Ashley Lightspeed’ Career at Lightsped Ventures

Early Influences at Home

When Ashley Lightspeed was growing up she admired her dad and dreamed of being like him. She was always observant of his architectural skills and admired his dedication and commitment to detail. Asley enjoyed sitting at a table accessible thru the garage, where she would sit quietly and sketch out her drawings and sketches. Ashley got into a habit of developing prototypes like her dad. She was not far off from what she would be doing years later. As a consequence of her studies abroad first at Duke University and later at Copenhagen, Ashley began gravitating toward using the principle fo prototyping but applying to some business ideas she had. She realized that the prototyping was a way of getting inside the details of business without it being off the ground yet. Prototyping was a key that opened many new features of the business world for her. See Related Article at Forbes

Beginning a Consulting Career

After her higher education had finished Ashley Lightspeed found herself involved with a company called Bain and its was there she fell into a consulting career. Ashley didn’t stop at Bain, but she got a hankering to discover what lay dormant in Silicon Valley for her career. In Silicon Valley, she began to work at a company called Thumbtack as a Category Manager. Ashley learned a lot about how to acquire new customers and she grew rapidly at that office.

Flourishing and Growing

Since she was working in the Weddings & Events categories at Thumbtack it was there that the flourished at that time. Throughout these early years of her professional career she often used prototyping as a means of carrying out her work; for example, in gaining feedback from customers or to replicate or expand on an idea that she wanted to develop. One excellent way Ashley learned to use prototyping was to use it for product improvements. Finally, Ashley Lightspeed has some original ideas on prototyping as it can be integrated into an entrepreneurs toolkit, which can be used to learn your mistakes fast, but at the same time replicate an idea even faster.