Luke Lazarus Launches Startup Business Consultancy

 Beginning Again

Any business that starts today has thousands of choices to make before they reach the promised land of success; that is, many years of proper preparation, contact, connections, and development must guide them while preparing for their career.

For those who enter the business world without the proper preparation or attempting to do what they haven’t the talent of skill only those who have witnesses the sad consequences of those who leave the business world altogether in the first five years can acknowledge.

Luke Lazarus, a twenty year business veteran and consultant to many business startups, began his journey and his dream in Perth as a young boy.

Beginnings in Perth

What happens when a person has a desire so strong that they entertain it day and night, year in and year out, in season and out of season, ends up with a thorough knowledge of their definite purpose in life.

While spending that much time in defining a goal in life is important customers as well as Venture Capitalist want to see change and feel connected to a business.

Customers are not concerned about how the story came about, but they are concerned whether the story spoke to them and they felt attracted to the business story.

First Successes

Luke Lazarus began putting his business ideas in notebooks he kept, which he would share with his friends. At one time that is known, he developed a business plan; he had into a successful business at eight years old.

He wasn’t able to run off and begin a business many years later, but when he finished his schooling abd training, it only took him eight years to launch and execute four successful businesses after graduate school from Melbourne.

Many Businesses

His first four businesses were a great step forward for Luke Lazarus, but he wanted more in life and after selling. all of his four businesses for an undisclosed amount he developed yet another brilliant idea which would lead his business career in a different way.

In 2013 he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia, which would take him across Australia helping hundreds of startup businesses achieve their latent dreams of success.

Luke Lazarus became the perfect consultant for startups businesses because of his two decades of successful business experience, his many years of management, financial, marketing, and negotiating experience, which new startups have not had hte chance to develop.

Living the Consultancy Life

Business Consultants are a needed part of the Australian Business world where Luke Lazarus focuses his consultancy work.

First, a business consultancy is the first person a startup business will contact when they experience a problem they are unable to figure out on their own and need second pair of eyes as well as a second set of hands to make professional recommendations for their needed solution.

Luke Lazarus has helped hundreds of business startups from 2013-today. He has experienced the growing success stories of companies that turned the business world towards them and receive investment and opportunities to launch their products and services to success.

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