Betsy Devos Wants to Support Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos has supported faith-based and private academic organizations for many years. Betsy also has a keen interest in a variety of privately funded educational systems. A possible reason for why Mrs. DeVos is so supportive of these schools is because she has finished all of her studies at private schools.


The New Yorker magazine highlighted her privileged educational background at private academies in an article that they printed in their periodical. During Betsy’s confirmation in the Senate, there was a genuine possibility that the Senate would not confirm her. Because of her controversial political ideas and her support for private schools, all the Senate’s liberals voted against her.


One should expect this course of action from her rivals. However, one thing that was surprising about her confirmation was that a pair of senators that are part of the GOP also voted against the affirmation of Mrs. DeVos. These defections almost resulted in the Senate rejecting Betsy’s candidacy as the latest chief of the Education Department.


At the same time, Vice President Pence had to vote to support the confirmation of DeVos in her new role as the boss of the Education Department. Vice President Pence is allowed to act as the tiebreaker when there is a tie in the Senate. This role is one of the primary functions that America entrusts to the vice president.


The reason why Vice President Pence had to do this was that two of the GOP’s Senators voted against Betsy’s confirmation. These conservatives were a senator from Alaska called Lisa Murkowski and a senator from Maine called Susan Collins. These politicians were in favor of Betsy’s rejection.


Her left-wing adversaries in the Senate were also persistently admonishing her during her interview before the Senate. Her liberal rivals were attempting to witness her making an error. President Trump’s designation of the affluent Betsy DeVos, aged 59, as the new supervisor of the Education Department, cemented his vision for the future of America’s national educational system.


President Trump’s plan for the future of America’s academic structures has slowly but surely crystallized since his first announcements on this subject during his campaign for the presidency. Mrs. DeVos has also worked to set up charter schools in her native state of Michigan. Betsy has additionally established Michigan as a breeding ground for the emergence of these charter schools.


Remember, charter schools are private academies that are partially subsidized by the federal government. Another feature of charter schools is that the teaching teams have a great deal of independence. However, charter schools are fond of using alternative school programs and experimental pedagogical processes.


As a consequence of Betsy’s historical support for the GOP, she has also provided financial backing to a sizeable number of conservative candidates.


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