Betsy DeVos and True Meaning

Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever try to show others up. She simply doesn’t have to do so. It’s because excelling is a concept that comes 100 percent naturally to her. It comes totally naturally to her spouse as well. Dick DeVos is like his fair wife in that he strives for the best and exclusively the best time and time again. The reality is, though, that they don’t want the best for themselves. They want the best for the many citizens who roam the planet. They want the best for the good folks who live in the United States, too.


Working as a mother and wife is something that’s vital to DeVos. She has a penchant for working that others often do not grasp. What makes her so attracted to the idea of working daily? Answers to that major question are pretty plentiful. She likes having a sense of purpose. She likes advancing society. She even likes assisting people who are in the midst of rather vulnerable circumstances. She can easily accomplish all of those things through her work.


Working isn’t the only positive channel that’s on hand for DeVos. She also has a positive channel thanks to the existence of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. There are many ways to talk about this group. It doesn’t receive any profits. It’s an organization that makes a point to discuss poverty, culture, artwork and households overall. Betsy and Dave made this group come to life in the eighties. The organization isn’t new. Its spark is still completely intact, though.


President Donald J. Trump may be one of the most fascinating individuals on the planet. He’s not the biggest source of fascination to DeVos, however. Why not? She knows him as a standard human being. They’ve known each other for a while. They have no reason to play any games in front of each other. Betsy DeVos is aware of the fact that President Trump is a human who occasionally makes mistakes. President Trump is aware of the fact that DeVos is a woman who is susceptible to all sorts of feelings of sadness. She feels sad any time she remembers just how distressing life can be for so many American citizens.


She gets mad thinking about the fact that there are so many students in America who feel restricted about schooling matters. She regularly makes the rounds at educational institutions in all parts of the country. She goes to charter schools any time she wants to meet with thoughtful parents. She goes to conferences that concentrate on pushing educational choice to the forefront in American society.


DeVos always confides in her husband. Dick is a man who comprehends just how tough doing well on this planet is. He did well as the Amway Corporation’s capable Chief Executive Officer. He presently does well through all of his business aims with the Windquest Group. This is a man who ponders the meaning of life in vivid detail. He asks Betsy about it, too.


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