer in actively seeking people out to find out their thoughts. He says that it’s often the case that really good ideas go unexplored because some don’t feel that they’re worth sharing.

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Organo Gold and the Coffee Culture in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest created a “coffee culture” before there was one. In fact, much of the coastline along the Pacific Northwest, which includes California, Oregon, Washington, into Canada, is dotted with small coffeeshops. Organo Gold, is a global company who specializes in coffee that caters to this “coffee culture”.


In fact, Organo Gold offers “benefits” to the serious coffee drinkers who make up the “coffee culture”. Some of the benefits include, better beans which in turn make a better cup of coffee. This being key, because for those who are serious about their cup of coffee, finding a better cup of coffee is always on their mind. Follow Organo Gold on