The Political Ramifications Envisioned By The End Citizens United Movement

The Political Action Committee of the End Citizens United is channeling millions of dollars in the 2016 elections in support of select candidates for the House and Senate positions. The group has raised $2million but keeps its target at $25 or $ 30 million in the next three years.

End Citizens United’s goal is to reverse a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court which saw the formation of PAC, a move seen as creating a conduit for looting from the public coffers. The group has received donations from 325,000 signatories to the petition as well as the support from the ‘Ready for Hillary’ campaign team.

Supporting the Democratic Nominees

End Citizens United announced its support for 11 Democratic candidates including Sen. Russ Feingold and 10 others. The move is aimed at backing only those candidates who are in support of the finance law reform, as well as those who have faced the unfavorable influence from the Koch Brothers and other scheming money-campaigners.

The group will put in place a parallel expenditure team which will be responsible for all the TV ads, polling teams, direct mailers and social media handlers from across the country. It also looks forward to initiating legislation reforms in local and state legislatures, culminating in the overturning of the 2010 Supreme Court decision.

Resistance from the Republicans

End Citizens United is not backing Republicans for the sole reason that the team in the Congress is standing on the way to ensuring these fiscal reforms. It has overseen uncontrolled spending by the corporations and the independent candidates go unmitigated. It has to stop and that is why ECU is receiving overwhelming grassroots support.

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The Formation of the End Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to curb political funding schemes that had for a long time created a loophole for stealing money and resources from the public. It is richly financed by locals from the grassroots level as well as pro-reform candidates from the Democratic Party. Richard Carbo is its Communications Director. He estimates that the group will be able to raise more than $25 million for these campaigns.

What they do in these Reforms

The End Citizens United has created a website where they can display and share with the public what they do and the future plans. They also post the latest news that may affect their initiatives as well as a special group where candidates share their reform propositions.

The group’s social media platforms also explain to the users what they can do to contribute to End Citizen United by creating subsidiary groups, posting on their pages in the social media and soliciting for broader and extended support. It has so far managed to spread the message of reform to many Americans before and after the 2016 elections.

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