Goettl Air Conditiioning is Serving the Customer Needs With Expansion

Goettl Air Conditioning was first established in 1939, over 77 years ago in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas areas. The company was the first company to provide the evaporative cooler machine which used cool water running over moving air to cool a building. They were also the first to provide refrigerated air conditioning in the hot desert Southwest.

Today Goettl provides state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning sales, installation, service, maintenance, Air Quality Control, HVAC for businesses, and plumbing services. The are experts at what they do as they have served several generations of families and businesses all these years.

A recent merger of Goettl Air Conditioning with Paradise Air and Las Vegas air has expanded the servicing and sales reach of the company into areas that were not formerly able to be reached. For example, Goettl has not been all that robust in the HVAC for businesses area, but Paradise and Las Vegas Air have been. It is a good match because where one company is strong and the other weak, the pairing of these enterprises has made for a stronger and more responsive situation.

Kenneth Goodrich, owner of Goettl, has announced that there are plans to hire an additional 100 new employees in 2017. The purpose is to be able to cover the exploding suburban neighborhoods that are evolving in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas. New apartments, rental homes, developments and strip malls are going to need competent heating and air conditioning as well as more expansive HVAC services, and Goettl wants to the go-to organization to help.

Goodrich says that the new employees will be trained at the College of Southern Nevada and that they will be coming to work just as soon as that training takes place. The majority of them will be trained as techs, but there will all be office and administrative help that will be needed.