Prevagen and Keeping the Brain Healthy

Nootropics are supplements that are designed to enhance brain function. There is a huge demand for them as people are working longer hours and need to be able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

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A good, healthy diet and regular exercise can also enhance brain function along with keeping the brain sharp by reading, learning a new skill, doing puzzles, and playing games that help with memory and cognition.

It also helps to add a healthy supplement to enhance brain function as you get older. Prevagen is one of these nutritional supplements and research is very promising that it helps to improve age-related memory loss.

In a clinical study, Prevagen was shown to improve some aspects of brain function over the course of ninety days. The supplement helped adults with mild, age-related brain impairment with memory and recall.

The interesting aspect of this nutritional supplement is that it contains apoaequorin, a chemical found in jellyfish. It helps to support clear thinking, improves memory, and works to sharpen the mind. Prevagen’s ingredients are also good for healthy brain function.

A lot of research has been done on the brain and body connection to study mental and physical fitness and health. Scientific studies have proven that regular physical activity is a beneficial way to better brain health as it protects the brain from cognitive decline associated with aging.

Regular physical exercise stimulates the hippocampus in the brain. This part of the brain actually grows in size as people get more exercise and physically fit.

The hippocampus is also the core of the learning and memory systems in the brain. It makes perfect sense that physical activity boosts brain function.

In addition, scientific research has shown that exercise can improve focus and help people to concentrate better. Exercise can help you multitask with ease and with fewer distractions.

Even thirty to forty minutes of walking three times a week has been shown to improve coordination, balance, and agility because of it’s impact on the brain.

Physical fitness can also improve your mood and lower stress and anxiety levels. After a long day at work, it’s always good to find healthy ways to relax with a yoga and meditation practice. These forms of relaxation help you feel more connected and increase your sense of wellness.

There have been studies on people who meditate and do yoga regularly and science has found a connection to reduced stress and less anxiety in these groups.

Scientists study the amygdalas because this is a structure located deep in the brain that responds and processes fear, anxiety, and stress.

Brain activity shows that the amygdalas in yoga and meditation enthusiasts shrink so that the subject doesn’t experience these emotions as strongly or as often as people who do not have a regular exercise and relaxation session that involves meditation.

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With proper diet and exercise, the brain can recover from age-related decline. Improving memory, focus, and concentration takes effort, and Prevagen can also help to keep the brain healthy and vital as well.

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