Advancing to the Laser’s Edge – North American Spine

North American Spine is not on the cutting edge of spinal surgery, they are on the laser’s edge. This medical institution has developed the AccuraScope minimally invasive laser spine procedure. Newly developed procedure diagnoses and treats the injured neck and back area of the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic area of the back.

The AccuraScope is a leap in the advancement of minimally invasive surgery, enabling the surgeons to make a smaller incision rather than opening the spine or neck area to a large incision. The AccuraScope uses a very small incision, the smallest incision possible to perform the particular laser surgery or treatment. Once the procedure has begun using the AccuraScope the surgeons are able to visually examine and repair the affected area. Thus, this minimally invasive, fast, and accurate repair takes approximately 45 minutes and most patients released to return home the same day.

This breakthrough in spinal repair has successfully improved the lives of over 8,000 patients. Remarkable leap in laser treatment and surgery – Yes! Accurate – Positively! Recovery – Fast? Pain relief is almost instantaneous with the laser surgery and treatment relieving patients of the agonizing pain immediately following surgery. Patients are able to walk without pain, return to their residence, and completely recover from the surgery within days. There are times when a second surgery is required depending on the severity of the patient’s case. Some cases may require a follow-up treatment as each patient’s procedure or surgery is planned, and designed by a team of specialists. A team of surgeons and specially trained medical doctors working together at North American Spine produces the best possible path to bring the patient back to optimum health and pain-free conditions.

Reviews of North American Spine mention that this includes after procedure care of the well-being of each individual patient. The well-being care program at NAS is been designed for each patient’s entire health and well-being.

At North American Spine patients receive a more precise diagnosis, faster recovery, and the latest in laser surgery. Log onto their website and attend the AccuraScope Webinar at

North American Spine (NAS) is the leader in minimally invasive spinal repair and treatment. NAS is rapidly growing, adding additional specially trained surgeons in the AccuraScope family of specialists. Procedures to increase their patient care and ability to help more people in need of their treatment receive the advanced minimally invasive surgical results offering spinal repair and pain-free life.