Jack Plotkin and Telemedicine

Jack Plotkin

The digital age is without its irony: our physicians, gatekeepers to better health, know less about us than our social media networks, credit card companies, or even our dating apps. Expecting doctors to be abreast of what is wrong with a patient and to be familiar with their daily intricacies within a 5-minute conversation at the doctor’s office is leading to negligence and subpar service in the healthcare industry.

Jack Plotkin is an industry partner, and an authoritative voice in the topics of population health management, telehealth, and healthcare technologies. With an appetite in ensuring that patients have access to healthcare – even if that means not being face to face with a doctor – Plotkin has dedicated decades working with healthcare companies, with seven years dedicated to canvassing burgeoning healthcare technologies.

The Role of Telehealth

Telehealth is used to overcome certain barriers to health services caused by a lack of transportation, distance, or fragmentation of care due to gaps between appointments. It is a tool to increase access to care. Telemedicine takes advantage of our connected world, using a combination of desktop, laptop, or a smartphone to connect to a designated physician. Telemedicine improves the quality of care delivery. Telemedicine also helps clinics. For example, with the help of telemedicine, there will be fewer hospital admissions, helping to relieve some of the congestion that tends to inundate some clinics and hospitals.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin is pushing to make telemedicine a mainstay in the industry. Taking advantage of advent wireless devices that can help track heart rate, blood sugar, and other peripheral levels – but not enough are taking advantage of the connected home. The challenge should be more focused on making sense of marketing telehealth and making sense of the collected data.