Unroll.me Saves Time Spent Sorting Through Emails

Unroll.me is the new way to make your inbox easier to manage. People spend up to one third of their day sorting through and sending emails. For businesses, it can be a time consuming process. Many of these emails are just deleted or sent to spam, but that does not stop them from reappearing. These emails often come from subscriptions that were joined months or years in the past, and many people do not even remember signing up for them in the first place.

There is now an easy to organize those emails and subscriptions and permanently delete the ones that you do not want. Unroll.me is easy to use and makes a long term difference in the time you have to spend. Unroll.me can delete once and for all subscriptions that the user does not want. That is not all that Unroll.me does. There might be subscriptions or emails that people do indeed want to keep, but they want them in a way that is easy to keep track off. By simply creating as many folders as the user wants, emails can be organized into whatever categories that are desired. After those folders have been set up, the user just swipes the emails into those folders. 

There might even be emails from subscriptions that the user wants to hear even more from. Those feeds can be given to the Unroll.me user at whatever time of the day that they want them. They can even be grouped together in whatever way suits the customer. Since people do not just check emails at the office, users can operate Unroll.me using any Android or iOS device. It uses the same simple to use swiping that ,any other apps use. By swiping one way, they can be deleted, swiping the other way puts them into the folders that the user has set up. It is a great new way to finally organize those cluttered inboxes. 


Betterworks Provides the Software Solutions to Achieve Greater Productivity

It helps companies to know how their business performs at any stage of operation. With the right data and the ability to interpret it, companies can become more productive and profitable. Betterworks is the software tool that can help companies to organize their entire flow of systems while keeping track of all the important data points. The software offers a continuous performance management solution.

The world of workplace data is immense. Being able to understand and report this data is a near impossible task. Betterworks simplifies the process by enabling businesses to set clear goals that are measurable. The owners founded the company in 2013. Companies can benefit when they transition from having annual reviews to a state of continual performance reviews. Everyone in the company can expect their work to align with the company’s top priorities. Assignments become cross-functional and strategies can change rapidly with a company’s needs.

Betterworks has a lot of features that keep company teams on track with their mission. The software also integrates easily with Salesforce, Slack, Jira and other platforms. One of its greatest assets is its scalability. With Betterworks, managers can assign individual objectives, measure progress, and provide people with the feedback they need to improve or continue excelling.

Betterworks places strategic focus on providing insights with respect to productivity. Managers, at a glance, can tell which employees are struggling and which ones are succeeding. This makes it easier for managers to coach and develop employees to improve their skills. It provides a win-win for everyone involved.

ClassDojo Allows Teachers To Get Messages To The Parents Of Their Students

It can be helpful for parents and teachers to be able to communicate with one another. If a teacher has some message that they want to get to the parent of one of their students, they need to have a way of quickly contacting that parent. The same is true if the parent would like to share something about their child with that child’s teacher. There is an app that was developed and that is growing very popular that helps with all of this. ClassDojo was created to help parents and teachers communicate with one another. This app was created so that teachers can do a good job of leading their students.

Those who created ClassDojo wanted to make something that would help to solve some of the communication issues that teachers have to face on a regular basis. This app helps teachers get feedback from the parents of the children they are teaching. This app also helps teachers let parents know what their children are learning and it helps them share personalized messages with the parents regarding ways that their children are struggling. The ClassDojo app helps to make the lives of teachers a little easier by providing them with a way of communicating with parents.

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ClassDojo Brings Mindfulness to the Classroom

Mindfulness, the idea of meditating and paying close, purposeful attention to our bodies and minds, is having a moment–a really big, worldwide moment. The classroom aid ClassDojo, an app that helps parents and teachers keep track of students’ behavior by using cute animated monsters as motivators, recently used their program to sponsor the world’s largest “Mindful Moment,” as they called it.

ClassDojo surveyed their large base of users and found many parents and teachers were concerned about the lack of education about their emotions children were receiving. ClassDojo decided their program would be the perfect means to give students mindfulness training. Mindfulness, they believed, could help children in dealing with their emotions.

The “Mindful Moment” was set for May 10th. ClassDojo asked all the educators using their app to perform a short mindfulness module. This consisted of playing a brief animated video explaining how to meditate and leading the class through it.

That video was the beginning of a week-long module full of videos ClassDojo created teaching children different methods of mindfulness. ClassDojo hoped that module would help students struggling with their emotions during class time and teachers who would like to pass the benefits of mindfulness onto their class.

Talk Fusion Is The One Stop Product

In today’s world, people are looking for products that are going to do a lot for them in one swoop. They don’t want to have a number of products at their disposal, as that could be overwhelming and too much to handle at times. It is much easier when it is one product or one device that offers everything for its customers. That product as of right now is Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which is celebrating its decade anniversary. They should be supremely proud of that fact. The great thing is that the company has only grown and gotten better as time has gone on and they have never grown stale.


This is not the kind of product that is a one tricky pony. It does many things and it does many things well, which is what separates it from the competition out there. With its video newsletters, if someone is running a company, they can send out a video newsletter to a group of people and let them know what is going on with the company and how it is growing. With video emails, they can email a large group of people and spread the message with a spirited video that gets them excited and gets their blood pumping.


Their recent change was one that really stood out and really got people’s attention. That was the fact they made it to where the video chat can be used to communicate between phone Apple and Android users. This is a great invention, and it makes communication great for everyone, no matter what type of phone they are using at the moment. These are the types of changes that win a company awards, and Talk Fusion won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation (People know how hard it is to win one award let alone two, but Talk Fusion has done it.


The most recent award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. It will be both interesting and exciting to see what awards are around the corner for Talk Fusion in 2017.

What A Lovely Article That Lead Me To Skout

I was a skeptic about how much dating apps and social media apps could impact my life, especially because I had not had much experience or fluency in using those applications. I wasn’t sure where to begin. Then, I found this article from the Examiner that showed a little about each of the most popular applications and websites. It gave details about all different kinds of dating apps, texting apps, blogging apps and secret apps. It gives examples of each kind of type of application, and the article does a great job at explain each of the uses for these sites. I left this article with full knowledge of where to go for my social needs, and I am a better man because of reading it.

I started looking into online dating after I left my last girlfriend. It was months after we stopped dating, and I was skeptical. I tried this online dating website, called Skout. Skout has a fancy was of matching people based on their interests and locations, but it does an even better job of helping you sort through all the possible candidates to find your one any only one. Alternatively, you can easily use Skout for less serious dating purposes, or you can use it to make friends. In the time that it took me to find the girl of my dreams, I had already made three or four other friends. One of those people actually had a very serious conversation with me about the matters of life and death, which brought awareness to my life that I had never expected from a dating application.

The girl that I met on Skout was very beautiful, but that wasn’t my first comment to her. I noticed that she didn’t have a picture with her face, so I commented about that. She sent me her actual picture, and I have to admit that I was stunned. Her eyes spoke to me through the Skout application in a way that I had not expected to emotionally connect. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t planning on taking this thing seriously, but I ended up spending hours talking to her on the messenger. She was attracted to me, and she was shy, so the messenger helped us bridge the gap that may have otherwise never been accomplished.

I’m surprised that I found this article, and it really came in handy pointing me in the right direction to find someone that I now care about in my life. It is so odd how we can do that. We can make these connections through applications, and it can become very serious if we want it. Here is the url to the article:

Having Your Home Professional Cleaned Will Add Value To Your Life

Many of us are super busy these days. With the everyday grind, we often work more hours than we should. When a demanding job and other things in our life keeps us from cleaning our homes, things can get out of control. While you might have enough time to do some quick cleaning, a home needs to be deep cleaned at least once a month. This is when you are probably going to have to seek professional help. Today, we are going to discuss several reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service just makes perfect sense.

A Clean House Will Improve Your Mood

When you work all the time and you come home tired, you really do not want to walk into a dirty house. This can put you in a really bad mood which can affect your family life. By hiring a professional cleaning service to come into your home it will be cleaned and organized, which is a great way to relieve stress. Plus, a clean home will boost your mood when your work day has not been the greatest.

You Will Never Be Embarrassed When Guests Come Over

We all have those relatives or friends who show up to our homes without calling first. Many times, our homes are not in the best of shape. You might have a kitchen full of dirty dishes or floors that need vacuuming. When this happens and guest show up, it can be really embarrassing. A great way to avoid this is to always have your home looking neat. A weekly cleaning by a professional cleaning service can have your home always looking its best so you will never have to worry about those surprise visits.

Let Handy Home Cleaning Services Help You

An amazing new app that is helping connect professional freelance cleaners with people that need their homes cleaned is Handy on crunchbase website. With a few clicks on your smart phone, you can schedule a cleaning and pay for the services. What could be more simpler than that? Handy Home Cleaning Services carefully screens each freelance cleaner so that you will never have to worry about who will be coming into your home. So if you want to enjoy a nicely cleaned organized home, why not let Handybook help you out?

More Quality Time With The family

When you have to spend all day at work and then you have to come home and clean, family time often falls to the side. A great way to spend more time with the family is to allow someone else to do the dirty work for you. When you have someone come into your home and keep it clean weekly or bi-weekly, you will have tons more time to spend with the family. We all know that family time is precious, so why not add some more to your life?

Your Home Will Be Cleaner Than It Ever Has

Sure you might know how to clean your home but when is the last time you really deep cleaned it? Most of us simply do not have the time to deep clean our homes. A professional cleaner will have both the know how and the tools necessary to deep clean your home. All of that dust that has been building up for years in areas that are unnoticed will be removed making your home spotless clean. This is not only great to look at but removing all of that dust will make your home environment healthier for you and your family.


Image Recognition Will Change The Way We Shop

How often have any of us been shopping or simply spending time at a favorite event when we see an item of clothing or an accessory we feel is a must have for ourselves? Knowing how to find these item sis a difficult thing and can result in many hours spent trawling through Websites and different search engines as we seek out the best possible options for buying the product. App and software developer Slyce has recently introduced a new piece of technology that will allow people to search with ease within the app of a retailer using only a simple picture snapped of the desired product.

Image recognition has been high on the list of many retailers and Slyce for many years as the holy grail of Online shopping apps has been sought. The rush to develop the system has seen a number of other options introduced by major retailers, but these have limited abilities and are usually produced as stand alone apps that can be searched before a second search takes place for the item itself. Slyce is looking to change the way the technology works by embedding the software it has produced in the app of the retailer itself, which makes it simple for the customer to look through the options for sale. The option from Slyce is also designed to allow the customer the chance to look for the best options for finding similar products that cover a wide range of budgets.

As Slyce moves forward with the introduction of its unique app based technology a number of major retailers are looking to back the company and trial their new software. The benefits for major retailers is that in the early stages of release the growth of their own Online business could be huge and lead to major profits. Bringing up reliable results from the app software produced by Slyce will also allow the Online retailer to build a reputation for providing excellent results for its customers.