Maarten De Jeu Knows Where People Should Put Their Money When Investing

Maarten De Jeu knows all about investing and says that making investments is easier than most people might think it is. He also says that investing in commercial real estate provides many opportunities for profit and that people can do it in a variety of ways and can meet short or long-term goals through it. One of the ways that investing in commercial real estate has changed over time is that it is now something everyone can do as people can put their money together and invest in a piece of real estate instead of leaving this kind of investing to the rich. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu says that investing in commercial real estate is much different than investing in residential properties because there are so many uses for commercial properties. These kinds of properties can be used for everything from warehouses to retail spaces or offices, while residential properties can only be used for housing. Many of the restrictions that used to be in place for investing in commercial real estate have been taken away and there are now more opportunities for those who are interested in putting their money into it than ever.

One of the reasons why Maarten De Jeu says that investing in commercial real estate is smart is because it doesn’t fluctuate in value the way that stocks do. He also explains that there aren’t many investment fees when putting one’s money into real estate and that they are pretty well protected against inflation when they put their money into a piece of property because it will always have value. It is also easy for them to guess how much profit they will make when investing in real estate compared to other investments they would make.

Maarten De Jeu has a lot of experience in his field of work and is respected for the knowledge that he has of making investments and of corporate development. He is known as an international strategy advisor and has worked with many international companies. He was one of the top graduates in his class at Oxford and worked as an analyst early in his career. Maarten De Jeu also worked for an insurance firm and is currently a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and is involved with several other local organizations. When he isn’t busy with work, he likes to play tennis and spend time with his family.
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BEAL Properties Leads The Way In Chicago’s Northern Suburbs

With more than three decades of experience in the Chicago real estate development market, BEAL Properties has clearly established itself as a perennial favorite of both Chicago residents and real estate broker alike. The BEAL name stands behind some of Chicago’s most iconic buildings, and the company has completed innovative projects in both the Northern suburbs and the city proper.

BEAL’s well-maintained portfolio of suburban apartments features buildings in the following locations:

  • Glencoe – The Glencoe Park District is famous around Chicagoland for maintaining excellent facilities for public use. Residents of Glencoe enjoy access to excellent public golf courses, beaches, and exercise facilities. BEAL Properties owns four apartment buildings in Glencoe, including 373 Hazel Avenue and a luxurious building located at 361 Park Avenue. 
  • Highland Park – When Michael Jordan was setting records for the Chicago Bulls, he lived in Highland Park. In fact, his former home is still on the market today at an asking price of a cool $15 million, and that should tell you all that you need to know about this suburb’s demographics. Highland Park has excellent schools, fantastic public services, and a highly educated base of residents. 
  • Winnetka – Located next to one of the most affluent areas in America, the suburb of Winnetka offers a relaxed, pastoral environment for its residents. The type Winnetka home is high-priced and well-maintained. Furthermore, Winnetka is home to several of the top country clubs and golf courses in Illinois. The suburb also sits in the New Trier school district, making it a favorite choice for families who wish to purchase a new home and raise their children.

Although Chicago real estate enthusiasts frequently associate BEAL Properties with downtown apartment projects in The Gold Coast and Wrigleyville, the company has amassed a stellar track record of some of Illinois’ most affluent suburbs.

Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western Lead the Way in the Energy Sector

Matthew Fleeger and Sadie Keller

Matthew Fleeger is the president and CEO of a company called Gulf Coast Western. This company is one of the leaders in the energy sector. The company has grown thanks to Matthew Fleeger, who has quickly become one of the biggest leaders in the world of oil and gas. Prior to seeing success in the business world, he put in his effort just like plenty of other entrepreneurs do. He went to school at Southern Methodist University, where he took class after class on both finance and marketing. Once he finished his education, he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was already a successful individual in the world of oil and gas. Matthew Fleeger was inspired by his father and wanted to follow his example.

Gulf Coast Western ReviewsDuring the next seven years, Matthew Fleeger would put his time to use working a variety of jobs in the world of energy. Quickly, other companies started to note his leadership skills and wanted to make him a leader, offering him a variety of executive roles. Matthew Fleeger quickly rose through the ranks in a variety of businesses; however, he always knew his destiny was to return to the family business, working at Gulf Coast Western. There, he becomes the president and CEO.

Under the guidance of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has become one of the leaders in the world of energy. He has pushed Gulf Coast Western to new heights, as the company now has an office in a variety of states. The company has also embraced a variety of new technologies, which have allowed it to identify and acquire various energy sources more quickly. It will be exciting to watch Gulf Coast Western continue to grow in the years to come. Matthew Fleeger has this company poised to succeed in the modern world, setting an example for others in the industry.

Jimmy John Liautaud Answers to a New Boss of His Sandwich Empire

Jimmy John Liautaud, age 54, opened his first sandwich shop 35 years ago, and the restaurant chain has grown to 2,802 locations with $2 billion in annual sales. Lately, Jimmy no longer runs the business as he feels he has outgrown the franchise.

In 2016, a private equity firm named Roark Capital bought a majority share of the business for $3 billion. Jimmy John still owns 35% of the company that he built. With the money from that deal and his other investments, Jimmy is worth $1.7 billion.

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Jimmy is no longer at the head of the sandwich shop chain, but he has a leadership role in the food and culture department. Liautaud is still the Chairman, but the equity firm has the final say on decisions that affect the company.

Roark also owns majority shares of Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s and other restaurant chains. Jimmy considers the equity firm to be a stark contrast to his boisterous image.

Liautaud uses profanity often, and he makes up playful nicknames for himself. In contrast, Roark got its name from an Ayn Rand novel, which gives them an air of gravitas. Neal Aronson, the firm’s founder, described Liautaud as fun and exciting.

It’s uncertain how well Liautaud will be able to adapt to the more traditional management style of Roark or how he will deal with being in a less authoritative position.

Liautaud’s boisterous personality is certain to test some people’s resolve at times. Jimmy John realized that he might need to hand over the reins of the company when his company’s sales had slipped for three consecutive years. He now claims that he feels more at peace with having new management in charge.

These kinds of ups and downs are not new to Jimmy John. His family didn’t have a lot of money when he grew up. His mother immigrated from Lithuania and taught elementary school in Illinois. His father was an entrepreneur who had to file for bankruptcy twice.

Liautaud remembers having to drink powdered milk between the ages of 8 and 12. Jimmy got poor grades in high school, and he describes himself at that age as a “fat kid.”

Luckily, Liautaud’s father had secured a high-paying job by the time Jimmy graduated from high school, and he gave his son $25,000 to start a business. Jimmy had to agree to join the army if his business wasn’t successful within its first year.

He wanted to start a hot dog stand at first, but he realized that a submarine sandwich shop would require less startup capital. The first Jimmy John’s shop opened in 1983 near Eastern Illinois University when Jimmy was only 19 years old. His father owned 48 percent of the business at that time.

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In the shop’s first year, it made $120,000 in sales and $40,000 in net profit. The next year, he bought out his father’s share of the business.

Jimmy opened a second store in 1986 near Western Illinois University, and by 1994, he had 10 stores that were pulling in $1 million per year in profit. The store has always maintained a simple menu that sets it apart from competitors.

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The E-Verify Program Of Recruitment By OSI Food Solutions

In layman’s language, it is said that investing in an employee is the best form of investment that has promising results for a company. It can be through workforce training and development. At OSI Food Solutions, they confidently believe that their employees drive the company’s success. Having the ultimate goal being a success, they always strive to create and offer an environment that provides challenging, stimulating, and gratifying opportunities. For more than a hundred years, the company has been delivering high-quality food products. Nowadays, OSI Food Solutions is known for its industry-leading dedication, innovation, and commitment from its inclusive and diverse workforce. Throughout the globe, including Germany, the company employs people who have passion, look for innovative solutions, and share in their belief that each person can create a difference.

OSI Food Solutions offers a work experience where differing ideas are met with eagerness, and employees can learn and grow to their full potential. It seeks to employ individuals who flourish in an entrepreneurial environment and who take pleasure working as a team to offer unique solutions and services to its customers. The company believes all individuals contain the right to be treated with respect and dignity. It is the OSI policy to offer equal employment opportunity to all people regardless of their nationality, age, race, color, gender, pregnancy, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status, or any other trait protected by state, local or federal law. OSI Food Solutions always take part in the E-verify program, with all applicants receiving consideration for employment based on qualifications, merit, and business needs.

Also, OSI Food Solutions Company offers Internship opportunities to students, where they are assigned a project in Food Safety or Quality Assurance that is determined by the business needs. Interns should expect to obtain valuable experience and insights into the food manufacturing working environment. Also, they are expected to prepare a final presentation regarding their assigned projects and will present their findings to the corporate management team members. The OSI Group is a leading food processing partner to premier brands across the world, with more than 40 operations in 17 countries, including Germany. The company’s international operations create and manufacture custom pork, beef, poultry, baked goods, pizza, seafood, and other products for their clients. Its exemplary services to customers and adequate employee motivations have seen it accomplish many milestones all through its operations. It has always ensured that customers receive their services on time, every time.

How Self Improvement Improves Leadership

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has experience in the oil industry. Lopez has been able to use technology to help him move forward professionally. Lopez is the grandson of former President of Venezuela that filled the role in the 19th century. Lopez also works in sustainable energy. Lopez also has become an entrepreneur. He has been able to work with finance and retail. Technology and innovation have led to Lopez working in South America and Africa. Lopez is making investments to improve communication and use of the internet. Lopez is involved with corporate entrepreneurship. View more on Instagram

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez understands corporations produce rules and protocols to promote innovation that leads to a few business opportunities. Lopez believes people must be rewarded when they are creating products and services. Lopez understands change is a slow process. Lopez would begin his career in Guruceaga Group. Lopez has also worked with BGB Energy. He would work with a company that operated within the offshore oil industry. Lopez would not stop at the work within the offshore oil industry. Lopez would grow to understand how technology could change the economy.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was responsible for the creation of Derwick Associates in 2007. Derwick Associates operates in the thermoelectrical power industry. The company was able to create electrical plants that are more efficient. Derwick Associates also was able to provide testing and acted as a supplier for the plants. The company has been able to create 11 power plants that have been responsible for creating over 1,300 megawatts for the power grid in Venezuela. The company also had a plan to get involved in utilizing solar and wind projects. Derwick Associates hopes to improve the development o Latin America.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also involved in a project called Technological Turbine Center (CTT). CTT was the innovation that helps the energy industry in Central America. The project would be recognized as one of the better tech initiatives in 2013 by a magazine called Capital. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had a good professional career due in part to the majors in economics and business administration he earned while at Suffolk University.

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Do You Know What Toyo Setal Is Doing For Sustainability?

Toyo Setal creates much pride through their Brazilian engineering group. Although they are most renowned for their enterprising and construction endeavors, Toyo Setal is actually very involved with environmental compensation. What is environmental compensation? This is the act of a firm like Toyo aiding in environmental development, particularly in Brazil, before, during or after an engineering-related progression. What exactly does this entail, though?

• Rrelocating interesting life forms
• Monitorig
• ubsidizing and encouraging environmental education in their region

Outside of just its construction and petrochemistry path, Toyo is very in tune with the Brazilian climate and its various needs. There are other firms, unfortunately, which only care to generate revenue. These other firms, through their engineering, create negative impacts throughout Brazilian environmental regions. With Toyo Setal, an interesting fact is the team’s seeking to protect its construction sites’ natural life forms. It does this by removing them from the aforementioned locations and placing such snakes, turtles and other species in safer, non-construction, habitats.

When it comes to monitoring, there is not simply one thing that’s Toyo Setal is focused towards. They seek to monitor emissions, marshes, and even the various Brazilian fauna and flora. There are a variety of factors that Toyo must consider when monitoring such things, however, it is with such effort this engineering group is able to make an environmentally conscious construction decision at many different engineering related junctures.Some other things that this firm chooses to monitor are noises in their Sao Paulo streets, channel dredging, stream velocity, dissolved oxygen and even the critical water quality.

Subsidisation is yet another means for Toyo Setal to pursue environmental compensation. They use this to help out educational programs within Toyo’s area that are focused primarily on environmental issues. Aside from this, they also help with the training of various educators within Brazilian municipalities, who are dedicated to environmental compensation and information spreading. Outside of all this, there is the additional seedling planting and reforestation that Toyo also commits itself to taking part in on a very regular basis. Collecting water samples in order to better determine Brazilian groundwater and stream water quality is another thing.

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Seymour Segnit, Getting Burnt Out, And Working At A Ski Resort Photo Lab For A Summer


MAGFAST, LLC, is a relatively new tech company that is known for its eponymous line of chargers – the MAGFAST Charger family. Seymour Segnit, the Chief Executive Officer of the tech startup, who also happens to be its sole founder, filed articles of incorporation with the state of New York in late 2017.

Seymour Segnit has experienced particular success over the past two years as the leader of MAGFAST, LLC. He actually had most recently worked at another tech startup that was engaged in the development of advanced chargers that were similar to the ones currently available in the family of MAGFAST Chargers.


About Mr. Seymour Segnit

Seymour Segnit was always good in primary and secondary school, despite seemingly never having to study schoolwork. He aced his college entrance exams and managed to find acceptance in applying to Oxford University.

Mr. Segnit graduated ahead of schedule with an engineering degree, though he immediately went to work for an advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. After leaving this company, he hit up another ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, where he’d spend another few-year-long stint. He was burnt out at this point and sought employment at a relaxing ski resort one summer. Get More Information Here.


Oddly Enough, a Photo Lab Taught Seymour Segnit One of the Most Important Lessons He’s Ever Picked Up On

At the ski resort, Segnit worked in the photo lab. Sometimes, he’d leave one or more small scratches on skiers’ prints. The cost of raw materials per print was about $5. Even though such mistakes are expensive, his boss told him to always make another print, then provide skiers with both prints at no additional charge. See This Page for additional information.

When customers see that you care, in Seymour Segnit’s mind, your business will reap many times more success.


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MAGFAST Charger Gives New Start to Your Devices


The recent release of the MAGFAST Charger from MAGFAST is taking the industry by storm. This is a product that may be destined to have a profound effect on the way we charge all of our various electronic devices. Thanks to the genius of Seymour Segnit, the world may be about to get a new head start on recharging their phones and PCs.

The new MAGFAST Charger comes on the scene at a time when charging our various phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, and other devices is more critical than ever. MAGFAST realized early on that a necessary change was in the cards.

The MAGFAST Charger is designed to work on a very simple premise. Instead of needing 10 outlets to charge up all of your devices on a separate basis, you can simply use one to handle them all. This is a revolutionary change whose time has come. Find More Information Here.

It’s amazing that other companies have not hit upon the simple but ingenious premise behind the MAGFAST Charger. It may be fairer to say that other rivals in the industry have tried and come up short. As a result, MAGFAST stands alone at the top of the industry.

Seymour Segnit is the founder and president of MAGFAST and the brains behind the new MAGFAST Charger. Thanks to his vision, the new charger is a reality. Seymour Segnit is rumored to have guided the company to a record breaking $250,000 in profits during its first 15 minutes of existence. Refer to This Article to learn more.

While other companies have certainly excelled in the area of building chargers, MAGFAST Charger has appeared to take the crown. The entrepreneurial spirit and vision of Seymour Segnit seems destined to guide MAGFAST to new heights of acclaim and global profitability. This is one company that is pulling away from the rest of the pack.


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