Betsy DeVos and Fresh Expectations

Betsy DeVos doesn’t have any rivals in the United States. She doesn’t have any rivals in other parts of the planet, either. Why not? It’s simply because she doesn’t see the point. Although she doesn’t have any rivals at all, she has many allies. Dick DeVos is one of her biggest allies at the moment. He’s truthfully long been one of her biggest and most avid allies. He’s been her husband since she was a young gal who had no idea what the future had in store for her.


DeVos is pretty realized right now. She’s got a secure and rewarding job as the Secretary of Education for the expansive United States. That role was given to her by the indomitable President Donald J. Trump. He had a hunch that she’d do extremely well as part of his Administration. His hunch was a wise one. How exactly is DeVos a realized human being? She’s a mother who has raised some incredible youngsters. She’s a wife who has been a major source of support to her indefatigable husband for decades now. She’s a political figure who never settles for any situations that are unjust at all.


There are many people who only like to talk about charity. DeVos isn’t like these people in any way. That’s because she constantly puts her money where her mouth is. She is the real deal. She’s not a fake in any sense. If DeVos says something about herself, people can believe it without any hesitation or reluctance.


Many people sit in front of their television screens at night. They lounge around on their cozy sofas. Although that’s a widely known activity in households all around the globe, it’s not something that’s ever attractive to DeVos. She likes to be the kind of person who goes out into society and actually does things. She doesn’t want to be the kind of person who only watches others in action. There are many people who are part of that significant classification.


President Donald J. Trump isn’t the kind of man who is shy about his thoughts. He has many specific beliefs that involve students who are transgendered. He has thoughts about the restrooms that are ideal for their gender identities as well. The President recently revealed his thoughts about transgendered students and their bathrooms to Betsy. DeVos wasn’t shocked about his feelings that related to transgendered kids in schools. She had thoughts that were different. That didn’t stop her from treating the President in a respectful, measured and appropriate manner. She’s the kind of person who is perpetually honing her approach to things. There’s one major thing she’ll never ever change, however. She’ll never be confrontational with people who have their own solid opinions. She knows that the planet is brimming with individuals who differ from others. She actually finds its quite fascinating to be around people who are different. She likes to meet people who have fresh minds. She likes to meet those who have fresh expectations, too.


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