Maarten de Jeu: A Strong Supporter of the Farrell Fellows Internship Program

Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the United States, and it is also one of the most visited ones because of its iconic skyline and numerous popular landmarks. MSI (Museum of Science and Industry), regarded as the biggest science museum in the west, has become a favorite to local and foreign visitors because of its large collection of exhibits. People are visiting the museum to learn more about the evolution of technology and industry, and during the summer months, people would notice the sheer number of interns working inside the museum.

Internship Program at the MSI

MSI hosts the Farrell Fellows internship, a program taking place every summer. Maarten de Jeu, an entrepreneur and managing director of SVM Business Advisory, is a strong supporter of the program. The first time he knew about it is when he worked as a co-chairman for an exhibit inside the MSI called Science Spins. He learned that the Farrell Fellows internship invites teenagers from Chicago to work as an intern at the museum for five weeks. During this period, they will be trained in different subjects. Maarten de Jeu said that this program will help the teenagers in the city to deal with reality, helping them to achieve their goals in life.

What is being taught to the teenagers who
participate at the Farrell Fellows internship?

Teenagers who join the Farrell Fellows internship are being trained to learn various skills. In five weeks, the participants become an expert in each skill set, and they are also encouraged by the museum to speak with the visitors and present the exhibits. The teenagers are also going out to community libraries and demonstrating the exhibits that can be found inside the MSI. Maarten de Jeu, as a co-chairman for Science Spins, stated that this initiative by MSI will help the children to become more inclined with science. Here are some of the skills that the interns are learning through the Farrell Fellows internship:

Science Skills

The teenagers who are a part of the Farrell Fellows internship are trained to understand the basic concepts of science. This is an important part of their learning process because most of the exhibits inside the MSI cannot be explained without a basic understanding of scientific principles. Learn more:

Public Speaking Skills

The participants of the Farrell Fellows internship are given the chance to speak in public. The MSI will let them demonstrate the exhibits inside the museum to practice speaking in public. This will hone their communication and socialization skills, which can be helpful when they are finally out in the real world and looking for a job.

Leadership Skills

The Farrell Fellows internship will also make sure that the participants will learn the basics of how to become an effective leader.

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