American Addiction Centers at The Forefront in Battling Drug and Substance Abuse

American Addiction Centers is leading a campaign to increase awareness of drug and substance abuse among college students.

The Centers in a bid to encourage parents to monitor their college-going children has released a report showing the prevalence of drug use in the university colleges in the US.

The study conducted by the institution demonstrates that the college-aged populations are the majority of people abusing drugs and substance.

According to American Addiction Centers, drug and alcohol abuse can negatively affect the college experience as well as leads to dangerous behaviors such as addiction. Students are heading back to college in August, and from the survey, most of them get introduced to drugs and alcohol at the college level.

The report from AAC is not only shocking but also mind-boggling. Statistics from the report shows that as many as 1 in 3 students have previously abused alcohol.

Also, 1 in 5 students has abused a prohibited drug and substance. The survey also looked at the number of students who have engaged in drinking in the past month. Shockingly over 62 percent of students admitted to having taken alcohol within a month.

The report also seeks to found out the most abused drug by students, and from their findings, amphetamine was found to have high rates of use in colleges. Adderall is the favorite amphetamine type of medication that is commonly abused by the majority of students with over 10 percent admitting to misusing the drug.

Missy Pollack, an alumni coordinator at the Recovery First Treatment Center, shares her story that confirms drug and substance abuse prevalence in the university colleges. Pollack, in his entire life, had not come across a drug or had never tested alcohol until he reached the college level of education. Read more:  American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Center’s New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery – MarketWatch

Pollack became exposed to drugs and alcohol at college events such as sports and games. It is during her final first-semester exam that her friends of hers first introduced her to drugs.

Pollack recalls how the friend openly gave her the drugs without even minding the presence of other students. She took the drugs and immediately knew that it was something that she was going to do it again.

For several years Pollack consistently used the drugs until things got out of control. Pollack says her outside behavior had changed for the worst, but amidst her struggle with addiction, she wished someone had come to her rescue.

Some of the signs she exhibited as an addict, and parents should watch out for in their children include insomnia, mood swings, rapid change in appearance, and dishonest and lying, among others.

Pollack says that it would have saved her a great deal if her addiction was caught sooner rather than later as it would have saved her much pain.

Pollack advises parents and relatives with people struggling with addiction to urgently seek help from leading addiction centers such as American Addiction Centers.

American Addiction Center is a top nationwide provider of addiction treatment.

The centers treat each case uniquely and provide patients with customized treatment options that take into account their lifestyles, health, and environment, among others.

For more information about the Centers, one can visit their website or call 1-800-ALCOHOL

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